Top Mobile eCommerce Websites - D2C

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Top Mobile eCommerce Websites - D2C

Shutterfly and Etsy are two direct to consumer brands that have best-in-class mobile e-commerce websites.


  • Shutterfly was identified as a best-in-class mobile e-commerce website based on the expert opinions of HubSpot, Mattish, and SimilarWeb.
  • In particular, HubSpot currently ranks the direct-to-consumer brand as the top "example of mobile website design," while SimilarWeb adds that Shutterfly is ranked 369th in the United States due to its almost 19 million monthly visitors.
  • Headquartered in California, Shutterfly is a customized photography, photography products, and image sharing company that sells its manufactured goods directly to consumers through its website, among other channels.
  • HubSpot notes that Shutterfly's mobile e-commerce website is particularly successful because it enables users to easily learn about their product offerings, while using "beautiful imagery" to make these offerings attractive and enhance the customer experience.
  • Specifically, when customers arrive on Shutterfly's mobile website, they are presented with "large buttons" that enable them to quickly and easily select the product types that most interest them.
  • Once a type of offering is selected, the user is then directed to an organized list of large product photos, which further facilitates "easy browsing."
  • This acuity around visual product presentation and filtering is further demonstrated through the site's "visual approach" to showing filter values, wherein options such as card size and trim are identified and selected through the use of demonstrative images rather than words.
  • Overall, what makes Shutterfly's mobile e-commerce experience so successful is that it is built around a more tactile/visual experience, that enables customers to search and filter the company's product offerings using simple visual cues.


  • Etsy was similarly selected as a top-tier mobile e-commerce website based on a preponderance of expert opinions (e.g., Google, Econsultancy, HubSpot, Disfold, Baymard Institute, SimilarWeb).
  • Among this widespread recognition, Google currently ranks Etsy as the "most user-friendly" mobile website, HubSpot describes the direct-to-consumer brand as the fourth-best "example of mobile website design," and SimilarWeb ranks the company's website as the 18th globally for e-commerce and 37th in the US based on its approximately 239 million monthly visits.
  • Notably, New York-based Etsy is a direct-to-consumer marketplace for vintage and handmade items.
  • According to HubSpot, the company's mobile e-commerce website is successful because it efficiently caters to its two types of visitors: (1) those who are searching for a specific item, and (2) those who are browsing in categories of interest.
  • For example, in addition to clearly presenting a search bar at the top of the mobile website, the company also provides easy to click product categories that are identified by images and simple verbiage.
  • Moreover, these two easy search and filtering options are followed by thumbnail pictures of trending items, that are large enough to enable easy selection through a quick tap and can be viewed in a collage format for rapid review/selection.
  • Meanwhile, the Etsy also has "impressive" mobile filter options, which range beyond standard features such as price or relevance to include sale items, gift wrapping and free shipping options.
  • Overall, according to Google, the search and filtering options on Etsy's site are top-performing because they are uniquely intuitive, fast and predictive.