Telemedicine Research

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Telemedicine Research

Teladoc is by far the most successful telemedicine company in terms of annual revenue. Companies like Health Tap, that offer monthly memberships that are very affordable are becoming increasingly popular.

Telemedicine is far more popular in the US than in Canada. There are over 200 telemedicine companies in the US, and only 15 in Canada.

There are many niche or specialty providers that have entered the market. Some companies only treat a single health issue, while others have unique platforms where they send a first responder to the patient's home or only use texting to conduct their visits.

Competitive Landscape- Telemedicine

  • The competitive landscape has been completed and may be viewed in the attached spreadsheet.
  • While researching Telemedicine companies, it was discovered that AMD Global only provides solutions for Telemedicine. Therefore, suitable replacements were researched. IClinic, Steady MD, Live Health Online, and Health Tap were located. Health Tap was picked as a replacement due to their unique membership and pricing structure.
  • For the companies that are private and have not either published their annual revenue or stated it in the media, Zoom Info was used. Please note, their estimates seem very low in comparison to the other companies, but this was the only source available that shared annual revenue for all the companies.


  • The coverage and reimbursement for telemedicine is largely regulated by laws at the state and federal level in addition to insurance company regulations. The amount of reimbursement varies from state to state, depending on the legislation.
  • Some states have made it mandatory for insurance companies to reimburse at the same amount for virtual visits as they do in person visits.
  • 26 states have laws and regulations in place that mandate insurance reimbursement for telemedicine. 10 more states are considering such regulations.

Telemedicine Providers

When counting telemedicine providers, government providers and telemedicine as a part of a private practice or hospital was not counted.

United States

  • The American Telemedicine Association states there are about 200 telemedicine networks in the US.
  • This is further supported by an article from Becker's Hospital Review. They mention over 275 telehealth companies to know in 2019. Considering some of these businesses are suppliers or technology providers, this would back up the estimate from the American Telemedicine Association. This list was included, as it might be of interest, as it is an extensive list with descriptions of all telehealth providers in the US.
  • Tech Health also shares a comprehensive directory of telehealth providers.
  • Further, supporting this number, Crunchbase lists 213 telehealth companies in the US.
  • For this research, the conservative number of 200 will be used as the number of telemedicine providers in the US.


  • Telehealth in Canada is much less popular than in the US. Telemedicine represented only 0.15% of billable health services in the Canadian healthcare system in 2014 (most recent data).
  • Dr. Brett Belchetz, CEO of Maple states there is a "tremendous fear of telemedicine in Canada."
  • Government programs like OTN were not counted.
  • In September 2019, Teladoc partnered with Johnston Group to serve over 30,000 small and mid-size businesses of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.
  • The major providers for telehealth are Akira, Maple, Dialogue, eCare, GOeVisit, Wello, and newcomer Well Health.
  • Additionally, there is Tia Health, and Livecare.
  • Felix lets Canadians get their lifestyle medications.
  • Inkblot offers mental health and wellness.
  • Regionally, there is Alavida, Heal at Home, Ottawa Lifestyle Medicine, and the Whitefoot Medical Clinic.
  • Adding all of these together, there are 15 telemedicine companies in Canada.

North America (Canada & United States)

  • There are approximately 215 telemedicine companies in the US and Canada.

Specialty Telehealth Companies

This is not an all-inclusive list, but rather an overview of the specialty services that are available through telemedicine.

Minor Health Problems

  • Hello Alvin allows patients to connect with doctors and nurses through video or phone in minutes for minor health issues for $15 per month.

Prescription Based

  • Lemonaid offers virtual visits, but has become popular for their prescription based services where the patient fills out a survey for issues like hair loss, ED, and acne, and after a doctor reviews it, they are provided with the generic prescriptions through mail order delivery.

Text-Based Primary Care

  • 98point6 offers text based primary care. Memberships are purchases for unlimited access.

Pediatric Care

  • Blueberry offers only pediatric care. After becoming a member and having an introductory call, the parents can message pediatricians directly. If needed, the pediatrician will call the parents. Instead of video consultations, the parents can upload pictures. Visits are unlimited.
  • Pediatrics Anywhere offers virtual visits from 8 am until midnight.
  • Xpert Care offers pediatric care through virtual visits.

Mental Health

  • AbleTo provides behavioral health care proven to help people overcome barriers to better health.
  • Better Help offers licensed, accredited, and experienced counselors.
  • Cerebral offers counseling and prescriptions for mental health.
  • Ginger provides immediate behavioral health coaching, video therapy, and video psychiatry.
  • Happify offers evidence based mental health solutions.

Female Healthcare

  • Hello Alpha offers healthcare for females only.
  • Kindbody offers virtual fertility and wellness care.
  • Maven offers female care along with pediatrics.



  • Boulder Care offers long-term support and treatment for opioid addiction.
  • Groups offers a complete virtual addiction platform that offers Suboxone.
  • Zero offers online doctor's visits and a treatment plan to quit smoking. After the consultation, generic prescriptions are available through mail order.
  • Ria offers evidence based alcohol addiction treatment.


  • Care Predict uses AI to notice small changes in seniors that can indicate serious issues, before they happen. No virtual visits are available, but trends and charts are available to share the care team.


  • Byte provides orthodontist care with remote monitoring.

First Responders

  • Ready assesses symptoms over the phone, then dispatches first responders to the patient's home. Once they have arrived they get the patient access to doctor via video chat for an evaluation.


  • Sanderling contracts with local hospitals to offer tele-nephrology services.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Tapestry Health is an "is a multi-specialty health-care practice that uses advanced technology to bring the integrity of a medical center --- including direct access to a team of physicians, specialists and behavioral health services --- to the patient’s bedside in skilled nursing facilities."


  • TimelyMD offers virtual healthcare to higher education institutions.