What are the top firms (5-10) in the U.S. that perform facade cleaning services for office and commercial buildings? Define "top" by: number of buildings services per year, annual revenues, number of class A buildings serviced per year OR amount o...

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What are the top firms (5-10) in the U.S. that perform facade cleaning services for office and commercial buildings? Define "top" by: number of buildings services per year, annual revenues, number of class A buildings serviced per year OR amount of square footage covered per year.

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According a 2017 IBIS World report, the U.S. building exterior cleaning market (i.e. the building facade cleaning market) is worth $9 billion, and has an annual growth rate of 5.0%. IBIS World states that there are a total of 115,987 businesses operating within this market.

We calculated that the average revenue for businesses in this market is about $77,600 (or $9 billion divided by 115,987 business). We believe that this insight suggests that the building facade cleaning market in the U.S. is highly fragmented, and composed mostly of smaller sized businesses. This idea is further supported by the IBIS World report, which states that "there are no companies with a dominant market share in this industry."

This heavily fragmented business landscape posed a challenge in attempting determine a list of top companies, because small-sized and privately owned businesses rarely publish their annual reports or other financial information which would provide insight into their business operations (such as their client numbers), revenue information, and other information which typically helps to provide insight that can be used to determine which companies are top and for comparing them.

Therefore, we developed a different research path which would help us locate and determine which companies were top. First, we looked for any existing nationwide companies operating in this space, and analyzed company databases and company websites to locate data pertaining to your 'top' criteria. Once this research method was exhausted, we also located a pre-compiled list of the largest cities in the U.S., based on our assumption that these cities have the highest number of commercial buildings, and therefore, we further assume that these cities would be the largest markets for building facade cleaning in the office and commercial segment.

Next, we conducted research to locate qualitative data that would help us to narrow down which companies in each of these cities are considered the leader in that market. Specifically, we looked for companies whose websites claimed they were a leader, or the number one leader in those individual cities; or we looked for companies that had been awarded as 'top' or the 'best' in those regions; or we analyzed consumer reviews and top ten lists which provide a ranking of the best companies in those individual cities. We then analyzed business intelligence databases such as Owler and Hoovers to locate revenue information for these companies, as these types of business databases often provide revenue estimates for smaller-sized and privately held businesses. We used these revenues compare the businesses we located to determine which one had the highest revenue for each of these cities.

We also analyzed company websites in attempt to locate any additional insights which reveal their number of clients, number of class A buildings serviced, or amount of square footage covered per year. The vast majority of companies we located did not make this information known, therefore, we choose to focus on making revenue comparisons in order to determine the top companies, as this is the information which was most publicly available across the board. Exceptions were made for companies for which revenue information wasn't available, but where we were able to locate data which demonstrated the companies very large size.

Below, you will find an overview of our findings.

top ten largest cities in the u.s.

These are the largest cities in the U.S., based on highest population. After we exhausted our search for companies that are operating nationwide, we focused on searching for the leading companies focused on these markets, as we assume these cities are the largest markets for this industry, based on their high numbers of commercial buildings.

1. New York City
2. Lost Angeles
3. Chicago
4. Houston

Now, we will provide an overview of the companies we located, beginning with those that are nationwide. We did not include any companies, nationwide or otherwise, for which we could not locate any publicly available information regarding the 'top' criteria data points you requested.

Sentinel Maintenance - phoenix / Nationwide

This is the largest company we located operating in this space. Sentinel is "North America's leading company specializing in construction cleaning and high/dangerous access window cleaning." They provide commercial power washing and window washing. They have completed "tens of millions of square feet" and "3,000,000 square feet of hospital projects" in 25 years.

valcourt - east coast

Valcourt has offices located down the East Coast, from New Jersey to Florida. They are a U.S. leader in exterior maintenance, and their services include facade maintenance and pressure washing. They have a revenue of $20 million, according to a former employee.

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc - nationwide

This company provides commercial power washing and window cleaning services. They have a revenue of $5.6 million, which seems low for a nationwide company, however we assume this is due to the fact that this company operates on a franchise business model.


Presto has a revenue of $5.8 million and provides a wide range of exterior building maintenance and restoration services.

window gang - nationwide

Window Gang also operates on a franchise business model, and has a revenue of $4.7 million. They provide commercial window washing and pressure washing, and are a leader in this market.

platinum maintenance services corp. - NYC

This company is "the leading restoration and maintenance service provider in the New York Metropolitan area servicing 50% of the major commercial buildings in Manhattan." There are 47,000 buildings in Manhattan. Based on this, we calculate they serve about 23,500 buildings in Manhattan (or 50% of 47,000). Facade cleaning is among the services they provide.

advantage pro service - Houston

Advantage was ranked first by Expertise out of 561 window cleaning services located in Houston. They also provide commercial pressure washing. Their revenue is $2.7 million.

prosource window cleaning - LoS Angeles

This company is the market leader in Los Angeles and Orange County, providing building washing services in the commercial segment. They make $1.3 million in revenue.

Ace of spray - Chicago

This company has been rated number one facade cleaning service in Chicago. They have a revenue of $1.3 million.

optimal power washing, llc - Philadelphia

This company was voted as the best in Philadelphia, and offer a wide range of commercial pressure washing services, which includes building exterior cleaning. Their revenue is $1 million .


In conclusion, we have located the top firms in the U.S. that perform facade cleaning services for office and commercial buildings, have ranked them on your spreadsheet.

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