Top 35 Sports Talk Radio Stations In The United States for 2017

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Top 35 Sports Talk Radio Stations in the US - direct email addresses for either the show hosts or the producers .

Wonder's research identified email addresses for 32 of the 35 client requested radio show hosts or producers, listing them in the attached Google Doc.


In order to create the attached document, we researched each show to find the direct email addresses of the show hosts or producers. A majority of the radio shows' websites had their hosts contact information readily available. Some shows had Facebook pages with their hosts' contact information available.

When email addresses for the show hosts or producers were not readily available, we included the direct contact information for the shows' program directors and noted it on the spreadsheet.

There were, however, 3 shows for which information was not available. These were the shows hosted by: Kirk Minihane & Gerry Callahan (WEEI Boston); Glen Ordway, Lou Merloni & Christian Fauria (WEEI Boston); and Mike Schopp & Chris Parker (WGR Buffalo). Contact methods for this these shows are available, and discussed below.

Contact information for WEEI Boston and WGR Buffalo

While we were unable to identify specific email addresses for the two shows on the WEEI Boston network - the Kirk Minihane & Gerry Callahan and Glen Ordway, Lou Merloni & Christian Fauria shows - listeners can email the programming director - Joe Zarbano - through the network page.

Alternatively, given that we were able to identify contact information for Dale Arnold, also of WEEI Boston, we can predict the structure of the host email addresses within the network. Thus, the emails may look as follows:
Kirk Minihane-
Gerry Callahan -
Lou Merloni -
Glen Ordway -
Christian Fauria -
As these were not confirmed through research, we have not included them in the spreadsheet.

Additionally, direct contact information was not available for the Mike Schopp show on WGR Buffalo. However, we were able to find that listeners can email the show hosts directly through the website. We also identified Mike Schopp's Twitter page, which may be used as another contact option.


We researched the direct contact information for 35 specified radio shows. While we were only able to confirm direct contact information for 32 shows, we did identify alternative ways to contact the 3 show hosts whose email addresses were not readily available. The email addresses are available on a Google Doc:

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