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Venue Options In Toronto

Some venue options in Toronto suitable for a soccer tournament after party includes The Warehouse Venue, the Rhema Events Center, the Evergreen Brick Works, the Rec Room, and the Ballroom Bowl. There is also a large, three-floor property available on This Open Space. The listed venues are more than 10,000 square feet in size and are capable of accommodating 600 to 750 people. Below we have presented an outline of our research strategy, along with the findings from our research.


We began our research by examining relevant databases to identify large venues in the Toronto area and were able to locate a few that are 10,000 square feet and have a capacity for at least 750 people. We then reviewed their websites and chose those maintaining a warehouse touch. Additionally, we concentrated on those that permit the rental of the entire venue. Afterward, we searched through pop up rental pages, including This Open Space, The Store Front, Breather, and Pop Up Go, to find additional venues. However, we could only find one open space with more than 10,000 square feet of space, and its capacity was not presented. We decided to include the property in this report.

Next, we checked industrial rental real estate sites like Colliers and LoopNet, but the listings we came across were not available to rent for less than a month. We also searched through classified websites such as Kijiji to locate commercial rentals. This research did not produce the results we were seeking as the properties were not large enough. We then examined wedding venue blogs and sites such as blogTO and Artscape Venues, along with promoter sites like Cvent and Magen Boys. We also reviewed online rating websites such as Yelp to locate well-known properties, but we could not identify any additional warehouse venues that were suitable.

Our final strategy was to review Toronto entertainment sites such as Toronto Ed for current events and shows. Still, we could not locate any additional venues that meet the specified criteria. Finally, we explored travel sites like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor for activity and event recommendations, which could have led us to other listings. Nevertheless, we were unable to find an event/activity that was scheduled at a venue not already included in this report. Therefore, we concluded that there are six appropriate venue options in Toronto that can be utilized for a soccer tournament after party.



Telephone: (416) 496-2112

ADDRESS: 35 Carl Hall Rd Unit 2, Toronto

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The venue maintains an open concept with approximately 16,000 square feet of space, and it can be customized to suit any kind of event. It has a parking lot, though it does not mention any particular bus service. The venue is regularly open. Although the site does not present its availability, there is a 'contact us' page.


Telephone: 416-496-3011

ADDRESS: 49-40 Carl Hall Road Toronto, ON, M3K 2C1

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Rhema Events Center's auditorium can entertain around 1,000 individuals, and it can be converted to satisfy event specifications. It can accommodate 5,000 standing guests or 1,000 seated guests. The venue, which has a parking lot, is about three minutes from the TTC and about six minutes from the Downsview Subway Station. Meanwhile, the business hours that interested parties can contact the venue is 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. (Monday – Friday), though the event hours are not available. Currently, its event page does not indicate an event for June 5 – 8.


Telephone: 416-596-1495 x 495

ADDRESS: 550 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON M4W 3X8

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Evergreen Brick Works' CRH Gallery & Koerner Gardens is about 28,000 square feet. It is capable of accommodating 2,500 individuals. The venue has a total of three parking lots. Though it does not provide information on availability, there is an 'Inquiry' page. Also, the TTC is open for visitors on the 28 Bayview South bus from the Davisville Subway Station. There is a schedule for a shuttle bus service that can be downloaded from the venue's website.


Telephone: 416-815-0086
Meetings or Groups: 833-256-4159

ADDRESS: 255 Bremner Blvd., Toronto, Ontario

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In downtown Toronto, The Rec Room provides entertainment and food to visitors. It is 40,000 square feet in size. The venue has flexible space open for large groups or meetings, and private utilization of the building is also available. The building does not provide information on availability, or bus services and parking, but there is an inquiry form. Furthermore, its listed hours are:



Telephone: 416-597-2695

ADDRESS: 145 John St. Toronto, ON., M5V 2E4

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Ballroom, which is 23,500 square feet, provides access to a bar, a club, and a bowling alley. It can hold up to 850 guests and is open for venue or floor rental. There is an event page, though information for June is unavailable. Also, the venue does not have a parking lot, but it is in the vicinity of a bus stop. The venue's hours are:

While the information on availability is unavailable, The Ballroom does have an inquiry form that interested parties can fill out.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This particular space is 10,000 square feet and consists of three floors with a cafe and gym. It is open for rental by the day or hour and catering is permitted. Contact information, as well as details on parking, bus services, hours, and availability, is not provided. Nonetheless, contact is conducted through its website to the page host Jed.