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Sichuan Haisco

Sichuan Haisco is one of seven subsidiary companies under Haisco Pharmaceutical Group, located in China. Below is an explanation of the company that includes information: senior leadership, market share, manufacturing capabilities, any investments outside of China, and competitors. It is important to note that no specific leadership information is publicly available for the subsidiary Sichuan Haisco, as such, included is executive leadership as it pertains to the parent company, Pharmaceutical Group. Further, numbers used to determine the market share for Sichuan Haisco were taken from 2013, the most recent year financial details are available. Finally, Sichuan Haisco made no investments with medical or pharmaceutical companies outside of China in the past 12 months.


Sichuan Haisco focuses on the production and development of drugs, specifically oral agents. They were founded in 2000, are a publicly listed company, and are ranked #3 in emerging chemical pharmaceutical industries in China. They have 1,770 employees, which include 50 PhDs and 100 masters on staff. Sichuan Haisco specialize in gastrointestinal and liver pharmaceuticals.


As previously noted, no information is available for the leadership group as it pertains specifically to the subsidiary Sichuan Haisco. Below is executive leadership information for the parent company, Haisco Pharmaceuticals Group:

Jun Min Wang, Chairman and General Manager
Yong Liang, Chairman of Corporate Board and General Manager of Liaoning Haisco
Hong Tan, Chief Financial Officer
Xiang Deng, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board
Xiu Lian Fan, Deputy General Manager, Director and General Manager of Haisco Co Ltd
Gang Wu, Deputy General Manager and Deputy General Manager of Haisco Co Ltd
Wei Zhang, Deputy General Manager and Director


The most recent financial information reported for just Sichuan Haisco, and not Haisco Pharmaceutical Group as a whole, is from 2013, where they reported $192 million USD in revenue. In 2013, the total pharmaceutical market size was $715 billion USD, so the estimated market share of Sichuan Haisco was 0.03%.

It is important to note that it is difficult to estimate the market share, as it relates specifically to Sichuan Haisco, as the global pharmaceutical market is inclusive of all drugs making it difficult to pinpoint the exact market size of the specific drug Sichuan sells.
In lieu of that challenge, it is worth mentioning the market value of Sichuan Haisco is $4.5 billion USD.


Sichuan Haisco has the capabilities to manufacture numerous kinds of drugs, which are detailed in the below list:


Sichuan Haisco has made no investments in medical or pharmaceutical companies outside of China in the past 12 months.


Allist Pharmaceuticals: Allist is a competitor as they also specialize in gastrointestinal drugs, and are based in Shanghai, China. Further, they also work in oral drugs, specifically "orally disintegrating tablets and fast-acting formulations for gastric acid related diseases".

Huadong Medicine Group Co. Ltd: Huadong also specializes in digestive pharmaceuticals, and is based in China. They are a top competitor in the area, and have been "number 8 on the top 10 most valuable medicine public company's for 10 consecutive years".

Amerigen Pharmaceuticals: Amerigen is a competitor because they are not only a large company with a base in China, but also one in the United States. They possess the ability to "introduce high quality and affordable medicines into both the American and Chinese markets".


Sichuan Haisco is a subsidiary of Hasico Pharmaceutical Group and is located in China. They specialize in the production of drugs, specifically oral agents, and drugs pertaining to liver and gastrointestinal diseases.