Tik Tok in Greece

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Tik Tok User Psychographics

Tik Tok users are more likely to use other social media platforms, consider Tik Tok as a well-liked app, use desktop or mobile web to access it, spend in-app, and be creative.


  • The Greek language is available for use in Greece on the Tik Tok app, which allows for ease of use, especially as an app that offers in-app purchases.
  • There are several posts made with #greece, which implies that there are some users (maybe active) in Greece, some of which can also be seen on YouTube, which is also likely to have followers.
  • In Greece, Tik Tok is now ranked, as of this writing, as the 18th most popular app being used according to web traffic.
  • Users seem to be interested in sports, vacations, swimming, parties, and more based on their posts.


  • Tik Tok users also engage in the use of social media platforms besides Tik Tok, with 32.8% of them using Facebook, Status Saver, Plato, and a few others.
  • Around 10.1% of them also like tools apps, 9.2% like video players and editors, and 9.9% like/play arcade games.
  • Tik Tok has a 29% engagement rate, which is measured by Apptopia "as being the portion of monthly users who open an app every day."
  • This figure suggests that almost two-thirds of Tik Tok's monthly users actually use the app on a daily basis.
  • This was a global figure (29%) with no geographical breakdown, suggesting that the engagement rate in many countries (which may include Greece) would be similar, meaning that other social media platforms such as Facebook experience higher engagement rates worldwide.



  • Between February and July 2019, the number of visits using a desktop or mobile web increased from 41.3 million to 66.5 million as it is easily accessible to users.
  • The United States experienced the most traffic at 21.71%, which was an increase of 23.37%, suggesting that the number of users increased or those visited Tik Tok did so more often.
  • Out of those who utilized a desktop to access TikTok, 37.29% went directly to the site, 31.64% searched for it, 28.95% used social media to access it, and 1.81% came from referrals. So people who tend to use or access Tik Tok by desktop are seemingly active internet users.
  • For those who accessed it via social media, 61.51% used Facebook, 11.72% used YouTube, 9.39% used Twitter, 8.79% used VKontakte, and 3.73% used Pintrest, meaning Tik Tok users tend to be mostly Facebook users as well.
  • Out of Tik Tok's engaged users, 63% of them liked a video in July 2019 and 54% commented on videos posted by others.
  • Its website has witnessed about 1 million video views daily since January 2019.
  • Again, with no geographical breakdown, the daily website views imply that Greek users (and all other Tik Tok countries) of Tik Tok are also accounted for and that some engaged Greek users also like to both comment on and like videos posted by others using a desktop or mobile device.


  • There was a 275% increase in in-app purchasing from users between October 2017 through October 2018, which amounted to $3.5 billion. This rise is a sign of its ease of access and convenience for shopping.
  • Users bought emojis as well as digital gifts that were shared with others in live stream with little effort.
  • Up to August 2019, users made purchases on Tik Tok, amounting to $50 million, which indicates their level of engagement with the app and how much it pleases them.
  • It is a possibility that some in-app purchases were also done by users in Greece, who may have contributed to the $50 million in spending.


  • Nurses and military personnel are creating groups on Tik Tok and also sharing videos.
  • Tik Tok was the most downloaded app in the first six months of 2018 and has 500 million active users globally.
  • Tik Tok Users in Greece are certainly a part of the 500 million active users who are also interested in using the app, especially considering the posts made with #greece.

Research Strategy:

We leveraged numerous existing sources to provide Tik Tok user psychographics, including Hashtagify, SimilarWeb, Tik Tok, Influencer Marketing Hub, EMarketer, and more. However, as stated in the strategy document and as was found in this research, the information on Greek users is rather limited. Therefore, the psychographic analysis was for global Tik Tok users with highlights of data specific to users in Greece as per the research criteria. A Greek profile could not be ascertained for Tik Tok due to the limited information.

In an effort to gain more perspective about the Greek users, a few inferences were made where possible, to provide a synthesized estimate of that specific population.
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Tik Tok Marketing Best Practices

TikTok is a new video-sharing online platform that is quickly gaining popularity in many parts of the world, especially among young people. The app, which was launched in 2016 by the Chinese company, ByteDance, in 2016, has been termed by many as a mashup of Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. This research looks at some best practices for companies looking to build a TikTok marketing strategy.

Hashtag challenges

  • TikTok challenges are challenges designed for everyone to complete. Businesses and join and use the new strategy to promote their brands. If done well, this strategy can help build the brand’s popularity as well as growing its following.
  • Popular among these challenges is the hashtag challenge — a Twitter-inspired activity that connects people and helps to spread the brand message organically. These challenges are mostly non-sponsored and always have content that is tailored to a specific class of customers.
  • Jimmy Fallon, a US TV personality launched the #tumbleweedchallenge, in which he challenged his viewers to upload "videos showing themselves dropping to the ground and roll around like a tumbleweed, complete with a western music theme playing in the background."
  • The challenge attracted more than 8,000 uploads and over 10.4 million engagements.

User-Generated Content

  • In this form of marketing, one can either use their own TikTok channel or use influencers to sell the brand among their followers. This helps to create user-generated content that supports the brand.
  • Generation Zs prefer being engaged than sitting at home watching traditional TV. Many of them like a fully immersive experience.
  • Businesses should find a way of encouraging customers to share content of themselves interacting with their products. This can be in the form of videos, pictures, or written content.
  • Haidilao, a Chinese restaurant, discovered the potential of user-generated content with a DIY option on their menu. The restaurant allowed customers who select the DIY menu item to create their own unique off-menu meal and then film the experience.
  • A few patrons uploaded videos of their culinary attempts. This attracted several others who flocked the restaurant to make their videos. In the end, over 15,000 customers requested the DIY menu option. The campaign attracted 2,000 video uploads, viewed by 50 million people.

Use TikTok Video for Product Demos and Crowdfunding

  • Sometimes brands want a new product to trend. TikTok video is a good tool to demonstrate the various aspects of the products as well as how it works.
  • Product demos is one of the best use of TikTok videos. This is because video is an ideal tool for showcasing products to a large audience.
  • This strategy may work well for product-oriented startups as it can help their products go viral.
  • In addition, TikTok videos are good crowdfunding platforms, especially for startups that need support with funding. Pitch videos can help a business in its efforts to convince and attract investors.
  • This strategy can be used to deliver important information about the project. Although many experts argue that TikTok videos are too short for this purpose, it helps to present a high-level overview/a prototype of the project and attract funding from investors.

Creating approachable, fun content

  • In almost all digital platforms, content is king, and the same is true with TikTok. As opposed to Instagram, TikTok largely rejects polished, high-quality content. It is known for being a casual platform where users feel comfortable expressing themselves.
  • According to Mike Prasad, CEO of Tinysponsor, a digital marketing platform, for businesses to succeed on TikTok, they need to be very active. He adds that one of the main advantages of using TikTok is that it a very accessible creative platform.
  • Causal conversations sell more on TikTok than heavily commercial-style productions.
  • Businesses that seek to use this platform should use engagement as the main metric to measure success. In addition, businesses should have a full understanding of their brand values, culture, and identity in order to create a true and genuine experience.
  • Madelyn Fitzpatrick, head of global communications at Hylink Group also notes that "TikTok is a hub of creative, fun, and sometimes crazy ideas, so try to soften the brand tone and join the playful community." He adds that businesses should avoid being overly formal and stiff.

In-feed native ad

  • TikTok In-feed native ads is a good avenue for people who like reading Instagram stories in full-screen mode and feel how good they help in advertising.
  • These ads enable businesses to add website links and Order Now buttons on the ad itself. This way, they help users directly land on the page.
  • The ads added can be skipped, and they come in multiple design options. There are various metrics to measure the level of usage of the ad, including the engagements received, video viewing time, click-through rates, impressions, and total views.

Research Strategy

Relevant information on the topic was readily available in online sources. We selected the above as best practices because of a number of reasons. Firstly, they have been cited by multiple credible sources as being the best practices for companies looking to build a Tik Tok marketing strategy. In addition, these examples have been listed by TAMKO as the trending marketing strategies on Tik Tok in 2019. Secondly, a number of the examples we have presented are backed by case study examples of companies that have used them. These companies illustrate the level of success and/or failure of using these strategies. Finally, we also factored in opinion from key players in the digital marketing space as they are in a better position to understand the latest marketing trends for various sets of customers.
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Tik Tok Greek Influencers

Nickktube with 118.7k subscribers, Baloghfecoferenc with 60.1k subscribers, Silo Papa with 44.9k subscribers, Rafahi_vg with 33.5k subscribers, and Elenora_gk with 26.4k subscribers are some leading and most popular Tik Tok influencers in Greece. The attached document contains screenshots of their profiles and some about their activities. Below are summaries of their followership and likes.



  • Baloghfecoferenc has 60.1k subscribers on Tik Tok with his videos attracting anywhere from 7,000 to 900,000 views. His subscribers appreciate his funny videos, which focus on themes such as friendship, love, and music.



  • Rafahi_vg has 33.5k subscribers on Tik Tok with videos attracting anywhere from 6,000 to 145,000 views. He also lip syncs to popular songs in each video.
  • Rafahi_vg has a fun and outgoing personality on his channel with most of his topics focusing on his modeling and traveling activities across Europe. He also lip syncs to popular songs in each video.


  • Elenora_gk has 26.4k subscribers on Tik Tok with her videos attracting anywhere from 6,000 to 520,000 views. She has a fun personality, which her subscribers appreciate along with her popular topics, i.e., food, comedy, and lip-syncing.


To identify the most popular Top Tik Tok influencers in Greece, we extensively reviewed social media handles on Tik Tok. Importantly, we identified the top influencers in Greece based on their number of subscribers. These are those influencers regarded as the most popular in Greek based on their followership. Given that Tik Tok is only accessible via its app, we took screenshots of the profiles of leading influencers in Greece and presented them in the attached document.

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  • "Tik Tok challenges are challenges set out for everyone to complete. Brands can easily join and adapt themselves to this new trending strategy to promote and market their brands. If you do well on these, you will see your brand’s popularity grew exponentially and your following will significantly grow too."
  • "The most popular twitter inspired activity that gathers audiences and spreads the brand message organically. The hashtag challenge campaigns are mostly non-sponsored, and with the right content, they have the ability to make any marketing strategy popular amongst the users and consumers"
  • "Challenges are an essential feature of TikTok’s community. TikTok’s users love taking up a challenge and making and uploading videos accordingly. These challenges are usually given a #-tag name, to make them both memorable and easy-to-find."