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Most Popular Topics/Categories on YouTube

The top categories / search topics on YouTube for 2019 were music, Live TV, and gaming, though there were a variety of subtopics within each topic, with rap artists and female musicians, specific games and movies, and particular topics-of-interest being most popular.

Top YouTube Specific Topics: Breakdown

  • Over the past 12 months for US watchers, Google Trends highlights the following as the top 10 topics searched on YouTube (across all categories): Nipsey Hussle (American rapper), Murder on My Mind (song), Billie Eilish (American singer-songwriter), Game of Thrones (TV series), T-Series (music company), TikTok (topic), Avengers: Endgame (2019 film), Mortal Kombat (video game series), PewDiePie (Swedish YouTuber), and Mortal Kombat X (video game).
  • For the same period for global watchers, the following are the top 10 topics searched on YouTube (across all categories): Billie Eilish (American singer-songwriter), Garena Free Fire (mobile game), TikTok (topic), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (online game), Baby Shark (song), Avengers: Endgame (2019 film), Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) (topic), Blackpink (girl group), PewDiePie (Swedish YouTuber), and Live TV (topic).
  • The top 13 (of 15) topics for both the US and global markets were further analyzed. Most of the top-rated topics were specific and had corresponding YouTube channels, each with their own most-viewed videos.

Nipsey Hussle (music)

  • Nipsey Hussle was an American rap artist who died in a shooting that occurred outside his Los Angeles-based clothing store. His music debuted in 2013 from his own record label, All Money In, from which he produced 1000 cassette-based tapes, selling them at $100/each. He toured the country performing the following year, and was well-known for teaming up with a variety of successful artists over his career. Having been a member of the Rolling Sixty Crips national street gang, at the time of his death, he had been helping Los Angeles law enforcement with reducing gang-related violence.
  • Nipsey Hussle’s YouTube channel has 1.53 M subscribers. His most-viewed video is a music video for the song “Racks in the Middle,” was posted 10 months ago, and has 120 M views. His second-most-viewed video is also an official music video for the song “Rap Niggas,” which was posted two years ago, and has 49 M views.

Murder on My Mind (music)

  • "Murder on My Mind" is a song from YNW Melly, an American rap artist, with 44.7 M views on YouTube.
  • It appears on YNW Melly’s YouTube channel, which has 3.36 M subscribers. YNW Melly has posted 26 videos in total garnering over 1.2 M views. The official music video for this song is his most-viewed video with nearly 304.4 M views.

Billie Eilish (music)

  • Billie Eilish has her own YouTube channel (bearing her name) and has 24.4 M subscribers. She’s loaded 14 videos in total garnering over 15.5 M views. Her most-viewed video is a music video for the song “Bad Guy,” with 696.5 M views.

Game of Thrones (TV)

  • Game of Thrones, a popular and long-running TV series, has its own YouTube channel with 4.73 M subscribers. They upload about a dozen (or more) videos for every season, with their most-viewed video being the official trailer video for Season 8, which garnered 64.5 M views.

T-Series (music)

  • T-Series has its own YouTube channel with 123 M subscribers, and focuses on music from India. They’ve uploaded over 14 K videos, with the video for “Guru Randhawa: High Rated Official Song / Director Gifty” being the most-viewed, earning over 860 M views.

TikTok (topic)

  • TikTok is the newest version of the former, and provides a platform for short-form video sharing. The topic itself has millions of related videos, with the most-viewed being “Tik Tok Nhung Man Ghep Video Lay Loi Tren Tik Tok” posted on the PowPow Channel, and garnering 56 M views.

Avengers: Endgame (movies)

  • The term “Avengers: Endgame” calls up hundreds of videos on YouTube, with the most-viewed being the official trailer of the movie released from Marvel Entertainment. The video has over 131 M views so far.

Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat X (video games)

  • Mortal Kombat is a video game and movie series, though it does not have its own YouTube channel. There is an extensive array of videos related to the topic, all from a wide variety of channels. The most-viewed video for this topic is called “Wow! EPIC Dance Crew Delivers Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter Show America’s Got Talent 2019,” which has 23 M views.

PewDiePie (personality)

  • PewDiePie is considered “YouTube’s most successful personality,” as he was the first vlogger to pass that mark. His style is brash and can be abrasive (and offensive to some), and he posts a variety of video content, though most often related to the gaming world.
  • This Swedish YouTuber has his own channel with 102 M subscribers. His most-viewed video is called “Bitch Lasagna” and has more than 233 M views.

Garena Free Fire (mobile game)

  • Garena Free Fire is a mobile game about a group of people trapped on a mysterious island where they fight for their lives amidst brainwashing and genetic modifications, among other issues.
  • The most-watched video related to this game is called “Free Fire Funny Moments,” was published by Nekitaet Gaming, and has 15 M views.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (online game)

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an epic game that has moved to a mobile platform in 2018, thereby significantly expanding its reach. This game is a “battle royale,” which means its everybody against everybody else until only one player is left standing.
  • The most-viewed video for this topic comes from the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds YouTube channel, which has 1.5 M subscribers. The video is the “Season 5 Gameplay Trailer,” and has over 848.7 K views.

Baby Shark (music)

  • Baby Shark Dance” was first posted on June 17, 2016, and the original video has received over 4.2 B views. It was posted on the Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories channel, which has 27.7 M subscribers. It has since been copied, remixed, sampled, and re-worked by a huge spectrum of artists (both professional and amateur).

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) (topic)

  • ASMR videos have risen in popularity over the last decade, though remain a popular-but-niche topic of interest. They feature different scenarios, different people, and different approaches all based on creating certain sounds (combined with visuals, often) that create a particular (and pleasant) response in part of the global population.
  • The most-viewed video for ASMR is called “ASMR Black Bean Noodles + Fried Chicken,” which has 44 M views since its posting seven months ago. It was posted on the YouTube channel Jane ASMR, which has 4.67 M subscribers.

Top YouTube Categories: Breakdown

  • The results of the most-searched topics (US and global) can be broken down another way, with the focus solely on the categories of the major topics above, like music, TV, video/online/mobile gaming, and general topics-of-interest. That analysis follows, leaving off “general topics of interest” as the specific topics were addressed in the previous analysis.
  • An important note about identifying the channel with the highest number of subscribers: YouTube does not allow for that type of sort, as they allow for a variety of filters, but the applicable ones only sort by relevance, upload date, view count, and rating. None of these allows for an accurate identification of the channel with the highest number of subscribers for each of these topics.

Category: Music

  • For the music category on YouTube, the most-watched video for 2019 is Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” which has been viewed over 660 M times and is featured on her named channel (which has 39.3 M subscribers).

Category: TV

  • For the TV category on YouTube, the most-watched video for 2019 is “Look Twice on the Chair Before You Sit,” which garnered over 114.6 M views and was posted on the SM TV channel, which does not list its subscriber count publicly.

Category: Gaming

  • For the gaming category on YouTube, the most-watched video for 2019 is “World’s Best Gaming Room” posted on Dude Perfect’s channel and having 23 M views. Dude Perfect’s channel has 47.8 M subscribers.

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Most Popular Topics/Categories on New YouTube Channels

Neither YouTube nor third-party (non-paid) sites allow for a direct comparison of content that is considered “new” between 2018 and 2019. To identify the topics that are trending in 2019 that were not trending in 2018, a direct comparison of various lists (of “top” or “most”) for each year was conducted. Those that stood out (or grew significantly) for 2019 were identified as the “new/trending” items for this year; these are provided below by topic and category/channel. Additionally, the channels that gained the highest number of new subscribers in 2019 were also identified.

Search Topics: Comparison & Analysis 2018 to 2019

  • The most popular global search topics for 2018 (the full year) included the following top 20: TikTok, Fortnite, World Cup, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, WhatsApp, XXXTentacion, Cardi B, Motu Patlu, Blackpink, Bhojpuri language, Drake, Bhajan, Kannada, Punjabi language, La rose de Guadalupe, Tamil language, Narrative, Disc jockey, Baby Shark, and Design.
  • The most popular global search topics for 2019 (the full year) included the following top 20: Billie Eilish, Garena Free Fire, TikTok, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Avengers: Endgame, T-Series, Baby Shark, ASMR, Meme, PewDiePie, Disc jockey, Live television, Blackpink, and Pakistan.
  • An analysis of this identifies the following topics as becoming “more popular” in 2019 (and thus trending in 2019 but not in 2018): Billie Eilish (music), Gareena Free Fire (gaming), Avengers: Endgame (movies), T-Series (music), ASMR (topic), Memes (topic), PewDiePie, Live TV, and Pakistan. Each of these (except memes and Pakistan) were profiled on the companion research, including the most-viewed videos and the channels on which they were found.

Most-Popular Categories & Channels: Comparison & Analysis 2018 to 2019

  • The most popular general categories on YouTube for 2018 were (in order): Entertainment, Music, People and Blogs, Film and Animation, and Gaming. The 20 most popular categories (by channel-type) for 2019 were (in order): Gaming, Make-up & Beauty, Reviews & Unboxing, ASMR, Vlogs, Health & Fitness, Pranks/Challenges, Music, Parody/Comedy, Tutorials, How-To & DIY, Educational, Commentary, Sports, Compilations, News/Journalism, Lifestyle, Cooking, Infotainment, and Travel.
  • An analysis of this identifies the following categories as becoming “more popular” in 2019 (or trending more in 2019 over 2018): Make-up & Beauty, Reviews & Unboxing, ASMR, Health & Fitness, Pranks/Challenges, Parody/Comedy, Tutorials, How-To & DIY, Educational, Commentary, Sports, Compilations, News/Journalism, Lifestyle, Cooking, Infotainment, and Travel.
  • Some of the most popular channels for these categories for 2019 are (in order): Markiplier (gaming), Zoella (make-up & beauty, and lifestyle), Wranglerstar and Unbox Therapy (unboxing), ASMR Darling (ASMR), Casey Neistat’s Daily Vlog (vlogs), FitnessBlender (health and fitness), Roman Atwood (pranks/challenges), Malinda Kathleen Reese and Lindsey Stirling (music), Simon’s Cat (parody/comedy), Tutvid (tutorials), TED and GaryVee (educational), CinemaSins (commentary), Dude Perfect (Sports), Chills (compilations), Philip DeFranco (news/journalism), Binging with Babish (cooking), Thoughty2 and The Infographics Show (infotainment), and Lost LeBlanc, and Sam Kolder (travel).
  • The videos with the most views (by category) for 2019 were (in order): “No More Lies” by James Charles (make-up & beauty), “Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings” by First We Feast (cooking), “Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson” by Shane Dawson (news/journalism), “I Bought Everything In a Store Challenge” by MrBeast (pranks/challenges), “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” by Gillette (product-related), “Highlights Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr” by DAZN USA (sports), “Kylie Sin Review with Shane Dawson” by Jeffree Star (make-up & beauty), “Souldja Boy Drags Tyga, Drake, Kanye West & Reclaims The Best Comeback of 2018” by Breakfast Club Power 105.1FM (music), “R. Kelly Interview Cold Open” by Saturday Night Live (parody/comedy), and “The Spiders and the Bees” by TheOdd1sOut (animation).

2019 Channels Gaining Most Subscribers

  • The YouTube channels with the most subscribers in 2019 were (in order): Zee Music Company, Justin Bieber, Dude Perfect, WWE, Canal KondZilla, SET India, 5-Minute Crafts, Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes, PewDiePie, and T-Series.
  • The channels that gained the most subscribers in 2019 were (in order): Goldmines Telefilms (Indian movies, songs, comedy sketches) gained nearly 11.5 M subscribers; Aaj Tak (Indian news) gained over 11.6 M subscribers; Atta Halilintar (Indonesian vlogger) gained almost 11.7 M subscribers; Shemaroo Filmi Gaane (Indian Bollywood music) gained almost 11.9 M subscribers; Pinkfog! Kids’ Songs & Stories (educational kids) gained almost 13 M subscribers, largely due to the popularity of their “Baby Shark Dance” song; MrBeast (pranks/challenges) gained over 13.6 M subscribers; Stacy Toys (kids’ entertainment) gained over 13.7 M subscribers; WWE (sports) gained nearly 13.9 M subscribers; Blackpink (music) gained over 15.1 M subscribers; and Zee TV (entertainment) gained over 16 M subscribers.

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Most Popular Sexual Health Topics/Categories on YouTube

Neither YouTube nor (non-paid) third-party sites allow for a determination of the “most-watched” categories or topics. However, the most-watched videos of 2019 (based on various search topics) were identified, as well as the channels with the highest viewer ratings. Using these as a proxy for “most popular,” analysis has determined the following topics to be among the most popular related to sex education on YouTube: introductory and general sex education topics, sex during pregnancy, sex and sexual health problems, maximizing orgasms, and sexual massage.

Most-Watched “Sex” Videos (2019)

  • The top 10 videos with the highest viewer counts for the search term “sex” are as follows.
  • Xin Jin Pin Mei 1996 EP01” posted by Sarf Music with 63 M views.
  • Sex Porn Wildflower XXX New Short Film” posted by Big Bucket with 46 M views.
  • Sex and Zen 1991” posted by Sarf Movie with 43 M views.
  • The Smile of the Fox (1992)” posted by McNamara XXX with 37 M views.
  • Film Sex Korea 2019 Film Semi Korean Terbaru Subtitle Indonesia #89” posted by Haseeb Cheema with 31 M views.
  • Hindi Hot Sexy Video New 2019 Indian Sex Video New Watching Now” posted by Awdesh Premi with 28 M views.
  • Sex with Girlfriend” posted by RedeTV Prank with 25 M views.
  • I’m not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976)” posted by Sex JVA with 20 M views.
  • XNXX” posted by XXXXX-Keng with 17 M views.
  • XXXBhabhi Aur Dewar Ka Sex” posted by Xvideos with 14 M views.

Most-Watched “Sexual Health” Videos (2019)

  • The top 10 videos with the highest viewer counts for the search term “sexual health” are as follows.
  • Massage ep02 Japanese Body Massage Video” posted by Max Volume with 1.5 M views.
  • “[1st SSCH] Massage ep50 Japanese Body Massage Video” posted by Hjppoj with 1.3 M views.
  • 10 Affordable Testosterone Boosting Foods (Boost Naturally)” posted by Healthier than Yesterday with 578 K views.
  • How to Maximize the Potential of Your Sexual Health” posted by Mindvalley Talks with 429 K views.
  • Indaba Lifestyle (Sex Talk)” posted by Gagasi FM with 319 K views.
  • Introduction to Sex Episode 1” posted by Vitamin Stree with 148 K views.
  • Yoga for Sex Problems in Men Yoga Poses for Men’s Sexual Health” posted by Axeemyoga with 124 K views.
  • Petit Q by Arthus and Nico Underwear Review + Take Charge Today (Sexual Health Awareness)” posted by jyaumodel Official with 102 K views.
  • 8 Food for a Happy and Health Vagina! Sex Smart Ep 2” posted by Soothing Sista with 91 K views.
  • Misconceptions About Sex & Disability” posted by Hannah Witton with 82 K views.

Most-Watched “Sex Education” Videos (2019)

  • The top 10 videos with the highest viewer counts for the search term “sex education” are as follows.
  • Sex Education Season 1: The Most Hilarious Bloopers!” posted Netflix UK & Ireland with 4.7 M views.
  • School Sex Education Story part 2” posted by Kuldeep.k.k.kumar with 3.9 M views.
  • The Cast of Sex Education Play ‘Who’s Most Likely To … ?’” posted by Heatworld with 3.5 M views.
  • Sex Education Official Trailer (2019)” posted by Movie Trailers Source with 3.2 M views.
  • First Sex Education Hot XXX (Sexy Movie)” posted by Aarohi Sharma with 3.2 M views.
  • Sex Education: Season 2 Announcement” posted by Viceland with 2.5 M views.
  • Flirting with British Accents: Sex Education Charm Battle” posted by Netflix with 2.2 M views.
  • Sex Education: Temporada 2 Aununcio” posted by Netflix Latinoamerica with 2.1 M views.
  • Sex Education Behind the Sex Scenes” posted by Netflix with 1.9 M views.
  • Sex Education Season 2 Official Trailer Teaser (2019)” posted by One Media with 1.8 M views.

Most-Watched “Safe Sex” Videos (2019)

  • The top 10 videos with the highest viewer counts for the search term “safe sex” are as follows.
  • Conan & Nick Kroll Teach a Sex Ed Class” posted by Team Coco with 3.5 M views.
  • Pregnancy Sex Sex During Pregnancy Safe or Unsafe in Hindi” posted by Gyanear with 877 K views.
  • Condom Sex Pregnant Tricks” posted by Swasthya Info with 871 K views.
  • “7 Red-Hot Sex Secrets (Not Safe for Work)” posted by Tripp Advice with 804 K views.
  • Safe Sex Oral” posted by Magnetic E-Book with 691 K views.
  • Sex During Pregnancy, Safe or Not in Hindi” posted by Health Tips with 433 K views.
  • Is It Safe to Have Sex While Pregnant” posted by Sehat Zindagi with 370 K views.
  • The Best Anal Sex Positions for Safe Sex” posted by OneHowTo with 335 K views.
  • Sex During Menstruation Safe or Not” posted by Health Tips with 255 K views.
  • Simple Methods to Avoid Pregnancy Natural Barrier Methods Explained in Hindi” posted by Neeraj Pahlajani with 211 K views.

Highest-Rated Sex-Related Channels

  • The top 10 channels with highest viewer counts for the search term “sex education” are as follows.
  • Lacigreen’s channel has 1.43 M subscribers. She has posted 174 videos on various sex-related topics like dating apps, consent, masturbation, male pleasure, intersex, and sex robots, among others.
  • GLAMerotica 101’s channel has 514 K subscribers. They have posted 186 videos dedicated to assisting “people around the world more connected to their sex lives and relationships.”
  • Jaiya & New World Sex Ed’s channel has 55.7 K subscribers. She has posted 162 videos, and is an “award-winning sexologist,” an “award-winning filmmaker,” and author.
  • BASAH Production’s channel has 962 K subscribers. They have posted 70 lifestyle and entertainment videos related to sex.
  • Sex Coach Sex Education Female Orgasms Mastery’s channel has 51.3 K subscribers. They have posted 131 videos about “becoming the best lover you can be,” including learning about different sexual anatomies and how to please each pleasure center on the body.
  • Amaze Org’s channel has 138 K subscribers. They have posted 111 videos about “real sex ed info in fun, animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know about sex, your body, and relationships.”
  • Sex Guru’s channel has 221 K subscribers. They have posted only 3 videos, so ranking on this list of highest-viewed videos is surprising. They list their purpose as providing “sex education and awareness”.
  • Sex Etc’s channel does not list its subscriber count. They have posted 66 videos about sexual education for teenagers, with information on “birth control, condoms, HIV/AIDS & STDs, pregnancy, and more.”
  • Knockout Sex Ed with Denyc & Bobbi Dean’s channel has 4.45 K subscribers. They have posted 149 videos on general sex education topics.
  • Priya Singh’s channel has 208 K subscribers. She has posted 79 videos, though it appears most of her videos are related to dancing and music rather than sex (so it is not clear why this appeared on this list; this channel has been discounted as an outlier).

Analysis of Most Popular Topics

  • An analysis of the previous lists notes the following crossover channels and topics. The most-viewed and most-popular videos (including viewer and subscriber counts) were noted previously above.
  • Crossover channels are Netflix (various country-based entities) and a channel called Health Tips.
  • Crossover topics are introductory / sex-education general topics, sex during pregnancy, problems with sex / sexual health, maximizing orgasms, and sexual massage.

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