Top 20 FAQs on Internal Benefits Websites

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Top 20 FAQs on Internal Benefits Websites

While researching the most frequently asked questions that employees asked about their internal benefit plans, we found that they were most concerned about deductibles, what doctors are in their networks and the basics of what is covered under their plans. The results varied depending on the specific plan offered to the employees. Below is a compiled list combining common questions from HSA plans and traditional PPO plans.


After an extensive search, it became clear that most internal benefits websites require employees to be signed in to view the FAQ's section. With the vast majority of this information restricted, our ability to identify the "top 20" FAQ's was hindered. Despite this, one website, Bowling Green State University, did provide public access to their FAQ's section. This website, along with a thorough search for commonly asked questions about health insurance and HSA accounts that relate to internal benefits, were used in order to generate 20 frequently asked questions. While these questions are commonly asked, it is not possible to determine if they are the "top 20" most asked due to the lack of publicly available data. It is also unclear whether these questions are asked the most by blue-collar workers or just the general population. This type of income-specific data was not publicly accessible.

Frequently asked questions

#1. " What is covered under my health plan?"

#2. "What is an HSA?"

#3. "What is the overall deductible?"

#4. "How do I know who is covered under my health plan?"

#5. "What expenses can I pay for with my HSA?"

#6. "Once I am enrolled in my health plan, can I make changes?"

#7. "Will I have to pay out-of-pocket at the time of service?"

#8. "What is the difference between an in-network and out-of-network provider?"

#9. "Are there other deductibles for specific services?"

#10. "Are there ways to save on health care expenses?"

#11. "Do I need a referral to see a specialist?"

#12. "What happens if I have extensive medical needs throughout the year?"

#13. "Will I pay less if I use a network provider?"

#14. "How long are dependent children allowed on a health plan?"

#15. "Can the unused funds in my HSA be rolled over each year?"

#16. "Where will my money be held for my HSA?"

#17. "What is the out-of-pocket limit for this plan?"

#18. "What are the general features of an HSA?"

#19. "What is considered a Qualifying Life Event?"

# 20. "How do I know if I am supposed to go the ER, Urgent Care or make an appointment with my PCP?"


Altogether, these are 20 common frequently asked questions employers who have self-insured health care plans receive from their employees. This list ranges from very basic questions about the plan being offered, as well as more in-depth questions from both HSA and PPO plans.