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Toyota North America - James E. Lentz

Toyota's North America C.E.O James E.Lentz has made a number of statements in recent times, been covered by a section of news outlets, and revealed his overall business philosophy recently.


  • In a recent interview with Automotive News staff reporter Larry P. Vellequette, Toyota Motor North America Inc. CEO Jim Lentz outlined plans by the company to soldier on with hybrids, sedans. Lentz believes that hybrids are going nowhere given they are the go-to vehicles when one is looking for better performance and fuel economy. He noted, We think that hybrids are going to be really our mainstay because it's a way for those that want performance to get performance and for those that want to get much better fuel economy to get much better fuel economy."
  • When asked whether Toyota would have a full electric vehicle to sell in the near future, Lentz pointed out that there was currently no market for electric vehicles in the United States but its EV company had plans to start production in China and Europe. He noted, “At some point in time. I think, to be frank, the EV company that we have, their efforts are really geared more towards China and Europe. As Europe moves further away from diesel and to electrics, and China is already moving toward electrics, I think you'll see our first EVs come to those markets.”
  • Lentz is against the idea of imposing a Section 232 tariff, and claims it would have a detrimental effect on the sale of luxurious cars such as the Lexus and would further bring a drop in car sales and render many people jobless. He noted, "Luxury gets hit pretty hard. In the end, people look at the importance of the auto industry, and I don't think anyone wants to take action that's going to reduce vehicle sales by 2 million units, and the impact that would have on employment. I believe, in the end, rational decisions will be made."


  • According to the Enewscourier blog site news coverage at the Mazda Toyota manufacturing groundbreaking ceremony, James Lentz reiterated that supervisors would first be hired a year before production begins. The supervisors would, in turn, train the employees in line.
  • According to Newsgraphic, Ivanka Trump reported that James Lentz had agreed to commit to Toyota’s pledge of over 100,000 opportunities in education, training, and reskilling. Lentz was also quoted, saying that it was crucial to have a future of a talented workforce and that Toyota would be open to advancing its American workforce.
  • Lentz also added that Toyota was committed to transforming the company from an automotive manufacturer to a mobility company. He clarified the statement, adding that Toyota would be focusing on alternative fuels, autonomous driving, connected devices and mobility as a service.
  • Dallas news coverage of James Lentz at the Dallas Regional Chambers annual meeting reported that James Lentz clarified that the biggest disruption to Toyota’s growth was not the new technology, but public policy. In an interesting statement, Lentz says that Toyota was close to being declared a national security threat.
  • Dallas news also published James Lentz's comments on other various topics. On Corporate Social Responsibility, James urged other companies to give back with money and expertise to communities as Toyota did with improving safety and efficiency. He said that Toyota was working with emergency rooms, hospitals, and relief organizations.
  • On autonomous cars, Lentz pointed out three challenges: fatality risks from computer mistakes, the fact that the cars would be expensive, and the need for public trust. He stated that Toyota would be making an incremental approach like safety sensors, blind-spot monitors and such that would get people used to.
  • Reuters news reported on Toyota investing $749 million, adding five more plants and 586 more jobs. James Lentz commented, saying that the investment is a plus factor to the economic security of the United States.
  • He also noted that the company is eager to understand the findings of the commerce department investigations on whether auto imports were a national security threat. Lentz added


  • James E.Lentz overall business philosophy revolves around diversity and inclusion with a "customer first" approach.

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Toyota North America - Jack Hollis

Jack Hollis is positive about Toyota's growth and said the company will be the hybrid leader in the years to come despite predictions of lower sales in the automotive industry. Complete details about recent statements made by Hollis are presented below.

Hollis' Positive Attitude

  • The industry is predicting a decrease in sales of vehicles in the United States in 2019 and Hollis remarked, "Don't let negativity take over." He believes that economic tailwinds remain strong and promised US dealers new products and hot utilities such as the redesigned three-row Highlander.
  • His positive attitude is based on extremely positive consumer confidence levels and other factors such as the halt of rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.
  • Even the cutbacks made by Ford and GM are seen by Hollis as positive and added that "it will help us."
  • Despite being positive, he noted that several external factors are out of the industry's control such as the threat of new tariffs on imported cars.

Hollis Prioritizes Hybrid Cars

  • Jack noted that the "equations around electric aren't making money." Toyota is holding off on offering full electric vehicles (EVs) and prioritized hybrids.
  • In recent quarterly reports, Toyota's hybrid sales increased 51% and Jack said that the company is currently accelerating the pace which will position Toyota as the hybrid leader in the years to come.
  • He further commented on why Toyota didn't push for EVs and reasoned that the presence of an artificial demand element on EVs, such as US government subsidies, makes it hard for the company to determine the actual demand. Toyota, instead of focusing on full EVs, focused on a wide range of electrification strategies by developing fuel cell technology, BEV technology, plug-in technology, and hybrid technology.
  • Jack is also keen on listening to dealers as he said that they will only pull the trigger on BEV technology if the dealers started asking for it.

Toyota's Branding Campaign and Human Movement Principle

  • Jack calls Toyota "the human movement company." The idea is that he wanted consumers to feel that the brand is a part of their lives and be part of whatever challenges they have.
  • He further defined mobility as "a human right to move."
  • He also values inclusion and diversity both on the people working around him and Toyota's target audience. In Toyota's 2018 Annual Report, he said that "inclusion isn't just an initiative but rather it is more about treating people as more important than yourself."
  • Toyota has a campaign about different ads and different ethnicities yet the car is still the same. Jack commented that "People like to see people of all ethnicities in what they’re seeing because that’s the life they’re living in most of the US today."
  • In an effort for Toyota to be part of their customer's life, Jack announced that Toyota was the first car company to integrate Alexa; thus, connecting consumer's home activities with the car. He further added that tech and connectivity are the secrets in capturing young buyers.

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Toyota North America - Business Problems

Although Toyota Motors North America (TMNA) has been experiencing more success over time, it has also been experiencing business problems recently. Some of the problems include raised tariffs, profit and sales plunge, customers complaints, and car recalls.

Profit and Sales Plunge

  • One of the business problems that Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) has been experiencing lately is an operating profit plunge in the 2017 fiscal third quarter ended Dec. 31.
  • Slower production coupled with rising incentives and falling sales were the main cause for the $293.8 million operating profit plunge.
  • Additionally, regional wholesale volume in North America reduced by 1.3%, something that can be attributed to the fact that consumers changed preferences from cars to pickups and SUVs.
  • However, thanks to a tax break of $2.59 billion from US tax law, their results seemed respectable overall.
  • This tax break and a few other benefits led to the company predicting a $21.3 billion net income in the 2017 fiscal year that ended on March 31.

Tariffs on Imported Vehicles

  • Another big problem that TMNA faced is the declaration by President Trump that imported cars threaten the country's national security as well as reduce market share for “American-owned” car makers.
  • This is a big problem since TMNA has already spent $60 billion to build operations in the U.S., including 10 manufacturing plants.
  • President Trump was threatening to increase the tariff on imported vehicles and auto parts to 25% and TMNA was worried that the increment would increase operational expenses, reduce sales, as well as risk 700,000 American jobs.
  • TMNA was already experiencing problems due to the fact that shipment costs from Japan to the U.S. rose by 22% in April 2018. If President Trump makes good on his threats to increase tariffs then it would be double trouble for TNMA.

Customer Complaints and Recalls

  • From the Better Bussiness Bureau website, there are around 476 complaints from customers that are being addressed to TMNA.
  • Most of these complaints are from customers who are dissatisfied with the services they received from Toyota Care.
  • Other customers want a refund of their money after receiving faulty replacements and others complain that they are victims of financial fraud after being overcharged or rather charged high interest rates.
  • Based on these recent business problems that TMNA is facing, they might incur expenses in either refunding the customers' money, replacing their car parts for free, and even employing more people in their customer support to take care of these complaints since their website states that they look forward to assisting clients.
  • In addition to customer complaints, TMNA also has recent business problems related to cars recalls. Toyota announced a recall of 2.4 million hybrid cars in October 2018, just a month after announcing another recall of 1,000,000 cars.
  • The 2.4 million hybrid cars were being recalled because they had a fault that could cause crashes. 830,000 of those cars were in North America.

Research Strategy

The research team scoured the company's website by going through its newsroom to find any articles or press releases that may have any insights on the current business problems TMNA has been facing. However, there was no mention of problems in the newsroom. We then proceeded to search through leading business websites such as Bloomberg, Automotive News and the Wall Street Journal to find the recent business problems of TMNA. We decided to search for business problems of TMNA in each of the North American countries. It was from those business websites that we compiled the above findings.
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Toyota North America - Business Successes

RAV4 was 2018’s best-selling SUV in the U.S. Toyota North America’s operating profits are increasing due to a reduction in expenses, particularly regarding incentives.


  • The RAV4 was the best-selling SUV in the U.S. in 2018. In the first quarter of 2019, the vehicle was still sustaining its popularity, placing at number four among the most popular SUVs.
  • October 2019 saw RAV4 sales increasing by 10.3%, led by RAV4 Hybrid. Overall, Hybrid sales were up 57.1%; Toyota division hybrid sales up 62% and Lexus division up 33%.
  • RAV4 sales were positive throughout the year, marking a best-even quarter for a RAV4 Hybrid and a best-ever first three quarters for total RAV4.
  • Jack Hollis noted that "Led by a 51 percent increase in hybrid sales growth over the past three months, we're doubling down and accelerating our pace. With new hybrid launches on some of our most successful models like Corolla, RAV4, Highlander, and more, we plan to further advance our spot as the hybrid leader for years to come."

Operating Profits are Improving

  • Despite a disappointing performance in the past years, North America's numbers rose 5.6% recently. The operating profit in North America, which has been a problem for Toyota in the past two years, more than doubled due to less discounting.
  • Operating Officer Kenta Kon announced that "New models of the RAV4 and the Corolla, as well as last year's Camry, have been well-received in North America, so we've been able to lower incentives."
  • Overall, North America operating income increased in 2019, mostly as a result of marketing efforts and a reduction in expenses, after being down in 2018.


  • The Mazda Toyota Plant commenced construction in 2019, a $1.6 billion jointly owned and operated production plan, with a capacity to assemble up to 300,000 vehicles a year. It is scheduled to open in 2021.
  • The company is increasing its investment in the U.S. operations from $10 billion to $13 billion, to ensure production capacity increases and building expansions at Toyota's unit plants in Huntsville, Alabama, Buffalo, West Virginia, Troy, Missouri and Jackson, Tennessee.

Recognition for Sustainability and Diversity Efforts

  • In 2018, Toyota joined the ranks of the top 10 companies with the most Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, the only automotive brand to be included in the top positions.
  • Kevin Butt, general manager of environmental sustainability at Toyota Motor North America, stated that “Inclusion among the top 10 retailers to date for LEED certification, and being the only automotive brand, speaks volumes to the movement Toyota has achieved through our environmental efforts to improve the overall quality of life.”
  • At the end of 2017, Toyota won the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s Corporation of the Year award. In 2018, the company was the corporate co-chair of the event.
  • James Lentz stated that “To meet the needs of our team members, customers, dealers, suppliers and society, D+I plays a critical role in everything we do.”
  • In 2014, he argued that “There is a simple truth behind our approach to diversity and inclusion, if we want to build great cars and trucks for the way our customers live, Toyota will strive to be a reflection of the America in which we live.”

The Canadian Market is Blooming

  • 2018 was the best year ever for Toyota in Canada, with 231,646 vehicles sold and an overall annual growth of 3.2%.
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada was the number one automaker in Canada in 2017.
  • In the first half of 2019, Canada reported strong sales, with 120,368 vehicles sold.
  • The Toyota Division accounted for 108.047 units, up 3.3% from 2018, while the Lexus luxury division reached sales of 12,321 units, up 7.1%.
  • The sales went down in June, but up 15.9% again in July compared to the same period in 2018, and August saw an increase of 9.6%. Prius Prime and the made-in-Canada R4V4 helped boost overall hybrid electric vehicle sales.
  • In October 2019, Toyota Canada surpassed its annual hybrid electric vehicle sales record, led by the sales of the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid and the made-in-Canada RAV4 Hybrid. November saw a 56% increase in the annual electrified vehicle sales compared to the same period last year.
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Toyota North America - New Initiatives and/or Innovations

Some new Initiatives and/or innovations being launched by Toyota Motors North America include the Manufacturing Project Innovation Center (MPIC), Demonstrating First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric UTR and Toyota Financial Services Offers Payment Relief.

Toyota North America — New Initiatives and Innovations

Manufacturing Project Innovation Center (MPIC)

Toyota and Fenix Demonstrate First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric UTR

Toyota Financial Services Offers Payment Relief to Customers Affected by California Wildfires and Texas Tornadoes

Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC) Issues its First Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) Medium-Term Note Transaction

Coupe-Inspired Design Modernizes All-New 2021 Toyota Mirai Sedan Concept

Toyota to Reduce Emissions from North American Operations by up to Forty Percent

Toyota Plans to Deploy Automatic Engine Shut Off and Automatic Park Features to Vehicle Line Up

Toyota Inaugural Drive4Five Initiative

2020 Toyota Prius Prime: A Solution to Rising Gas Prices

Toyota AI Ventures Launch New $100M Fund

KDDI and AT&T to Connect Toyota and Lexus Vehicles

Toyota Research Institute Bets Big On ‘Toyota Guardian’ Autonomy

Toyota Unveils Tech-Laden and Sporty Fifth-Generation RAV4

Creation of New Division called Parts Distribution and Accessory Development (PDAD)

Research Strategy:

Toyota North America new Initiatives and/or Innovations were identified by going through press releases and the company website. This gave us many initiatives and Innovations as announced by the organisation. We also searched through leading business websites and Investment News which featured some additional initiatives and Innovations.
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Toyota North America - Key Marketing Initiatives

Three initiatives that can be seen in Toyota North America's marketing during the past year are a total market approach, a continuation of the Total Toyota agency model, and ads with an underlying theme of female empowerment.

Total Market Approach

  • According to a Toyota spokesperson, the company at times want to move from marketing aimed at individual ethnic groups to a "total market" approach.
  • An example of this approach is the 2020 Corolla "Greater Than" campaign. The campaign includes a series of 30 and 60-second spots that are aimed at a transcultural mainstream audience. One spot in Spanish, titled "We," has English subtitles.
  • The spots can be watched on Toyota's YouTube channel. The titles include "Train," "Rainy Day," and "Metalhead."

Total Toyota (T2) Cross-Agency Model

  • This model was actually introduced by Toyota in 2013, and put into practice in 2014. However, this is still an initiative that Toyota is actively practicing in 2019. The concept is that each campaign will have advertisements that are created by agencies that are specialists working with specific cultural groups.
  • An example of this initiative in practice in the last 12 months is the "It's Unbelievable" campaign for the 2020 Prius. Conill Advertising, Toyota's Hispanic marketing partner, created “Snow”, “Parking”, and “Highway” for that customer segment; Intertrend created digital videos “Family Tree” and “Ingredient” to reach Asian consumers; and “To The Top” and "Recital" are aimed at primarily English-speaking consumers.
  • The spots can be accessed on the Toyota USA YouTube page.
  • The RAV4 "What If" campaign is another example of the T2 initiative in practice in the last 12 months. The various agencies created spots that are aimed at different consumer segments. Saatchi & Saatchi created "Missed It;" Burrell Communications created "Bring the Heat;" Conill Advertising created "Late;" and Intertrend created "Hooked," and "Fort."

Female Empowerment

  • One theme that has been seen in Toyota's marketing over the last 12 months is a focus on female empowerment.
  • One example of this is the Toyota Superbowl ad which featured Toni Harris, a female football player who received scholarships to play college football. The ad focused on how Harris is breaking the mold in the same way that the RAV4 Hybrid is breaking the mold. The TV spot can be seen here.
  • Another example of female empowerment is the "All Natural" spot from the "Greater Than" Corolla campaign. The ad can be seen here and features a woman embracing her natural look and going to donate her hair for kids.

Advertising Platforms

  • With the various campaigns that Toyota has run in the past year, the platforms used have been widespread.
  • For example, the platforms for the 2020 Corolla campaign include TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, Telemundo, Fox, and BET); Hulu, Freeform and YuMe for interactive ads; CondeNast and People Espanol for print ads; "(d)igital content includes Eater, CBS This Morning, Hulu, Vevo, Hulu Latino and Fusion Media Group"; and spots in movie theaters during select movies.
  • The media placement for the 2020 Prius ads include custom interactive content with CBS; other digital partners Facebook, Hulu, Hulu Latino, Amazon, ESPN, Pandora, and more; magazines including Real Simple, Popular Mechanics, and Bon Appetit; and digital ads on top social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.
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Toyota North America - James E. Lentz: Available Videos

Videos of Toyota North America’s CEO James E. Lentz include a video on growth initiatives, investments in new facilities, the need for the motor industry to compete globally, and other such topics.

CEO James Lentz' Big Boost to American Workers

  • In this video, the CEO discusses growth initiatives and efforts to develop team members. The video also talks about the construction of a new $13 billion plant in Alabama and Texas headquarters.

CEO James Lentz' Emphasis on the Importance of the Motor Industry to the US Economy

  • In this video, the CEO emphasizes the need for companies in the US motor industry to compete globally and keep costs down.

CEO James Lentz Expresses His Fears Concerning Tariffs

  • In this video, the CEO expresses concern for the negative impact of tariffs on the US motor industry.

Toyota CEO Celebrates Georgetown Engineering Headquarters

  • In this video, the CEO unveils a new, $80 million engineering headquarters in Georgetown.

CEO Jim Lentz Shares Thoughts on Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles

  • In this video, the CEO is speaking to the Detroit Economic Club about issues of mobility and autonomous vehicles; how they relate to the auto industry and society.

CEO Jim Lentz: Border Tax Will Cost Car Industry Jobs

  • In this video, the CEO expresses his opinions on the impact of the border tax on the US auto industry and the job market.

CEO Jim Lentz: We Won't Scrap Plans for Mexico

  • In this video, the CEO discusses plans to expand operations into Mexico.
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Toyota North America - Jack Hollis: Available Videos

Listed below are videos of Toyota North America's Group Vice President of Marketing, Jack Hollis, surrounding growth initiatives, forward plans, and approaches to past successes or current difficulties. They are of the recent 24 months.
  • Toyota debuted five new models at the LA Auto Show and we asked for your questions so we could get you answers from Toyota. AutoGuide VP of Content, Colum Wood interviews Toyota North America's Group Vice President and General Manager Jack Hollis about the 2020 Camry TRD and Avalon TRD, as well as the new 2010 Corolla, Corolla Hybrid and the 2019 Prius AWD-e, here is the link to the video.
  • Jack Hollis — Group Vice President and General Manager of Toyota sat down with Aditi Lamba at the New York International Auto Show at Javitz Center — attached is the link for the video.
  • "Auto Show Shannon" interviews Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division at Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show — here is the link to the video.
  • Toyota's Jack Hollis on Supra hype, a ‘healthy’ U.S. market and giant car bows — attached is the video link.
  • Jack Hollis introduces the 2020 Toyota Corolla. This event was special and live broadcast to an international audience. Invited journalists to the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Media Drive got to view the live reveal in this video link.
  • Jack Hollis, Group VP & GM, Toyota Division, Toyota Motor North America launching remodeled Toyota Supra, at the Detroit auto show, here is the link to the video.
  • Toyota to ramp up accessories through Jack Hollis, Group VP & GM, Toyota Division, Toyota Motor North America — here is the link to the video.
  • Jack Hollis introduced the 2020 Toyota Corolla. This event was special and live broadcast to an international audience. Invited journalists to the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Media Drive got to view the live reveal, here is the link to the video.
  • 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro, Tacoma, and RAV4 Off Road at Chicago Auto Show, interview with Jack Hollis. Group Vice President and General Manager, Toyota Division at 2019, attached is the link to the video.

From Part 02
  • "'I don't understand why anybody is predicting the industry to decrease this year,' Toyota Division General Manager Jack Hollis told Automotive News. He noted that economic tailwinds remain strong. Still, he stopped short of predicting an increase."
  • "Hollis used that upbeat attitude to frame the automaker's NADA Show make meeting, where he promised U.S. dealers new products — including hot utilities such as a redesigned three-row Highlander coming this year — as it tries to remain the nation's top-selling retail brand."
  • "The brand seeks to improve dealership profitability, which Hollis described as roughly even last year compared with 2017. Still, when the numbers are finalized, 2018 will end up being one of the brand's top five years for dealership profitability, he said."
  • "Hollis detailed hybrids on the horizon but noted that Toyota is holding off on offering full-electric vehicles until there's a better business case. 'The equations around electric aren't making money,' he said."
  • "'Toyota is going from an automotive company to what I’m calling the human movement company,' says Hollis. 'And so, the idea of what we want consumers to feel is that we are part of their life, to be part of whatever challenges they may have. And while we can’t necessarily say we’re going to solve every one... we can sure be at the start of that.'"
  • "'We define mobility as, ultimately, a human right to move.' Three things that drive Hollis: his faith, his relationship with his family, and his competitive nature."
  • "'Led by a 51 percent increase in hybrid sales growth over the past three months, we're doubling down and accelerating our pace,' said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager, Toyota division. 'With new hybrid launches on some of our most successful models like Corolla, RAV4, Highlander, and more, we plan to further advance our spot as the hybrid leader for years to come.'"
  • "'Being an inclusive leader, or team captain, means that you treat all people with dignity, respect and love. Inclusion isn’t an initiative or a focus—it’s simply treating people as ‘more important’ than yourself—it’s about being inclusive, not doing inclusive things.'"
  • "'People like to see people of all ethnicities in what they’re seeing because that’s the life they’re living in most of the U.S. today,' said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota brand."
  • "The US government is subsidizing EV sales, and Hollis says it’s hard for a company like Toyota to put a significant push on EVs with the presence of an artificial demand element. Electric vehicle sales have stayed at around 1% of overall vehicle sales in the US even with the current tax credits in place, he pointed out."
  • "'But I will say at the exact same time, there is daily investment going into fuel cell technology, BEV technology, plug-in technology and hybrid technology,' Hollis said. “And all four are part of our electrification strategy, so I do not believe that our dealers, and they would agree, that we should not go down just with an electric offering but we should with an electrification offering where we have a wider range of products, a wide range of energy sources and uses available."
  • "The way Hollis describes it, Toyota is has its guns loaded with regards to all forms of electrification, from fuel cell to EVs, – but they’ll only pull the trigger on BEVs when the dealers start asking for it."
  • "Not everyone is convinced the “crossover boom” means the end of the traditional passenger car, however. The cutbacks by companies like Ford and GM “will help us,” Jack Hollis, the head of the flagship Toyota division, said in an interview at the New York show. "
  • "Hollis remains upbeat about the industry’s chances for 2019, though he also believes sales will drop to 16.8 million or slightly under. But that is far from a crisis, he told CNBC, and reflects a still strong economy, extremely positive consumer confidence levels, and other factors, such as the decision by the Federal Reserve to halt rate hikes, at least for now."
  • "Toyota Division group vice president and general manager Jack Hollis, tells Morkin the secret to speaking to a younger audience."
From Part 04
From Part 05
From Part 06
  • "Toyota Motor North America sales fell 3.5 percent in March, despite a large jump from Lexus on the introduction of its UX compact crossover, as Toyota's sedan-heavy lineup declined. The Toyota division posted March sales of 185,698 units, down 5.1 percent on a volume basis. The Toyota division's sales also fell 6.1 percent for the quarter, according to the Automotive News Data Center."
  • "The fully integrated campaign follows the Total Toyota (T2) cross-agency model, a cohesive marketing approach with collaboration from Saatchi & Saatchi, Burrell Communications, Conill Advertising and Intertrend with Zenith Media responsible for TV and Outdoor media buying."
  • "Hispanic advertising generally accounts for the bulk of marketers' multicultural marketing budget. Toyota ranks as the No. 8 Hispanic advertiser. It spent $87.5 million on Hispanic media in 2012, according to Ad Age's Hispanic Fact Pack."
  • "The fully-integrated campaign was developed under Total Toyota (T²), a cohesive marketing approach by Toyota agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Conill Advertising and Intertrend, with Zenith placing the broadcast media buy."
  • "Lewis Williams, chief creative officer of Burrell Communications, said focus groups had a negative overall view on hybrids. After going over more than 100 creative concepts, Williams told The Drum that the team finally found a shared story in Harris and her overlooked journey on the gridiron."