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Top OTCG Manufacturers - New Technology 5

Over the last ten years, EVRAZ has acquired IPSCO, a company with innovative technology. It has also introduced new technologies to its mines and credits new technology for its success. This proves that the company is more than open to adopt new technology.


  • In 2008, together with TMK, EVRAZ acquired IPSCO’s North American plate and pipe businesses for $4.025 billion.
  • According to the company's CEO at the time, the deal was done to increase EVRAZ' exposure "to the attractive energy and infrastructure sectors" throughout the North American region.
  • IPSCO describes its plate and pipe business as one that amalgamates innovative and advanced technology "with powerful manufacturing capabilities and talented people to create innovative tubular solutions."

EVRAZ Adopts New Technology

EVRAZ' Success Factors

EVRAZ Kicks Off Tashtagol Iron Ore Mine Upgrade

  • In 2018, EVRAZ announced that it was upgrading its Tashtagol ore mine.
  • The upgrade will introduce new technologies which the Tashtagol mine will operate.
  • According to the company, the new technologies will "significantly increase productivity at all stages of ore production and reduce the costs."
  • The Tashtagol mine was expected to fully switch to the new technologies by the end of 2019.

EVRAZ Introduces Directional Drilling Technology


  • Over the last decade, EVRAZ has acquired a company for its innovative technology and adopted several new technologies.
  • The company also attributed its success to its willingness to adopt new technologies.
  • The above examples show that EVRAZ is very open to adopting new technology, as long as the technology aligns with its strategy.
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Top OTCG Manufacturers

Husteel Co. Ltd, Arcelor Mittal, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp, U.S. Steel, and Evraz are the top 5 OCTG manufacturers globally ranked by revenue.

1) Husteel Co. Ltd.

  • Husteel Company is based in Qingdao, Nantong. The company is a manufacturer of steel and a wide range of steel pipes.
  • The company's estimated revenue is $136.49 billion.

2) Arcelor Mittal

  • Arcelor Mittal is a steel and mining company. The company has industrial locations in 18 countries and is present in 60 countries. It is guided by a philosophy to manufacture sustainable and safe steel.
  • Arcelor Mittal's 2018 annual revenue was $76.033 billion.

3) Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp

  • The company is based in Tokyo Japan. It is a steel manufacturing company and operates in five business categories that include steel fabrication and steelmaking, engineering and construction, chemical, systems solution, and new materials businesses.
  • The company's estimated revenue is $55.72 billion.

4) U.S. Steel

  • U.S. Steel is a steel manufacturing company headquartered in Pittsburgh. The company major production operations are in Central Europe and North America in the containers, construction, automotive, transportation, oil and gas, and electrical industries.
  • U.S. Steel 2018 annual revenue was $14.178 billion.

5) Evraz

  • Evraz is a steel and mining company. It has operations in the USA, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic Canada, Kazakhstan, and Italy.
  • Evraz's 2018 annual revenue was $12.836 billion.

Research Strategy

To provide the top five OCTG manufacturers globally, we searched through industry reports about OCTG manufacturers. We searched through market reports including Mordor Intelligence, Market Watch, Reuters, and others. We were able to find various manufacturers in these global market reports on Oil Country Tubular Goods. We searched through these companies' annual reports, websites, and company database sites such as Hoover, Zoominfo, Crunchbase, and others. We then listed these companies according to their revenues and compiled information on the top five companies.