What are the top 5 'Powerpoint Design as a Service' offerings?

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What are the top 5 'Powerpoint Design as a Service' offerings?

Hello! Thanks for your question about the top five PowerPoint Design as a Service companies. The most useful sources I found to answer your question were the corporate websites of the companies and Business Insider. The short version is that the top five offerings are Konsus, ChilliBreeze, Slide Rabbit, Jazz Factory, and Eslides. Below, you will find a deep dive of my findings.


I started searching for companies that provide PowerPoint Design as a Service other than 24slides and SideBean. Surprisingly, this industry is fairly new in the US. Most companies that offer the service are big outsourcing Indian-based companies. I was able to find, however, some local companies, in addition to the big Indian companies, with fast turn around times, happy customers, and employees. I defined a top company as a company that has good corporate backing, good employee reviews, fast turn around times (between 12 and 48 hours), and great client retention rates. Each company on the list has at least one or more of the above mentioned characteristic which made them stand out. Unfortunately, Jazz Factory, SlideRabbit, and Eslide did not include any prices for their services. Instead, they offer free quotes upon request and encourage their customers to contact them via email or phone in order to get additional information. As such, I have included the contact information for each company on the list using information from the main page of the company and Hunter, for their emails addresses whenever unavailable.

Konsus was founded in 2015 by Sondre Rash and Fredrik Thomassen. In their previous jobs, Thomassen as a consultant and Rash as a policy adviser, they noticed a need for a service that provided freelance support to businesses. Because of their experience, they knew how to make the hiring, vetting, and delivery process more efficient. Moreover, Konsus breaks down a company's project into specialized tasks for each of its freelancers and then assembles a final product to deliver to its client.

Konsus PowerPoint services include professional formatting and creative visual enhancement of existing presentations, new slide decks from scratch, updates of company templates, and the creation of new company templates. They have a very personalized process with questions about your presentation, where you choose the exact task that you are looking for from among their offerings. They charge $29 per hour. Konsus has received a 4.7 rating from employees on Glassdoor with many of the reviews stating that it has a friendly culture, flexible work hours, and a variety of projects that are fun to work on.

Telephone #: +1 415-659-9852
E-mail: post@konsus.com

Jazz Factory is a consulting firm that offers professional presentation design services. The company is based out of Hyderabad, India. Their clients come from multiple industries, most of the companies they serve are start-ups. Their projects include subjects like technology, real estate, analytics, manufacturing, and e-commerce. Jazz Factory's services include PowerPoint templates, presentation training, B2B sales presentations, and redesign work for existing presentations. On their website, you will find client testimonials that speak of their skill in creating compelling visual presentations and an understanding of how to reach an audience. They do not have their prices listed on their website, but they offer the option to ask for a free quote.

Telephone #: +91 970-141-1160
E-mail: vivek@jazzfactory.in

Sliderabbit is a new company that offers custom branded presentation design services of a high quality that are also affordable. They focus on storytelling in slides but without losing track of their core competency: visually stunning and concise PowerPoint. Their presentation services include client pitches, training decks, and conference keynotes. Their templates are tailored to the brand identity of their clients. There are no prices listed for SlideRabbit, but since it's a new company, it is unlikely that their prices are high

Telephone #: +1 773-672-7219
E-mail: hello@sliderabbit.com


Eslide is a company that has been in the business of PowerPoint presentation design since 2002. Their clients include Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size businesses, small companies, and entrepreneurs. The company takes pride in having completed more than 15,000 successful presentation projects. Their services offer quick turnaround time with an infrastructure that was created for deadline-driven work. They also offer a White Glove Service where you will receive exclusive attention over the phone.
Prices for eSlide are not listed on their website but the company offers a free quote for their customers after getting in contact with them. Testimonials say that eSlide is very good with their communication process, staying ahead of time, and understanding technical and business aspects.

Telephone #: +1 866-237-5433
E-mail: info1@eslide.biz

Powerpoint cleanups, slide designs, and visual makeovers are among the services that Chillibreeze offers. They place an emphasis on being consistent with respect to their client's corporate style guides, and they claim to deliver on time every time. When a customer needs fresh eyes and creative help with their work, this niche creative company is able to provide designers that handle anything from info-graphics to motion graphics video. Their slide design focuses on content layout, chart recreation, and enhancing imagery. Chillibreeze offers three payment plans for their customers: one-time support, ad-hoc support, and on-going support. Prices can range from $30 to $130 dollars based on your need. According to Topseos, Chillibreeze has a 90% client retention rate. Moreover, its pricing is reviewed as very economical and it is recommended for extremely cost-conscious marketers.

Telephone #: +91 364 259 0304
E-mail: hr@chillibreeze.com


To wrap it up, Konsus, ChilliBreeze, Slide Rabbit, Jazz Factory, and Eslides were the top 5 PowerPoint Design as a Service companies based on your request. The majority of the companies that offer the service are located in India but US-based companies have also recently started offering such services.

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