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This Is The Place Heritage Park Competitive Landscape

Based on reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor, visitors have a positive perception of This is The Place Heritage Park. Its target visitors include children, families, and couples seeking a wedding venue. Special attractions at This is The Place Heritage Park includes the Heritage Village and Native American Village. A detailed report is presented below.

Visitor Perceptions

Target Visitors

  • As a heritage and historical site, This is The Place Heritage Park houses The Native Village and The Heritage Village depicting the lives of the pioneers and Native Americans. It targets families, children, seniors, and schools (elementary and junior high school).
  • The park targets couples seeking a wedding venue and it has 10 spaces for wedding receptions. This is The Place Heritage Park is rated 4.7/5.0 by couples who held their wedding receptions at this facility and it has received badges for couple's choice for four consecutive years.
  • The park targets children and the mini-train is specifically designed for children visiting the park. Similarly, the pony rides and fountain pad are some main stopping points for visiting children.
  • The annual membership program targets families and it is tiered to cover adults and children. It grants members free admission as well as discounts on visits. In addition, they get unlimited pony and mini-train rides for children which indicates children are key target visitors.
  • According to the price schedule on the park's website, seniors and children are charged the lowest fees on the facility.

Special Attractions

  • In the Native American Village, visitors get a chance to experience authentic Shoshone and Navajo dwellings, watch performance of traditional native dances, and listen to stories. Similarly, visitors participate in sand/arrowhead painting and learn how woven rugs are made by the Navajo.
  • In the Heritage Village, visitors can explore various buildings including barns, farmhouses, saddleries, chapels, blacksmith shops, and stables depicting the practices of the pioneers. Here, guests can ask questions as they watch blacksmiths, spinsters, leather workers, and woodworkers make various items.
  • The Mormon Battalion Museum has the "iconic Monument that was erected under the supervision of a committee" comprising Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Later-Day Saint, and Jewish representatives. It also honors leaders and various religious groups that made huge contributions to religious diversity in the Utah community.
  • The Baby Animal Season is held every spring at the park and visitors get a chance to interact with tiny bunnies and fluffy chicks. At the Petting Coral, visitors "can pet little lambs and goats" and watch them eat and play.

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Research Strategy

In order to provide a competitive landscape of This is The Place Heritage Park, we consulted the web for publications, reviews, articles, and listings on state databases. We managed to find most of the information on its website as well as other listings on databases. We used visitor reviews to determine the perceptions and social media channels and appearance on blogs, websites and other digital platforms was analyzed to determine its digital marketing tactics.