Top Features of API Management and HR Software

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HR Software

HR software features increase department efficiency and productivity by assisting HR staff with complex management tasks. Key features include a user-centric interface, interoperability, and mobile applications. BambooHR, Zenefits, and ClearCompany HRM are three examples of US-based software brands offering some of these features.

Major Features for HR Software

  • A user-centric design provides HR professionals and other staff with a "user-friendly interface [that includes] drag-and-drop tools for customizing forms" among other design features.
  • Automatic data reconciliation features allow HR staff to sync data and seamlessly move it between spreadsheets and other third-party systems.
  • Automated notifications allow HR staff to alert employees or other company stakeholders to relevant information based on a set of "user-defined conditions."
  • Interoperability features integrate HR software with other platforms, systems, or databases from which they may occasionally need to pull information.
  • Parallel branches deliver information to more than one staff member at the same time. This is particularly useful when contracts and other important documents must be approved or evaluated by multiple staff members.
  • Onboarding features guide new employees through a company's introductory requirements and procedures.
  • Asset management features allow HR staff to "keep a record of assets issued to employees." Tracked assets might include laptops, pagers, or cell phones.
  • Mobile applications allow users to access HR software from their mobile devices.
  • User support features provide troubleshooting solutions when staff encounters a technical issue.
  • Social media integration features allow HR staff to use social networks like LinkedIn for hiring or recruitment purposes.

Software Brands and Companies Offering These Features

  • BambooHR is a company headquartered in Lindon, Utah that provides HR solution software. Software features include a mobile app, new hire onboarding, system integration, and user support services.
  • Zenefits is based in San Francisco, California and offers software that integrates HR, payroll, and business accounting needs. Software features include new hire onboarding, system integration, mobile applications, and automatic data reconciliation. Its website also features a blog that is a wealth of information for human resources and employee management.
  • ClearCompany HRM is a HR software solutions company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Software features include a user-centric design, mobile applications, mobile notifications and text messaging, new hire onboarding, system integration, and user support services. Its website also provides a resource center that includes white papers, presentations, and webinars.

Research Strategy

We began our research by expanding on the list of 12 features included in the attached strategy document. By searching trusted media sites, we were able to find 10 additional major HR software features and provide a description for each. We defined "top" or "major" in terms of media coverage frequency. An expanded search found three software brands that offer some of these features in their products. We focused our research on US-based companies.
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API Management

API management software has a variety of features. The main objective is to make designing, deploying and managing an API easier and ensure that it is safe, secure and functional. Generally, an API management service should at least cover most of the below basics.

Top Features of API Management Service

  • Documentation - The API management service should provide an easy way to read documentation that helps developers quickly figure out how the API works.
  • Analytics and Statistics - It is an important feature that allows understanding how people use the API and get insights for the business.
  • Deployment - This feature should be flexible and support public or private clouds, on-premises implementations, or combinations.
  • Developer engagement - An easily accessible developer portal will significantly facilitate onboarding.
  • A Sandbox environment increases both the value of an API and its adoption rate.
  • Caching abilities help to improve performance in API Management service.
  • Security - The service has to at least provide identity and access management for users and developers.
  • Monetization provides the capability to monetize the API.
  • Availability - This API feature should be available, scalable and redundant.

Companies that provide API Management Service

There are three different types of API management services: Proxies, Agents or Hybrid.

  • Proxy: These services safeguard the back end of services from getting it down because of several numbers of queries. They provide caching capabilities too.
  • Agents are the plugins to integrate with the server.
  • The hybrid tpye is a combination of agent and proxy.

Research Strategy

In order to identify ten major features of API management software, the research team first explored and browsed through numerous articles from reputable websites, API vendors websites that focused on API management software. However, the vendors in the API management space providing their solution in three different ways: Proxies, Agents or Hybrid. This is because different methods of providing an API management service have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, selected companies combine these three types to provide the best service for their clients.

In this report, we selected three of the most popular API management service companies and noted their strengths. All of these three companies have all the necessary features to provide an API management service.