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Voice enabled Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP)

We identified seven companies that offer voice enabled integration to existing ERP systems. The companies are as follows: Mountain Leverage, Principal Logistics Technologies, MCL Technologies, Lydia Voice Solutions, Bastian Solutions, Voiteq, and Honeywell.


We were able to find five companies that provided voice enabled integration to ERP systems that are based in the US. Those companies are: Mountain Leverage, MCL Technologies, Bastian Solutions, Voiteq and Honeywell. We then extended our research to a global scope, which enabled us to find two additional companies: Principal Logistics Technologies based in Ireland, and Lydia Voice Solutions based in the UK.


Mountain Leverage is a company which is based in Grafton, West Virginia. They currently integrate voice picking with existing ERP. Their solutions are aimed towards increasing productivity and accuracy in operations. They offer a wide array of voice enabling ERP methodologies which include labor statistics, real time visibility and analytics, retail solutions, instant ROI, SAP consultants, and labor management. The company says the following regarding their voice picking solutions: "We offer custom integrations, from middle ware solutions requiring only 3 data files to bring a picking solution to life — to real-time integration where your host decides the workflow. And each voice picking system comes equipped with best practices baked right in."

Principal Logistics Technologies

Principal Logistics Technologies is currently in charge of producing the In-DEX, which is a voice middle ware technology that can be integrated to existing ERP solutions. The company is based in Ireland. They don't provide much information on their website besides that, however companies are encouraged to contact them in case they want to receive their portfolio and quotes.

MCL Technologies

MCL technologies has their headquarters in Belgium. However, they also have an office in the US in Tampa, Florida. They currently offer voice solutions that integrate with existing ERP. Their products is called MCL's Next Generation Voice Solution and it is a part of their MCL-Collection, which is a line of products that incorporate several Integration Solutions and enable companies to connect their back-end ERP and WMS or their database systems with their mobile voice operations.

Lydia Voice Solutions

Lydia Voice Solutions is located in the United Kingdom. The company produces offerings which include "easy voice system integration into existing ERP, WMS and SAP solutions". Their system is called the Lydia® Voice and it is made to be integrated without any problems or delays into "existing IT environments". The voice system currently has a number of different standard interfaces for all regular WMS and ERP systems. Lydia®Connector is a system that includes a certified interface to SAP.

Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions is a US company that is based in Indianapolis. The company currently offers voice picking software that features easy integration to existing ERP software. Bastian Solutions offers voice picking that can be "seamlessly integrated to a variety of host systems, including ERP and warehouse management systems". The company has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry and they have developed their own interfaces to a number of WMS and ERP systems, which include home-grown systems for different platforms.


Voiteq is a US company that has their head office in Georgia. Voiteq currently offers "voice enabled solutions with easy integration into ERP/WMS systems". They offer and support different approaches to voice enabling of the WMS and ERP systems. Their solutions include: "VoiceMan Warehouse Execution System, Screen-to-voice solutions to voice-enable existing text-based handheld terminal screens, Vocollect VoiceDirect ERP for SAP to voice-enable SAP handheld terminal screens, and custom direct interfaces."


Honeywell is an American company based in New Jersey. Their software is called Vocollect Voice Enterprise Connectors, and it is responsible for enabling integration of voice solutions with ERP and WMS systems. Its main goal is overall performance improvement. The company insists that their software boosts ROI. They have been developing their voice solutions for over 25 years.


Seven companies that offer voice integration to ERP: Mountain Leverage, Principal Logistics Technologies, MCL Technologies, Lydia Voice Solutions, Bastian Solutions, Voiteq, and Honeywell.
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Innovative of the Raspberry Pi

We identified ten companies that make innovative use of the Raspberry Pi in their manufacturing processes. For each we provide the name, website and describe their innovative use of the Raspberry pie. The companies we identified are Red Pepper, Cell-Free Tech, Smart Cow, Snips, Lily Camera, Electric Objects, Pi-Top, Yodeck, Farmbot and Next Thing Co.

Raspberry Pi is a project developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and includes a series of compact single-board computers which were designed to help promote learning of basic computer skills in schools in the UK as well as developing countries. We found 10 companies which use Raspberry Pi for purposes other than learning and teaching computer skills, such as playing music, displaying art, taking photographs etc. You can find our full list below.

Red pepper

Red Pepper is a creative agency based in the US that created Doorjam, a boombox which can play a Spotify theme song every time the person walks through the door. Doorjam uses a Bluetooth dongle, which is repurposed as an iBeacon, and the Doorjam mobile phone app. The app is designed to allow each person to select their theme song from Spotify and then play it via a boombox at times when they are in range. It uses Raspberry Pi in the following way: Raspberry Pi gives the system "all the modern super-powers of the internet allowing it to send and receive commands over web. It runs Node.js and is pushed commands via web sockets from a publicly accessible control server". The Raspberry audio out is also connected directly to the AUX input on the boombox.


Cell-Free Tech uses Raspberry Pi to build different innovations in the field of synthetic biology. The company currently is working on giving bio hackers the ability to reduce the costs and the time which is needed for creation of things without cells. Cell-Free Tech's technology is "able to extract the 5pc of cells that are responsible for reading DNA and writing proteins, and eliminating the rest, effectively giving synbio researchers a blank canvas to work from".


Smartcow is a company that produces a low-cost, powerful computer that is capable of working on complex processes such as computer vision or deep learning. The hardware they produce is called Tera and is an answer to the problem of edge computing. Their hardware is an "alternative to cloud computing that places processing equipment near the location where the data is gathered". The hardware uses Raspberry Pi as one of the main components.


Snips is an AI voice platform which is designed for connected devices. The platform is an end-to-end solution that features speech recognition as well as natural language understanding, and is designed to help companies add voice assistance that can be customized to their products. The platform can be run without a server or a cloud because it is enabled by Raspberry Pi. It is the first deep-learning solution that can run completely on a Raspberry Pi.

lily camera

Lily Camera is built using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino. The product is a camera drone which can be programmed to fly around and take pictures while the person is out enjoying life. The camera takes 4K HD video and has a 13MP lens.

electric objects

Electric Objects is a startup which specializes in making picture frame-like computers which are able to display high-resolution artwork that is sourced from the internet. The computer's goal is to bring the beauty sourced from the internet into everyone's home. Their product is called EO1 and it is created by using Raspberry Pi and a cheap monitor. The display of the computer can be controlled by a web app. The company produces EO1 which are then displayed in people's homes just like any other art piece.


Pi-Top is designed to enable users to create and better get to know their own Raspberry Pi laptops and computers. Pi-top is a STEM platform which is endorsed by the national exam awarding body (OCR) in the UK. The creators say that Pi-Top is the future of STEM learning in the classroom. The product is currently available in over 30 different stores which include Best Buy, RS Components, BT and Adafruit.


Yodeck is a start up which produces an app which is based on Raspberry Pi and allows people to manage their screens remotely, both via the web app or the mobile app. The app allows people to set playlists to be shown on their screens, and that includes different videos and image uploads, as well as YouTube videos, and web pages. The app also allows for people to use Yodeck's widget collection, weather displays, different clocks, and social media feeds.


FarmBot is an "open-source CNC farming machine and software package designed for small-scale precision food production". The company produces a machine which is similar to 3D printers and CNC milling machines. FarmBot's hardware is currently employing linear guides in the X, Y, and Z directions, which enables tooling such as "seed injectors, watering nozzles, sensors, and weed removal tools to be precisely positioned and used on the plants and soil." The product is operated by an Arduino/RAMPS stack, and it is also connected to Raspberry Pi.


Next Thing Co developed a digital camera titled OTTO. OTTO's functions and behavior are operated through an app available in Apple Store. OTTO is based on the Raspberry Pi compute module and is designed in a way that allows for it to be modified by anyone who uses the app.


The companies which are use Raspberry Pi in innovative ways are Red Pepper, Cell-Free Tech, Smart Cow, Snips, Lily Camera, Electric Objects, Pi-Top, Yodeck, Farmbot and Next Thing Co.