What are the top SMB fleet management companies in the US?

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What are the top SMB fleet management companies in the US?

Hello! Thank you for your question of what are the top SMB fleet management companies in the United States. I understand that you are looking for a comparison of all SMB fleet management companies and would like us to research average fleet size, average revenue per unit (ARPU), advantages, and disadvantages for each company. I further understand that the original Wonder response did not meet your needs because the analyst misunderstood your question, thinking you wanted small- or medium-sized fleet management companies rather than fleet management companies that specialize in small- and medium-sized businesses. The short answer is that Automile, Fleetio, and Omnitracs are consensus top picks for SMB fleet management in the United States. I have created a spreadsheet that lists and compares 10 different SMB fleet management companies.


To begin my research, I searched for a pre-complied list of fleet companies that are recommended for SMB companies. This led me to the Business News Daily's reviews of fleet management companies that specialize in SMB fleets. I included their top overall pick (InTouch GPS), their top low-cost pick (Fleet Genius), and their top fleet tracking app pick (GPS TrackIt) on the spreadsheet. I also looked through the Business News Daily reviews of the other companies they rated to find additional companies that made their short list of top fleet management companies for SMBs. This led me to Fleetmatics and Fleetio.

I also wanted to include the companies you specifically mentioned in my analysis, so I put Automile and Omnitracs on this list as well (Fleetmatics already made the list based on the comprehensive Business News Daily reviews).

From this point, I went to various other review sites to get an overall picture of how these seven companies are rated. Capterra, a trusted software review site, generally provides the best apples-to-apples product comparisons, and only two of the initial seven companies I identified as top fleet management choices for SMB companies were not in Capterra's database. For this reason, I decided to use Capterra's ratings to rank the companies I put on the spreadsheet.

I also chose three other highly-rated fleet management companies that Capterra identified as competitors of the initial seven companies I included on the spreadsheet.

As mentioned in the first response, the standard Wonder competitive landscape response provides details for up to five companies. However, since you did not receive a response that met your needs with your initial request, I went ahead and compared 10 companies that specialize in fleet management for SMBs. I compared the three you mentioned in your request, four that have been identified as top picks for small businesses by Business News Daily, and three other highly-rated competitors identified in Capterra's database. If you would like additional companies identified and compared, please submit another request.


The average fleet size was not available for any of the companies on the list. I scoured each company's website, press mentions, and review sites in an attempt to locate this number. However, I don't think this is a metric that is typically used for comparison in this industry, since not a single company mentioned this statistic. I included it as a category on the spreadsheet, but I indicated the number wasn't available. I did include information on the size of the fleets each company indicated it could handle.

The average revenue per unit (ARPU) is also not an available number. None of the companies I researched disclosed how much revenue it gained from each unit it sold. In this category's place, I listed the pricing for each company's services (where available).

The pricing was not available for Fleetmatics, as they offer highly customized services and only provide pricing information through quote requests. GPSTrackIt also only provides pricing through quotes, but the Business News Daily requested quotes for its review and determined the lowest possible price through this company is $10/month.

Since there are dozens of companies that specialize in fleet management for SMBs, I cannot guarantee the 10 I've listed on the spreadsheet are actually the top companies in the industry. However, Capterra's reviews are generally accurate and I can say for certain that the 10 companies on the spreadsheet are leaders in the SMB fleet management space.

Two of the companies (InTouch GPS and GPSTrackIt) are not currently rated in Capterra's system. Therefore, I used other review sites that did provide ratings for these companies. Although it is not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, it still provides a good measure of the companies' overall performance.

In the case where two companies had identical ratings from Capterra, I placed them in order from lowest pricing to highest.


The top 10 fleet management companies for SMBs according to Capterra (and other review site) ratings are:


I have listed all 10 companies I identified as top fleet management companies for SMBs on the attached spreadsheet. I provided the website, fleet size capability, pricing, features, disadvantages, and any sources I used for each company. I also noted in the "Comments" section any awards a company has received or any high ratings it has earned from various review websites. Out of the 10 companies I researched, I have concluded that the top fleet management company for SMBs in terms of ratings and pricing is Automile.

Thank you for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.