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Ticketmaster & Stubhub

While we were unable to identify the requested information regarding NFL ticket sales for Live Nation or eBay, we have used the available data to pull together key findings about Ticketmaster and StubHub, which are the parent companies of Live Nation and eBay, respectively. This information has been inputted into the attached spreadsheet. Below you will find a brief overview of our findings.


Ticketmaster is owned by the largest event promoter in the world, Live Nation. Unfortunately, the company's annual report does not provide a breakdown of ticket sales for Ticketmaster, which includes NFL ticket sales. Similar research was conducted for eBay, which is owned by StubHub. Despite extensive research, recent data from credible sources detailing the amount of revenue or number of tickets by ticket type was not publicly available.

A significant finding, which is detailed in the linked spreadsheet, is that a deal between the NFL, Ticketmaster, and StubHub will begin in the 2018-2019 NFL football season. This deal specifies that ticket sellers will also be official sellers for the NFL. It also makes Ticketmaster the sole validator of digital tickets across all platforms. The deal also moves into a new RFID physical ticketing system to help reduce fraud and better track fan data.


In the linked spreadsheet, there is an overview, revenue, company positioning, consumer perceptions, and NFL data category for both Ticketmaster and StubHub. Specific information regarding the total numbers of NFL tickets sold through each vendor was not publicly available. A significant finding is that a deal has been reached between Ticketmaster, StubHub, and the NFL. It is assumed that the deal will increase ticket sales to NFL events for both companies.
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Seat Geek and Vivid Seats

I have found information such as company overview, size/estimation of revenue, company positioning, consumer perceptions and NFL resale statistics and data for ticket resale marketplaces Seat Geek and Vivid Seats. All of this data has been included in columns E and F of the spreadsheet provided.

Overall, I found that Seat Geek is a company who is making an estimated $27.6 million in annual revenue, and who differentiate themselves by using technology that empowers ticket sellers. Customers perceive them generally positively, especially in terms of their UX, but complain about their customer service. Finally, the company has been selling NFL tickets since March 2018, and are drawing in buyers or NFL tickets due to the exclusive partnerships they hold with certain teams.

Vivid Seats, on the other hand, generates $76.7 million in annual revenue, and differentiates themselves by marketing as a company who focuses on the consumer experience. Customers perceive Vivid Seats positively, in terms of their customer service, but complain about quality, often due to fraudulent ticket sales. Finally, Vivid Seats is considered to have the best rewards program for customers buying NFL tickets with them.
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Additional Key Players


We have found most of the information, and filled all the columns in the attached spreadsheet. We hope that you will be satisfied with the response.


A thorough research was conducted on both TickPick and ScoreBig, and the results were used to fill out the spreadsheet. Following the instructions, we have found all of the required information, except for the number of tickets and the revenues of ScoreBig regarding NFL, as no such information was disclosed. In the "Consumer Perception" section we have chosen to give you an example of positive and negative comments, in order clarify customers' thoughts on the two companies.


We are going to present and highlight the most important findings below.


TickPick, the younger of the two, is a company focused on easing the process of buying, selling and bidding tickets to live events. With 14 employees and $49.7 in revenues, TickPick took the #525 place out of top Inc. 5000 companies.

The main qualities that differentiate TickPick from other similar marketplaces include its algorithms, an Android and iOS app, and the no-fee policy. Their algorithms along with machine learning tools offer the user a personalized experience. TickPick app has more options than similar simple marketplace apps, giving its users the freedom to browse event-related content, and even make it themselves. Their no-fees policy states that the buyer will not come across any hidden fees, and that they take their 10% commission from the seller.

Public opinion of the company has been mostly positive on multiple platforms that we researched. They hold strong ratings, and the negative comments and complaints mostly focus on the promised price and quality of the seats, handled by their rating system, along with some technical problems related to the app.

As for the NFL resale data, the company reached a milestone in 2018, with 2,600 tickets sold or about 15% of all resold tickets.


Being a ticket marketplace, ScoreBig's forte is the discount on tickets that they provide to their customers, that can go up to 60%. ScoreBig was acquired in 2016 by Ticket Software, LLC, that is now its parent company, and with 60 employees, it has raised over $64.6 million in funding. Its revenues are estimated at $9.9 millions.

Their main qualities include the discounts on tickets that they offer, free shipping, and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. ScoreBig had mixed reviews, with some customers highlighting the ease of use and quality of their services, while others commented that ScoreBig doesn't always keep their promises.

Unfortunately, no records could be found on the number of tickets or revenues from NFL.


A more detailed answer can be found in the attached spreadsheet.

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Brand Audit- Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster, owned by parent company Live Nation, has proven to be adept with fans and clients alike, continually building its relationships to both via clever marketing campaigns, aggressive pursuit of both new and existing business relationships, and continually leveraging technology to prevent fraud and enhance the fan's experience. As a result, Ticketmaster has $1.8 billion in annual ticket sales and contracts with 31 out of 32 NFL teams. Below you will find a deep dive of our findings.


As described by Forbes, "This year’s Ticketmaster consumer education campaign for safe NFL ticketing is called #BeThatFan, which is all about celebrating the rituals, quirks, and lovable things we do as fans to take game day to the next level." While celebrating everything from waving flags to secret handshakes, the real focus of the #BeThatFan campaign is educating the consumer on how to avoid fraudulent ticket sales. Approximately 5 million fans are victims of fraudulent tickets each year. Aside from educating fans about the risks, Ticketmaster prevents fraud via two technological innovations which we describe below. #BeThatFan joins "We get fans" as Ticketmaster's current taglines.


Ticketmaster, which merged with Live Nation eight years ago, is known for its creative executions, which generated $1.8 billion in ticket sales and $250 million from ticket reselling in 2016 alone. They are particularly known in the industry to be very aggressive in signing on and keeping their clients, such as the NFL (see below). This includes being "willing to pay large upfront advances to lock in business." They also regularly incentivize venues to sign exclusive deals. Notably, Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation are regularly targeted by complaints filed with the Department of Justice by their competitors for these tactics. While the DOJ monitors the ticketing business and does not allow companies like Ticketmaster and Live Nation to use content to punish venues, it has never actually intervened and does allow ticket companies to provide incentives, such as bundled content, in closing deals. Ticketmaster also extends their incentives to the fans, running regular promotions in all 50 states.
However, Ticketmaster's real creativity is in their implementation of the latest technology to enhance the consumer experience. According to industry experts, Ticketmaster's platform "has more technological advantages than competing platforms," offering unique features like Verified Fan (which has a 90% success rate at blocking bots from purchasing tickets for scalping) and Ticketmaster Presence, which replaces paper tickets with the fan's own smart device or a wallet-sized "smart ticket."
Ticketmaster is also very active on social media. Starting in 2016, they began making sales directly through Facebook. Rather than having to click through an ad or link to another site, Facebook users now enjoy being able to purchase their tickets directly using Ticketmaster's Partner API, which embeds the transaction technology directly into the social network. As a part of the deal, Ticketmaster brought Facebook exec Michael Cerda on as SVP of Consumer Products. Cerda brings his experience in building music, notifications, news, and other consumer-centered products for Facebook.


Ticketmaster currently has a contract with 31 out of 32 teams in the NFL. On October 17, 2017, both companies announced "a multi-year extension of their long-standing partnership." Ticketmaster will provide "the first open architecture, fully digital ticketing system in sports," migrating the NFL Ticket Exchange to their own platform. Brian Lafemina, the NFL's SVP of Club Business Development, comments on the deal: "The proven strength of Ticketmaster's ticketing platform leadership and their ability to deploy consumer-friendly technology to NFL fans at scale is what drove our selection of them as our strategic partner. We look forward to implementing this new model, which will set the standard of what next-generation ticketing can provide with a better fan experience, visibility and customer insights that content holders like the NFL and our clubs are looking for."


Ticketmaster has proven to be the pack leader in ticket sales, continually deploying new technologies to prevent fraud and scalping while enhancing the customer experience. It has also proven to be aggressive in both signing new deals and building on existing relationships, including offering incentives to their clients like migrating the NFL Ticket Exchange to their own platform. At the same time, they have carefully built an excellent relationship with their customers via campaigns like #BeThatFan and the "We get fans" tagline. As a result of these campaigns and innovations, Ticketmaster generated $1.8 billion in ticket sales and $250 million from ticket reselling in 2016 alone.

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Brand Audit- Stub Hub

StubHub is an online ticket exchange and resale company that was founded in 2000 and acquired by eBay for $307 million in 2007. The company markets itself as "the fan's ticket marketplace, enabling customers to buy and sell tickets at fair market value to a vast selection of...live entertainment events, even those that are 'sold out.'" StubHub's marketing strategy has evolved and now focuses on a "holistic" and "experiential" approach, as evidenced by their recent partnerships, creative executions, and marketing successes.


StubHub recently devised a campaign and rebranding strategy entitled "Your Ticket Out." It is StubHub's "first global marketing campaign"–targeting the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany–and incorporates a new, more colorful logo. Its goal is to provide StubHub with the flexibility necessary to work with an expansive range of partners "from singers to boxers" and to attract a wider audience. The new logo and corresponding campaign also aim to be more "accommodating" to the variety of StubHub events ranging from concerts to sports to theater. According to Charles Davies, StubHub's international marketing director, "the impetus for the rebrand came from the insight that the best experiences happen 'outside...normal routines.'

StubHub's new marketing direction demonstrates the company's "evolving approach to live events and focus on enriching lives within the ‘experience economy’." It is considered a "holistic" brand strategy, as it will be executed across multiple channels and focuses not simply on sales but on the connection the brand shares with the customer and the customer's live experience.

Recent taglines reflect StubHub's new strategy and marketing approach. In addition to the global tagline "Your Ticket Out" for the new logo, StubHub has recently used taglines such as "Once in a lifetime, as often as you want," "Great nights don't come to you," and "Don't go quietly into that season 5 marathon." All of these taglines aim to convey the message that StubHub is selling an experience, not simply a ticket.


NFL Players Association (NFLPA): In February 2018, StubHub partnered with the NFLPA "to empower current and former players to realize their career goals after life on the field." The partnership involves "the NFLPA’s Externship program" where players such as Quincy Enunwa (New York Jets) and Josh Andrews (Minnesota Vikings) "participate in a three-week immersive business experience program" at StubHub headquarters. StubHub also plans to "pilot a year-long paid Fellowship program with the NFLPA...for transitioning NFL players evaluating their next career moves." The initiative is expected to launch within the year.

Cleveland Cavaliers and AXS: In April 2018, StubHub "signed a multi-year agreement with the Cleveland Cavaliers and AXS to become an official ticket marketplace of the NBA club and Quicken Loans Arena." The contract involves the integration of the StubHub marketplace with AXS, the official ticketing provider of the Cavaliers. Through "the merging of these technologies," customers will be able "buy and sell tickets on both StubHub and AXS’ Flash Seats marketplace in a safe, secure and 100% guaranteed digital environment." According to Akshay Khanna, head of partnerships with the NBA, NHL, and NFL at StubHub, the partnership reflects StubHub's commitment to "providing an exceptional ticketing experience for its partners and its fans" and "to growing [StubHub]...as one of the [NBA's] most vibrant markets."

Philadelphia 76ers: In 2017, StubHub signed the "NBA's first uniform ad deal" and agreed to pay an annual $5 million "to have its logo on the Philadelphia 76ers's jerseys" in the form of a patch. Scott O'Neil, CEO of the 76ers, stated that jerseys are "the best real estate in sports," and Apex Marketing Group claimed the deal "will give StubHub as much as $4.8 million in annual exposure, including broadcast TV, video games, retail and social media."

Vox Media: In 2016, StubHub began a "multi-year custom content partnership" with digital publisher Vox Media. The partnership aims to integrate StubHub advertisements "across Vox's eight media brands" and to highlight StubHub as a marketplace for tickets to cultural events, not just sports games. According to Michael Hadgis, global head of revenue and partnerships at Vox, the deal is "unique" for Vox and "more complex than anything [Vox has] ever done."


Houston Huddle at Super Bowl LI: StubHub's Super Bowl experientiel event attracted almost 6,000 people. The event, which involved "a mechanical bull and a live broadcast with NFL players and comedian Keegan-Michael Key" aimed to go beyond ticket sales and "widen the range of the audience that engages with [StubHub]."

New brand identity: StubHub's recent logo redesign and global rebranding campaign reflect the company's commitment to "four key pillars: mobile, social, personal, and global." Recognizing that consumers are increasingly using mobile apps to search for events, buy tickets, and even access venues, StubHub's "new vision" aims to address the ever-changing "preferences and behaviors" of digital consumers.

Lead agency: In 2016, StubHub chose Goodby Silverstein & Partners to be its lead advertising agency and to direct the efforts regarding its rebranding campaign. According to StubHub's CMO Jennifer Betka, the agency "presented...a vision for the StubHub brand and innovative ways to bring it to life...This team is a true partner and will play a key role in propelling our brand forward."


Virtual reality ticket selection: In 2016, StubHub integrated "virtual view technology for select venues and stadiums" into the StubHub app, enabling "users to see a 360° virtual reality preview of their seat."

Launch in Mexico: In 2016, StubHub expanded its global market by offering its ticketing services in Mexico.

Acquisition of Ticketbis: In 2016, StubHub "expand[ed] its global reach into 47 markets" throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia by acquiring the Spanish ticket reseller Ticketbis. In doing so, StubHub became "the global ticket marketplace leader, as measured by volume of transactions and international reach."

MLB team partner: In 2017, StubHub became a "secondary ticket partner for all 30 MLB teams."

NFL team partner: In 2017, StubHub partnered with the NFL to allow its customers "to easily buy and sell tickets for all 32 NFL teams." The deal aims to provide "a more seamless" experience for customers looking to buy digital tickets to NFL events. The deal is viewed as a win-win: StubHub "gain[s] access to more tickets for its marketplace," and "the NFL earns a new revenue stream in the form of fees generated by the company."


In March 2018, StubHub was named among 3 other ticketing companies "warned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to stop posting misleading prices on their websites at the start of the consumer journey." According to ASA's chief executive Guy Parker, "The message from [AXA's] rulings is simple and it’s clear: the price you see at the start should be the price you pay at the end. The warning publicly highlighted StubHub as a potentially deceitful reseller, using inaccurate pricing to lure customers only to later present them with increased ticket costs. StubHub, however, saw the ruling as an "opportunity to work closely with the ASA" and re-iterated that the company is "a consumer first ticket marketplace [that] supports any measures which make ticket buying easier, more convenient and more transparent for fans."


From a recent global rebranding initiative to new partnerships with the NFL, NBA, and Vox Media to the adoption of a holistic, experiential marketing approach, StubHub is actively aiming to redefine its brand as a company that sells experiences, not simply tickets. The company's global reach continues to grow, due to its new vision and the acquisition of global competitors. While the company faced strict and potentially damaging warnings from the ASA regarding deceitful pricing, the company used the negative media coverage to respond in a positive way, ensuring the public of the company's commitment to the consumer and to an easy, convenient, and transparent ticket-buying experience.
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Brand Audit- Seat Geek

SeatGeek is an online ticket search engine that aims to simplify the ticket buying experience for consumers. It was founded in 2009 and claims to be "the largest [ticket] inventory on the web." SeatGeek's marketing strategy reflects its "tech-first approach to ticketing" and its "focus on mobile."


Focus on mobile: SeatGeek understands that "booking excursions on personal devices continues to gain traction among millennials." Nearly 50% of SeatGeek's advertising budget is spent on mobile, and the company partnered with "mobile marketing solution AppLovin to bring a more mobile-first approach to the event brand's marketing efforts." The partnership bolstered SeatGeek's client acquisition by integrating video advertisements and banner ads into their campaigns.

"Hyper-targeted" strategy: In a 2017 mobile campaign, SeatGeek used "Facebook Audience Insights to regularly refresh its Custom Audience list and create team-specific lookalike audiences." This approach ensured the campaign "performed at a high level for a longer period of time" and at "a relatively low cost." As a result of the campaign, SeatGeek saw "a 2.8x increase in the number of people who made a purchase within three days of downloading the SeatGeek app—at a 55% lower cost per user."

Implementing retargeting technology: By integrating Marin Display, "a transparent, SaaS-based, real-time bidding platform for retargeting and prospecting customers across channels and devices," into its marketing efforts, SeatGeek "averaged a 140% increase in traffic every month on [search engine marketing] without suffering drops in [return on investment]."

Twitter direct download campaigns: Via Twitter, SeatGeek demonstrates its focus on mobile and regularly "delivers personalized ads to make its potential customers’ experiences...more relative and appealing." The company ensures that its Twitter ads include a link to directly install the SeatGeek app, making it as easy as possible for customers to download the app and make a ticket purchase.

Yahoo Gemini campaign: In 2016, SeatGeek used "search ads via Yahoo Gemini and custom audience targeting to reach live event fans in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 65 who purchased event tickets online in the past 12 months." This campaign is further evidence of SeatGeek's "hyper-targeted" approach and its extensive use of search ads. It resulted in "a 107% increase in click-through rates" and "a 16% savings in cost-per-acquisition."

Personable messaging: SeatGeek's focus on creating relatable marketing content can be seen in many of its messages and taglines such as: "Let's go, New Orleans" (YouTube), "Put me in, @coachella. I’m ready to play" (Instagram), and "Your bracket is locked. Now it's time to put your face paint on and head to the tournament" (Facebook).


NFL: In March 2018, SeatGeek partnered with the NFL to "serve as an official secondary ticket provider of the league." The partnership "allows SeatGeek to sell verified NFL tickets through its own marketplace" and will go into effect this year. It is expected to significantly boost SeatGeek's inventory, as the deal involves "primary tickets sold directly from clubs as well as resale tickets listed by fans–inventory simultaneously listed through the other companies."

Dallas Cowboys: In April 2018, SeatGeek announced a "primary ticketing partnership" with the Dallas Cowboys. As "one of the strongest brands in sports" and having "a 100,000 seat stadium," the Dallas team is considered "a big get" for SeatGeek. According to Jerry Jones, the owner, president, and general manager of the team, "The Dallas Cowboys organization is always on the cutting edge, and it was critical that [the organization] select a ticketing platform that has the best technology on earth to power an incredible fan experience. SeatGeek provides that and more.

Social media influencer marketing: Recognizing the potential and reach of social media, SeatGeek gives influencers the freedom "to authentically get their message across to audiences" and "to create content as they normally would which adds value to the brand." In doing so, SeatGeek "rais[es] awareness and get[s] their brand in front of new customers" while ensuring that the influencers "are a good fit for the brand." One example is SeatGeek's collaboration with Instagram influencer Sierra Fertado. In her post, Fertado "incorporate[d] her personal relationship with Alex Terranova and his fanhood of the NY Mets within the context of using SeatGeek to find tickets for a game." The post received over 140,000 likes.


Focused on mobile and the integration of new technologies, SeatGeek's marketing efforts aim to target customers across various online platforms and boost app downloads through relevant, personalized content. The company continues to expand its reach by partnering with major sporting organizations such as the Dallas Cowboys and innovative technology companies such as Marin Software. Collaborating with social media influencers is also a key component of SeatGeek's marketing campaigns. As a result of these efforts, SeatGeek has seen an increase in click-through rates, an increase in app downloads, and savings in cost-per-acquisition.
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Brand Audit Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats' marketing strategy relies on TV, social media videos, and radio advertising to promote their partnership with ESPN. They also leverage influencers who are retired professional athletes like Randy Moss and Charles Woodson. An example of one of their national advertising campaigns is the “Find Your Seats” 2017 campaign that promoted how users could use the Vivid Seats app to easily access seats to NFL games. The brand has also partnered with NFL teams like the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. These partnerships allowed Vivid Seats users to find VIP experiences and events. The company announced in 2017 that the average price for NFL tickets increased by 6% YoY from the previous year's sales.


Below is an overview of recent marketing and advertising campaigns from Vivid seats (2017 – 2018), as well as creative executions that have taken place during that time. Additionally, information on various new partnerships from the past year have been included. Information that relates specifically to the NFL (e.g. exclusive partnerships, ticket sales) is discussed. Please note, Vivid Seats is a privately held company, therefore no specific sale information is available regarding NFL ticket success through Vivid Seats.


In September 2017, Vivid Seats launched a national advertising campaign titled “Find Your Seats”, where customers can easily find tickets to Vivid events through their app. Retired NFL players Charles Woodson and Randy Moss promoted the launch of the campaign through a video in which they discuss how the app can be used, done through “comical banter.”
The campaign ran “across a wide variety of media outlets” according to Vivid Seats, and was especially prominent during “high-profile match ups and events” (referring to NFL games). Retired professional baseball players Mark Teixeria and David Ross were also featured in another commercial promoting the campaign.


Skybox is a cloud-based point-of-sale system used by Vivid Seats, which allows users to sell multiple tickets, “regardless of the size of your inventory”. It’s a free program that provides reporting and pricing tools and allows free access to Vivid Seats’ management tools.

With their partnership with ESPN, Vivid Seats ran a campaign that began in September 2017 that featured (2) 0:15s Custom TV and Radio Spots, (2) 0:30s Custom TV and Radio Spots, and Custom Social Executions. Further, bloopers from the “Got You Covered” videos shot with former professional sports players (Randy Moss, Charles Woodson, Mark Teixeira, David Ross), which relates to the “Find Your Seats” campaign, were promoted through ESPN and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Vivid Seats began a partnership with AudienceView in August 2016 — AudienceView “provides integrated ticketing, fundraising, and e-commerce through a single platform”. By partnering with AudienceView, Vivid Seats users have access to larger inventory and can provide real-time ticket buyers. Vivid Seats can, then, know more information about each ticket buyer and help predict future ticket opportunities for buyers and sellers.
In August 2017, Vivid Seats announced a partnership with the University of Tennessee (UT) and their Athletic Department. UT’s online ticketing system, AllVols.com, integrated with Vivid Seat’s online platform, which allows for ticket purchasers to benefit from Vivid Seat’s advanced platform. Fans can access UT tickets through the Vivid Seats app and can buy, sell, and search for tickets. UT ticket buyers are also able to access tickets through the original UT ticket platform (AllVols.com).

Other partnerships created in 2017 include ones with Sports Illustrated, ESPN, the University of Rhode Island, Duke University, Notre Dame, FoxSports.com, UFC, WWE, Preakness Stakes, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, and Chicago Bears.

Please note that exclusive NFL partnerships made in 2017 are mentioned in further detail in the NFL section of the write-up below.


Vivid Seats offers NFL tickets to the preseason, regular, and post-season games for any of the 30 NFL teams, including some ticket offers, as available, for special NFL events (e.g. Monday Night Football).


In July 2017, Vivid Seats announced that they were partnering with the NFL team Green Bay Packers. Customers were allowed to purchase Packers' tickets through Vivid Seats, as well as organize large groups to attend games and purchase VIP access to tailgate parties for home games.
Vivid Seats announced a partnership with the NFL team San Francisco 49ers in September 2017, when the team announced that Vivid Seats was their “official provider of Fan Travel Experiences and Fan Travel Packages.” Details of the partnership exclusive to Vivid Seats include a secure online selection of tickets and travel packages, with VIP access to tailgates parties before each home 49ers game.

Please note, Vivid Seats ticket sale information, as it relates to NFL and how many tickets have been sold via Vivid seats for NFL, is unavailable to the public, as Vivid Seats is a private company and has not publicly released that information.

In 2017, Vivid Seats announced that the average price of NFL tickets increase 6% YoY (compared to 2016), which Vivid Seats attributed to winning teams and increasing sale prices (e.g. New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons). Further, NFL offerings through Vivid Seats include a “Perfect 10” discount, where groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount on a future purchase, and the “Fan 4 Everything” promotion, where NFL fans who attend four different events in a 12-month period receive a $50 credit to use on their next purchase.
Another NFL promotion includes “Winner’s Circle”, which gives customers a $250 eGift Card if they purchase tickets for two Championship events “within 12 months of each other.”


Vivid Seats is doing partnerships with the NFL, and specific NFL teams (e.g. Green Bay Packers) in order to further their sales of game tickets. Partnership with ESPN as of late created digital, TV, and radio spots, utilizing retired professional sports athletes as spokespeople (e.g. Randy Moss). In a press release in 2017, Vivid Seats noted that ticket prices had increased 6% YoY for NFL seats, based on the rise of ticket prices when a team is winning. Due to their status as a privately held company, no public information is available regarding the success or number of NFL ticket sales through Vivid Seats.
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Brand Audit Additional Key Player 1

After extensive research, we found that the tagline of TickPick is "Where smart fans buy tickets". We also found that the overall message of TickPick advertises is that they have the guaranteed best prices of event tickets re-sold online since they don't implement any service fees or hidden charges. In terms of marketing campaigns, TickPick has recently released a digital advertisement video, regularly promotes events they sell tickets through social media, and recently launched a TickPick truck with an LED display that both promotes the company and broadcasts promo codes for huge discounts. The latest press releases about TickPick relevant to NFL revolve around a 17.9 percent drop in tickets sales during the 3rd week of Super Bowl primarily caused by the national anthem protests.


The branding of TickPick revolves around being able to buy tickets at the lowest price. This is advertised to be possible by not implementing any ticket fees or other hidden charges. In addition to this, TickPick states that customers may even negotiate with sellers if they feel that prices are still too high for their personal budgets. The overall message of TickPick revolves around their current tagline: “Where smart fans buy tickets.


Within the official YouTube page of TickPick, we found a video which features the TickPick truck. The video, entitled “Cheap Super Bowl Tickets Scored By Fans Thanks To TickPick”, was originally published to advertise how fans from Minneapolis were able to purchase the “cheapest” tickets to the Super Bowl thanks to the TickPick truck. The truck is equipped with large LED screens that display TickPick promotional material. In addition to this, the truck also displayed a promo code that allowed a limited number of TickPick users to receive a huge discount on Super Bowl tickets.


Upon inspecting TickPick’s Facebook and Twitter pages, we found that they recently partnered up with Firefly, a huge four-day music festival held in The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway yearly. Through this partnership, TickPick advertises that they are able to sell Firefly tickets to TickPick users for the "guaranteed lowest prices on the web."
We found that TickPick always makes sure to retweet users who tweet about using the TickPick app to purchase tickets at the best prices.
We also found that TickPick actively promotes events that they sell tickets for through all their social media pages. Examples of this include their Facebook posts about Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, Taylor Swift’s upcoming shows, and Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up The Girl 20th Anniversary Tour.


TickPick recently released a digital advertisement video in their YouTube Channel. The video, entitled "HOW TO FIND CHEAP TICKETS - SOME SITES CAN'T TAKE A HINT!", features an average ticket buyer in the middle of a heated debate between TickPick and another character named “Sleazy” which is meant to represent other ticket selling websites. Overall, the advertisement aims to promote TickPick as the ultimate choice in terms of where to buy tickets online for the best prices.


During the pregame party before the Super Bowl, TickPick announced that they had entered a partnership with Warrior Rising—a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting American veterans who have shown interest in starting their own businesses. A video published within TickPick’s YouTube channel shows that they donated a total of $200,000. In addition to this, it also showcases the many activities party-goers enjoyed during the event. The video had portions which featured TickPick users promoting the company or repeating their tagline.


According to an article published by Washington Examiner, TickPick sales for the "week three fall" dropped by 17.9 percent. This is significantly lower compared to the week three fall back in 2016 which exhibited a drop of 10.8 percent. According to TickPick Director of Client Relations Jack Slingland, week 3 usually has lower sales compared to week 2, but the week 3 for 2017 was unusually lower compared to the previous year by "more than 7 percent".

CBS News published an article featuring this drop in ticket sales. According to the article, the primary reason for this decline is the national anthem protests by both players and fans. The article states that this trend started after Trump "said NFL players who do not stand for the anthem should be fired." The initial reaction of players to the president's comment was to link arms and kneel as soon as the national anthem started playing. Others have decided to link arms and stand. It was stated within the article that a lot of people have been very unhappy with both Trump's comments and the national anthem protests, ultimately driving ticket sales down.

After exhaustive research, we found the majority of press releases published within the past 24 months about TickPick—in relation to anything NFL—revolves around the drop in sales of tickets due to the national anthem protests.


The latest marketing strategy of TickPick is to advertise that customers will not find better ticket prices online anywhere else. This is evident in their tagline "Where smart fans buy tickets", and their overall message "guaranteed lowest prices on the web. Recent marketing campaigns by TickPick include the launch of a promotional truck that broadcasts promo codes, a video commercial, and the regular advertising of events they sell tickets for through social media.
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Brand Audit Additional Key Player 2

The company listed in Column H of the attached spreadsheet is ScoreBig. An extensive search on ScoreBig’s website, social media accounts, press releases, entertainment and brand marketing/advertising platforms like PR Newswire, Business Wire, Forbes, Adweek, Amplify Media, Inc., Billboard, and The Hollywood Reporter reveals very little publicly available information on ScoreBig’s marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. ScoreBig has only two official social media accounts — Facebook and Twitter.
There is a LinkedIn account which has no link on the website and has only one update posted two years ago. There is also a Youtube channel which also has no link on the website. The latest of four videos on the channel was uploaded in 2015. ScoreBig does not have any mobile app. All of its advertising campaigns are featured only on its Twitter and Facebook pages with links to details on its website. ScoreBig has no recent NFL focused campaign.

The most recent news item that featured ScoreBig is an article published in July 2017 by Billboard about “2017's Highest-Grossing Tours So Far” which notes the crash of ScoreBig in 2016. Another news report by Amplify Media discusses a lawsuit filed by SeatGeek against ScoreBig and its former executives before it was acquired by TicketNetwork. Below are details of the findings.


The seven latest advertising campaigns of ScoreBig featured on social media are given below.

The latest ad of ScoreBig is about ticket sales for stand-up performances by comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. It features an image of Jerry Seinfeld. The campaign message on Facebook and Twitter reads, Need a laugh? Jerry Seinfeld might be able to put a smile on your face! Get your tickets for his stand-up performances here:

The second ad offers a 10% discount promo code for Tax Day 2018. It features a banner with the tagline, “SAVE 10%”. The campaign message on Facebook and Twitter reads, “#scorebig on Tax Day by saving 10% off any purchase at https://www.scorebig.com, using promo code: TAXDAY #savebig#TaxDay2018”

The third is on the commencement of NBA playoffs. It features an image of NBA stars. The campaign message on Facebook and Twitter reads, The NBA playoffs start TODAY! Get your tickets for your favorite NBA team here!:http://bit.ly/NBAPlayoffsSB”

The fourth is about the Coachella festival. It features an image with the tagline, This weekend!!! The campaign message on Facebook reads, “Get your Coachella tickets 🎟️ now before there's none left at http://bit.ly/coachellaticketsnow 🎶 🎤 🎉 🎊!” The Twitter campaign carries a different message and a different image.

The fifth promotes tickets for Justin Timberlake’s tours. It features an image of Justin Timberlake. The campaign message on Facebook reads, “Justin Timberlake has been doing it big on tour 🎤! See if Justin is playing near you this weekend. http://bit.ly/SBJTTickets 🎶”. This campaign is not featured on Twitter.

The sixth is about the start of NHL playoffs. It features an image of an NHL player carrying the trophy. The campaign message on Facebook and Twitter reads, The NHL playoffs start this Wednesday! Get your tickets for your favorite hockey team here:

The seventh is on Billy Joel’s ticket sales. It features an image of Billy Joel with a quote from him. The campaign message on Facebook reads, Billy Joel going on sale soon! Get your tickets at: http://bit.ly/SBBillyJoel”. This campaign is not featured on Twitter.
The above advertising campaigns show that ScoreBig did not feature any TV sports, videos, influencer marketing, guerrilla or experiential activation.

The website of ScoreBig only gives listings and details of events for ticket sales in different categories. The tagline on its homepage reads, “Going Out? Score Big.” This is followed by the message, “Interactive Seat Maps — Secure Checkout — 100% Guarantee”.

Since ScoreBig has no recent NFL focused campaign, there is no evidence or news of NFL related sales success or failures. However, it seems the social media marketing campaigns of ScoreBig were not successful as all the latest Facebook ads have zero likes and zero comments. Similarly, on Twitter, the ads have zero retweets, zero likes and zero replies, except the NBA playoffs ad with just one retweet. This is in spite of the fact that ScoreBig has 35,284 likes on Facebook and 5,704 followers on Twitter.


All of ScoreBig’s advertising campaigns are featured on their social media platforms. The ads appear to be unsuccessful as there are no likes, comments, replies or retweets for almost all the campaigns. ScoreBig has no recent campaign focused on NFL.

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