Touchify Competitive Analysis

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Touchify Competitive Analysis

The competitive landscape for Intuilab, PandaSuite, and Genially has been provided in this research brief. In addition, three insights regarding the development of the demand and usage of touchscreen creative content solutions such as the one created by Touchify have been provided.



  • Intuilab's annual revenue is approximately $10 million. The company raised $3.7 million in Series A funding.
  • Intuilab is the company behind IntuiFace. The platform allows digital creation professionals to develop, link, and implement tactile digital experiences on various types of screens without any programming. The company's competitive advantage is that it integrates unique technologies into its solutions, such as the Multi-Touch Gesture Recognition Engine, one can play the content anywhere, machine learning, and integration with IoT, Beacons, NFC, sensors, and voice.
  • Intuiface uses a subscription model. The company charges €50 per month for its Essential package, €83 per month for its Premier package, and €150 per month for its Enterprise package.
  • Intuiface's main service is to create interactive experiences for its customers using the tools it provides. These tools include the Intuiface Composer, Intuiface Player, Intuiface Analytics, Intuiface Share & Deploy Console, Intuiface Intuipad, and Intuiface API Explorer.
  • Intuilab has approximately 50 employees.


  • PandaSuite is an interactive and app development platform that had approximately 67 downloads in the last one month. The platform's monthly download growth is about 59.52%.
  • One of PandaSuite's competitive advantages is that it gives its users freedom of creation and allows them to develop animations, custom components, and physical interactions. In addition, the platform has a growing community and uses best-in-class technologies, such as web, native, and cloud technologies to enhance user experience.
  • PandaSuite uses a subscription-based model with two types of plans; account and publishing. The account plan ranges from free to €29 per month. Conversely, when it comes to publishing, web applications are billed €79 monthly, single applications €99, multi-applications €169, and full applications €199.
  • PandaSuite offers Interactive Design, an editor that gives creators freedom to develop interactive content. Furthermore, the platform offers a cross-app development tool that does not need any coding. Marketing tools are also provided on the platform.
  • PandaSuite has between two and ten employees.


  • Genially is an interactive content development platform with more than two million customers. The platform has a presence in over 190 countries.
  • Genially's competitive advantage is that it does not target digital creation professionals and can be used by anyone. In addition to animations and interactive content, almost anyone can use the platform to develop infographics and presentations. Also, the company offers competitive pricing when compared to its rivals.
  • Genially has two plans; education and professional. In the education plan, the Student Pro plan goes for $1.25 per month, Edu Pro is 4.99 per month, and Master is $20.82 per month. For the professional plan, Pro goes for $7.49 per month, Master is $20.82 monthly, and Team goes for $79.15 per month.
  • Genially is a platform where interactive content can be developed for dossiers, presentations, gamification, infographics, personal branding, social media, and video presentations. One does not require any programming experience to use the platform.
  • Genially has 57 employees.


Touchscreen Kiosks

  • Touchscreen retail kiosks are becoming increasingly popular among fast food chains and grocery stores in North America. As these businesses face increased competition from online stores, they have resorted to kiosks as a way of reducing costs.
  • Touchscreen kiosks integrate the latest technology and intuitive programming to develop a customer-oriented, seamless, shopping experience. As it stands, the interactive kiosk market is projected to reach $30.5 billion globally by 2023.
  • These kiosks can be segmented into bank kiosks, vending kiosks, and self-service kiosks. The primary growth driver for the market is the increase in cashless vending machines.


  • Interactive touchscreens are now considered a recipe for success in face-to-face events. They capture the audience’s attention and increase their levels of engagement.
  • According to ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, touchscreens can drive traffic to a specific stand at an event by about 40%. In addition, they keep prospects engaged for a longer time compared to a scenario where there is no touchscreen.
  • The trend of using interactive touchscreens at events is expected to continue in the future. Many companies view events and trade shows as effective marketing platforms. Using interactive displays will enable organizations to provide eye-catching experiences.


  • Touchscreen displays are now trending in the educational sector. The sector holds the largest share in the interactive display market. The major driver for this trend is the demand for interactive whiteboards and the popularity of touch-based devices.
  • Interactive displays in learning institutions are effective for teaching and learning. They provide various benefits like increasing student-teacher engagement levels.
  • Moreover, touchscreen displays in education can be useful to students with disability and enables students to save lessons for later review. Also, these displays help teachers to share information, audio, and video files with students easily.
  • Furthermore, interactive touchscreen displays help in student collaboration especially if they have multi-touch capabilities that can be used to solve problems. In addition, these displays can be used for demonstration purposes in classes. For instance, presentations can be created and showcased by students.

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