Tony Aquila as Chairman of Sportradar

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Professional Profile: Tony Aquila, Chairman of Sportradar

Tony Aquila is an inventor, investor, and entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the international market. He has managed to stay relevant and has figured out various ways to implement technology with creativity, integrity and philanthropy.


  • Sportradar appointed Tony Aquila, Marc Walder, Herve Couturier and George Fleet as board leaders.
  • Each person had a unique role to play and brought in extensive experience in their respective fields.

Tony Aquila's accomplishments

  • Tony Aquila has managed to stay relevant as evidenced by his experience as a chairman at multiple companies.
  • He is an entrepreneur and an investor in software and technology inventions.
  • Aquila is the founder of Solera, LIFT, and NEXT mission; he also serves a chairman at these companies.
  • Sportradar seeks to grow on a global scale with more than 1,000 companies located in 80 countries.
  • Tony Aquila seems like a good choice on paper to help fulfill Sportradar's goals.


  • As an inventor, investor, and entrepreneur, Tony Aquila would be ideal for Sportradar as it seeks to play a key role in innovating and strengthening the industry and continues to grow its market share.
  • Having founded and run three different successful organizations, one of which offered technological solutions, Tony Aquila appears to be a good fit as a leader at Sportradar.
  • According to Sport Radar, Tony Aquila would be a great fit because innovation is key to the company's future and he embodies this.
  • Aquila handles manages and protects businesses and consumers in the automotive, mobility, financial, and cybersecurity industries.
  • His influence spans more than 90 countries which is critical to Sportradar as they are expanding to 80 countries worldwide and plan on spreading out to more.
  • Aquila has over 100 patents and is considered a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Tony Aquila was named EY’s National Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 in the Technology category.
  • He was appointed as a Chairman of Sportradar because in the other positions held, he has been a leading figure and a pioneer in technology venture capital, business financing and growth strategy/planning.
  • Research Strategy:

    In order to answer the posed question, we sought after any other business dealings that Tony Aquila would have had with either the shareholders or the investors, and whether it had an impact in his appointment to the chairman position. After a thorough search, we came to the conclusion that he did not have prior significant interaction with any of them that would warrant them to ensure he gets this specific position. The strategies we attempted to come to this conclusion are outlined below.

    We first scoured media news platforms such as Forbes and New York Times for any connection or relationship that various investors and stakeholders at Sportradar may have had with Tony Aquila. Unfortunately, the only connection was the press release from Sportradar announcing him as the new chairman of the global team. Our next strategy was to examine Sportradar's official website for any information linking Tony Aquila to any investor or shareholder. We also reviewed their press-releases over the past two years but still found no connection. We then explored the profiles of the other investors and stakeholders on LinkedIn to see if Tony Aquila had made any mention of Sportradar or executives at the company prior to being appointed as a chairman. The details provided on their respective individual accounts did not have a significant level of overlapping and there was no mention of Sportradar on Aquila's LinkedIn until he was employed by the company. As a final resort, we thoroughly reviewed Tony Aquila's website but still found no prior connection between him and Sportradar. As a result, we arrived at the conclusion that Tony Aquila had no prior interaction with any of the leaders at Sportradar which means that they did not influence Sportradar's decision to hire him.


    • "Sportradar, the leading global provider of sports data intelligence, today announced the expansion of their global board including four prominent international names: Tony Aquila, Marc Walder, Herve Couturier and George Fleet. These four join shareholder representatives Carsten Koerl (CEO of Sportradar), Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), and Silicon Valley-based growth equity firm TCV on the Sportradar Group Board."
    • "Aquila will serve as the Global Chairman of the Sportradar Group Board. He serves as Founder, Chairman and CEO of Solera Holdings, Inc., a global technology company that develops next-generation solutions which manage and protect both businesses and consumers within the automotive, mobility, financial and cybersecurity industries in over 90 countries. He is an inventor with 100+ patents, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who was named EY’s National Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 in the Technology category."
    • "Each board member brings an incomparable wealth of experience and strategic vision that will further enhance the expertise of our board as we continue to build the ecosystem of sports insight. We have not only doubled down on the U.S. as the betting market continues to open but are ramping up our efforts to transform the way our betting partners (bookmakers, lotteries and casinos), leagues, broadcasters, and digital/social media companies delight fans and protect the business of sport.”"
    • "Walder, a former professional tennis player on the ATP Tour, is currently the CEO of Ringier, a Swiss media group employing 7,000 employees in 18 different countries, and founder of the nationwide initiative digitalswitzerland. Couturier is a non-executive board member at Sabre, the world’s leading provider of solutions for the travel industry, at SimCorp SAS, the leading provider of investment management software solutions for the world’s leading financial organizations, and is the former CTO of Amadeus. Fleet is Head of Advisory at Canaccord Genuity and comes to the board with almost 25 years of experience in investment banking with particular experience in complex public and private acquisitions, mergers and disposals."
    • "“I am thrilled to serve at the helm of Sportradar’s global board, especially now, during this exciting time of growth,” said Aquila. “Sportradar has always played a pivotal role in innovating and strengthening the industry as it continues to gain marketshare in key regions such as the U.S. and secure its leadership position. I, along with the board, look forward to working with Carsten to help take the company to the next level and continue its aggressive growth and expansion.”"
    • "Sportradar confirms the appointment of renowned US enterprise executive Tony Aquila as new ‘Global Chairman of Sportradar Group’. A leading figurehead in technology venture capital, business financing and growth strategy/planning, Aquila currently serves as Founder & CEO of Texas-based automotive technologies and risk management firm Solera Holdings."
    • "A former ATP Tour tennis pro, Marc Walder is the current Group CEO of Swiss media conglomerate Ringier AG, managing a portfolio of high coverage assets across 18 countries. Strengthening its tech, enterprise strategy and logistics dynamics, Herve Couturier the former VP of R&D and technology divisions for European technology conglomerates SAP and Amadeus is confirmed as a further governance appointment. Finishing the triad of directorial appointments, Sportradar confirms seasoned corporate financing and M&A strategy pro George Fleet the current Head of Advisory at Canaccord Genuity as a further director."
    • "Inventor, entrepreneur and investor in software and technology. Founder, Chairman & CEO of Solera, a global leader in digital technologies that manage and protect life's most important assets: our cars, homes and identities. Founder & Chairman of LIFT: Life is Full of Transformation, a global non-profit initiative on a mission to create second chances for women and children. Founder & Chairman of NEXT Mission, a non-profit movement committed to forming meaningful and rewarding career opportunities for military veterans."
    • "Shareholders in Sportradar include CPPIB, EQT, Revolution Growth, Ted Leonsis, basketball legend Michael Jordan and well known entrepreneur Mark Cuban."
    • "Stats, integrity, esports, widgets, OTT and streaming – Sportradar is renowned for being one of the world’s leading suppliers of data and technology… and innovation is one area that underpins them all. Innovation is key to Sportradar’s future and it’s why we are involved in a wide range of next-gen projects, both internally and externally, to offer opportunities, with sports data, to up-and-coming companies and entrepreneurs. "
    • "While seeking to offer internal employees an avenue to experiment and improve our offering with new products and services, Sportradar also partners with Universities and education providers and supplies data to hackathons and start up businesses."
    • "Sportradar is funded by 4 investors. Revolution and Mark Cuban are the most recent investors."
    • "Mark Cuban Revolution EQT Michael Jordan "
    • "The Sportradar group is a truly international organisation, employing over 2,000 people in more than 30 locations around the world. Our rapid growth is driven by technological innovation and a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs. It is our commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability that makes us the trusted partner of more than 1,000 companies in over 80 countries. We occupy a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries."