What are the top 10 email providers in France and in UK?

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What are the top 10 email providers in France and in UK?

Hello! Thanks for your question about the top 10 e-mail providers in France and in the U.K. The short version is we were able to find a list of the most popular e-mail providers as measured by their market share. In both cases, we used the information gathered by Datanyze, which measures the market share in terms of the number of domains hosted by each provider. When cross-referencing the information from Datanyze with other lists, we confirmed the data was similar, therefore, we are confident the data is trustworthy. Below you will find a deep dive of our findings.


We began by searching pre-compiled lists of the most popular e-mail providers in France and the U.K. We found numerous sources that showed the top e-mail providers globally, however, there are not many sources that provide data per country. This is logical, as there are various services (Gmail and Outlook, for example) which have millions of users all over the world and they do not disclose data per country. To illustrate this case, we searched for the distribution of Gmail users per country, but we were only able to find the total number of users over time which, by 2016, had reached 1 billion worldwide.

Then we turned to Datanyze, which provides information of e-mail providers ranked by their market share and organized by country. Datanyze uses the number of domains managed by each provider in order to determine the market share. This information is not ranked by the number of users, however, a single domain may be used by one or more users, since each domain may have one or many individual accounts. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the more domains a service operates, the higher the number of individual accounts, and thus, the higher volume of users.


In France, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook account for 98% of the market. Gmail has a significant lead, with a market share of almost 63%. It manages over 25K domains, 10K more than Microsoft Outlook. On the other hand, Outlook has 35% of the market share, significantly lower than Gmail, but still much higher than the third most popular service, Hotmail, does not reach even 1% of the market. Please find the list below.

1. Gmail
Domains: 25,464
Market share: 62.94%

Domains: 14,195
Market share: 35.09%

3. Hotmail
Domains: 185
Market share: 0.46%

Domains: 161
Market share: 0.4%

5. atmail
Domains: 140
Market share: 0.35%

Domains: 136
Market share: 0.34%

7. 1&1 Mail
Domains: 127
Market share: 0.31%

Domains: 12
Market share: 0.03%

Domains: 12
Market share: 0.03%

Domains: 11
Market share: 0.03%


Gmail is also the largest e-mail provider in the U.K., with over 50% of the market share. But unlike in France, Microsoft Outlook is more competitive, accounting for around 43% of the market share. In total, these two services dominate 93% of the market. The third most relevant provider, Rackspace, holds a little over 4% of the market share.

1. Gmail
Domains: 144,521
Market share: 52.19%

Domains: 117,637
Market share: 42.48%

Domains: 11,132
Market share: 4.02%

4. Hotmail
Domains: 1,413
Market share: 0.51%

Domains: 1,245
Market share: 0.45%

Domains: 593
Market share: 0.21%

7. atmail
Domains: 97
Market share: 0.04%

Domains: 85
Market share: 0.03%

9. IBM Notes
Domains: 57
Market share: 0.02%

Domains: 41
Market share: 0.01%


To wrap it up, we were able to find top 10 lists of e-mail providers in France and in the U.K. We were unable to find lists ranked by the number of users, however, we found information on the market share estimated by the number of domains managed. Since a single domain can have many individual accounts, we can assume more domains also mean more users. Therefore, these lists are a very good approximation of the top 10 most popular e-mail services in both countries.

Both countries' markets are dominated by Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. In France, the market share of both providers account for 98% of the total market, while in the UK it is 93%. Gmail is the leading provider in both countries, however, in France it has a larger share, operating 63% in total, and leaving Microsoft Outlook in a distant second place, with 35% of the market. In the UK both services have a closer competition, it is still led by Gmail, with 52% of the market, while Outlook has around 43%.

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