Top M&A Firms in the U.S. - Rows 2-6

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Top M&A Firms in the U.S. - Rows 2-6

The five top M&A firms by revenue which have advised top consumer electronics retailers are JP Morgan, Bank of America Merill Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. However, Bank of America has already been discussed by another analyst, so I have not included in my discussion in the spreadsheet, including instead the 6th largest firm, Barclays. Details of these firms and their involvement with consumer electronics retail can be found in the attached spreadsheet.


In order to find M&A firms who have worked with consumer electronics retailers specifically, we began by researching the largest online consumer electronics retailers, and then proceeded to investigate what firms advised them on their recent M&A activity. Unfortunately, there is not enough data to break down the figures specifically by online sales, however more broadly the five largest consumer electronics retailers in the US, ranked specifically by their revenue from consumer electronics retail sales, are:
1. Best Buy
3. Walmart
4. HP Inc
5. Dell

We then researched the mergers and acquisitions of each of these companies, and found 10 M&A firms that have advised at least one of these companies on M&A activity in the last few years. Ranked by revenue, they are:

1. JP Morgan - $95.7 billion
2. Bank of America Merril Lynch - $83.7 billion
3. Citigroup - $66 Billion
4. Morgan Stanley - $37.9 billion
5. Goldman Sachs - $32.07 billion
6. Barclays - $29.47 billion
7. Credit Suisse - $23.05 billion
8. RBC Capital Markets - $9.1 billion
9. Perella Weinberg Partners - $500 million (approx)
10. Allen & Co - n/a

In the attached spreadsheet, I have covered the top five of these firms by revenue, giving details of the consumer electronics retail companies they have advised, and the deals they have been involved with, along with the company websites and a list of sources for each firm. However, I have excluded Bank of America because it was already discussed by another analyst in another part of this request. Please also note that several of these firms are non-US based and so report their revenue in various foreign currencies, however I have converted those reported revenues into US dollars at the current exchange rate, so as to more easily compare the revenues of the various firms.


There are a wide range of companies involved with consumer electronics retail, however in order to understand what M&A firms are advising the most important companies in this space we have focused on the largest consumer electronics retailers, ranked by revenue from consumer electronics sales. The five largest M&A firms by revenue who have advised the largest consumer electronics retailers, excluding Bank of America, are JP Morgan, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays. Details of these companies can be found in the attached spreadsheet.