Telehealth Veterinary Services

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Telehealth Veterinary Services


  • TeleVet has subscription-based pricing that ranges from $99 to $129 per month, depending on if the clinic pays monthly or annually.
  • Membership includes unlimited users per clinic, integration with PIMS, group training, automated marketing, admin reporting tools, and a live support team.
  • Clinics can perform both virtual consultations with their patients and follow-up appointments stemming from previous visits.
  • Vet clinics set their own prices to charge their clients for their virtual services.
  • TeleVet allows clinics to provide a variety of communication options to their clients including text, calls, and video chats.
  • Subscriptions with TeleVet automatically include marketing, so they can easily promote their telehealth options without needing to do extra work.
  • TeleVet also allows clinics to create and manage their own promo codes, so they can boost marketing by offering promotions for using their telehealth features.
  • TeleVet boasts many additional features in comparison to other telehealth options such as a dedicated Clinical Success Manager, consultation transferring, and financial reports.


  • VirtuWoof offers two payment options to vet clinics. The first has zero subscription fees, but takes a 30% commission for each virtual visit. The second is a $149-per-clinic monthly fee, along with a 5% commission for each visit.
  • The subscription includes a mobile app where patients can upload photos and videos, as well as chat with vets.
  • Payment integration is also included and allows clients to pay for their virtual visits right from the app.
  • There are no restrictions on what clinics choose to charge their clients, so they can offer telehealth services at no cost, at their own set prices, or part of a wellness plan.
  • VirtuWoof has an advantage with its simple design, allowing clients to upload pictures and get advice without having to wait for a vet to be available.
  • The company is also appealing to vet clinics because of the flexible payment options. This allows clinics with very small budgets to use telehealth services without having to pay upfront.


  • BabelVet offers two subscription models. The first is $199 per month for full system integration and the second is $129 per month for full access without integration.
  • BabelVet is currently offering the first 30 days free due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The subscription that includes integration will integrate with almost any existing practice management system.
  • Both types of subscriptions connect directly to the BabelBark app, which is a free app that pet owners can use to keep records, manage vet visits, and find information for their pets.
  • Vets will have access to a shared journal that their clients can comment in and the vet can reply to comments and questions on their own time. This also allows vets to be more informed of the habits and recent issues of a pet before a virtual visit occurs.
  • The subscription also includes integration with a clinic's existing online pharmacy to allow the seamless filling and re-filling of prescriptions right from the app.
  • BabelVet is much more complex than the other systems, which can be appealing to vet clinics that want to offer a wide range of tech services to their clients.
  • BabelVet also has many functions that allow real-time updates from clients, even when they are not in need of vet care, which can create a more rounded vet-patient relationship.