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Programs Similar to Tiger Trek

The following is a list made up of educational programs designed to help students as they move forward into the future as they provide an important opportunity to join the leaders of the field of their interest and learn about the culture of said field. The programs listed below are all similar to Princeton's Tiger Trek program. Please note that the UIUC immersion program and the SVB program are two that offer international trips.

Hive study trek

The HIVE (Harvard GSE Innovation & Ventures in Education) Study Trek is a U.S.-based program open for application for the students at any of the Harvard schools. The main goals of the trek are "to explore the current activity in the education innovation space through conversations with leaders" and "to better understand the landscape, market, and growth drivers for improvements in the quality of education." The students accepted into the program will go to the San Francisco Bay Area where they will meet "with representatives from start-ups, innovative schools, established companies, funders, and more." HIVE does offer mentoring opportunities to participants.

MIT Sdm tech trek

The MIT SDM Tech Trek is open to MIT's "best and brightest" to "learn about leadership, innovation, and systems thinking from industry experts—and to explore recruitment opportunities." It is an opportunity for U.S. students to visit such successful U.S. companies as Ericsson and Tesla. There are two annual treks, one in spring and one in fall. The trek in spring consists of "a four- to five-day journey to the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area that will cover a wide variety of industries" while the trek in fall consists of "a one-day trek to top technology-based companies in the Greater Boston area." MIT does provide STEM mentors for participants.

Middlebury San Francisco Bay Area Student Tech Trek

Middlebury has a week-long trek open to its students annually for various industries throughout the years. The American program is "sponsored by the Center for Careers and Internships" giving the students "daily job-shadowing experiences, site visits, reflection dinners, Q&A sessions, and receptions." These treks' main purpose is to raise "the students’ awareness of what’s needed to succeed in a specific industry, giving them access to leaders in the field, and positioning alumni to be advocates for qualified Middlebury students." The most recent trek was the San Francisco Bay Area Student Tech Trek. They do not offer mentoring.

UNCF annual HBCU I.C.E. summit

United Negro College Fund’s annual Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship Summit features 10 teams formed of five to six members each team. It includes students from historically black colleges and universities across the U.S. It involves a four-day trip that is designed to "empower students as they pursue their academic studies and career goals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)." UNCF does offer their students with mentoring.

UIUC Silicon valley immersion program

The University of Chicago "offers undergraduate career treks" which are three-day trips over the winter and spring break to check out a new city, network with alums, and better understand what tech companies look for in candidates". While their treks typically are within America, their business treks extend to Toronto and Singapore, London, and São Paulo. The treks can last from three days to a being a whole quarter long. It brings students "a chance to immerse in the epicenter of tech and startup culture, explore post-grad careers, and as well as experience a city that’s been transformed by the growth of tech companies." At just UIUC, around 200 students apply for just 25 spots. They do not offer mentoring.

SVB Trek

Though based in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley Bank Trek works with top universities across the globe to present bring the students an opportunity to "build a network of peers and advisors" by connecting the students "with creative pioneers, world-class investors and industry leaders through an immersive learning experience, which features salon-style events, interviews with industry luminaries and hands-on workshops" over a four-day time period. It is an international program that, rather than being applied for, is invitation-only for a "select group of entrepreneurial students" with a rigorous selection process. SVB does not offer mentoring.


The above list contains programs similar to Princeton's Tiger Trek. Providing an ability to gain a greater understanding of how the student's favorite field works in the real world, the above programs can prove important in a young student's life after school.