Top e-Procurement Platforms for K-12 Schools

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Top e-Procurement Platforms for K-12 Schools

rateCoupa Procurement, Dolibarr, Precoro,and Fraxion are the leading e-procurement platforms for K-12 schools based on the number of customers. Most platforms’ customers are drawn from various parts of the globe.

Coupa Procurement

  • Coupa e-procurement is a cloud-based procurement software solution that offers visibility into the users’ spend with a solitary easy-to-use platform accessible from anywhere and at any time. The platform delivers productivity, efficiency, and savings that users look for in an e-procurement system.
  • Moreover, the platform helps users in compliance and hastening the procurement cycle end-to-end. A unified system also offers real-time visibility into how resources are being spent in the organization.
  • Coupa was selected because of its large clientele base. Available statistics show that 2,955 companies and institutions are using Coupa e-procurement platform in the United States.
  • In the education sector, Coupe e-procurement has impressive KPIs gathered through community intelligence. For instance, the platform has a 95% first-time match rate of POs, and 11.6 hours requisition-to-order time.
  • Information about the number of school districts served is not publicly available. However, sources show that Coupa e-procurement software helps school districts and higher education institutions pool their purchasing power countrywide.


  • Dolibarr is an open-source and free software package used to manage freelances, companies, and foundations. The platform was developed to provide customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  • The platform is used in activities such as invoicing, warehousing, prospects, order, shipment, banks accounts, and POS among others. Dolibarr also comes with auto-installers for users with not technical knowledge to install.
  • Dolibarr was chosen because of its wide client base. Considering that it is an open source, the software perfectly meets the needs of many customers regardless of their organization type. Thus, K-12 schools have also widely installed Dolibarr platform.
  • Estimates show that over 1 million users are using Dolibarr across the globe.
  • Data on the number of school districts is not available


  • Precoro is a software used to manage spending in order to simplify the procurement process. The software also helps to enhance the user’s visibility.
  • Precoro automates various activities such as approvals, purchase requests, and purchase order, among others. The focus areas of the platform are spend management, purchase order software, and procurement software.
  • The subscription –based platform targets medium-sized companies, including schools. Precoro for clean procurement program is specifically targeted at schools.
  • With customers from 67 countries, Precoro is definitely a top e-procurement platform. By 2018, the platform had processed 1 million orders.
  • Data on the number of district schools served is not publicly available. However, review websites such as GetApp show that the platform is popular among schools.


  • Fraxion is a cloud procurement software that facilitates proactive spend management. The software helps in tracing, approving, ensuring compliance, and budgeting.
  • Fraxion provides purchase requisitioning, expense, and approval management with high-level analytics. The platform automates the procurement cycle and streamlines procure-to-pay processes while ensuring visibility and policy compliance.
  • Fraxion was chosen because of its wide client base. The platform is used by over 1,000 organizations with over 200,000 active users. Globally, Fraxion manages over $10 billion.
  • Information about the number of school districts served is not available. However, Fraxion serves public schools including K-12 schools.

Research Strategy

Information about the of district schools served was not publicly available. Our initial search focused on the respective companies’ website hoping to find express information about customer segmentation and their numbers. While the companies have provided information about their target industries, specific information about the number of school districts served was not available.
We then shifted our focus to other credible sources such as review websites such as G2 and apps research websites such as App Run the World. We hoped to find a comprehensive list of customers for the companies, including the school districts. However, we only managed to find about the companies and their target industries

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