Technology Products - Employee Usage

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Technology Products - Employee Usage

Some technology products that are used by employees include cellphones, tablets, cords, accessories, power banks and others. Increasingly, more companies are adopting the BYOD policy which restricts the use of personal items at the workplace. These findings have been explained in some detail below.

How things are changing

There has been an increase in the number of small businesses that have permitted their employees to use personal technology on the job. According to Ponemon Institute, in 2012, 35% of small businesses and close to 50% of large businesses were permitting the use of personal technology on the job. These primary technologies used are smartphones, laptops and tablets. By permitting the use of personal technologies these small business benefit greatly. They are able to limit the amount that is spent on technology resources. Additionally, employees in possession of their personal devices are “always working.” These employees are more comfortable using their own equipment and it is portable so they can take it with them.
Statistics from the Syntonic 2016 Employee report prove that 87% of companies expect their employees to use their personal technologies for work purposes. The same report also revealed that 77% of companies also anticipate that the use of personal technology in the workplace would have increased in 2016. According to Tenable, the 'bring your own device' (BYOD) policy has been adopted by 77% of companies which allow employees to bring their own devices to work.
Although employees bring in products on their own, companies sometimes provide them with tech products. This includes computers which allows them to work remotely and outside of normal working hours. Cell phones are issued by companies to employers. Normally there is an agreement that specifies the rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employee. Below are a few of the technology products employees usually bring to and use at work.


There are many business ethical issues faced at workplaces daily, such may include the use of cell phones, now whilst most business places do not restrict same, most employees may have misused this opportunity more than once. Though it is a constant pattern that has grown over the past few years in workplaces, some still argue that there is no identifying principle that leads to see that one spends too much time using the cellphones in workplaces for their personal usage.


Today, most if not all employees are using tablet devices in the workplaces, whether it be for personal or business uses. Not only does this device add to the quality of work provide by employees but it also adds to bettering the work environment. As a result, many businesses have now added these devices to their core IT component. They are extremely beneficial in that they are easier to carry around for employee to make relevant notes/answering crucial emails usually directly needed to allow the business proper function on a day to day bass. This type of device also has become more popular than desktops in recent times as it is now vital to business presentations, and also now being used among most sales representatives of workplaces to complete new or existing customers’ orders, this has a large impact on the sales generation for companies.


This type of device/technology is vastly gaining importance in the workplace. Employees may purchase them on their own to have their everyday work life more effective or even just simplifying the workload. The most common used bluetooth enabled device is the headsets, used mostly during phone calls it allows said persons to do more than just answer calls. While making calls they may be able to type urgent email to have sent off to various departments.


Damage to these existing cords may prevent employees for completing their daily work tasks, due to inadequate power being sent to various devices, these devices may in turn move sluggishly or even be damaged themselves. As such an employee may seek to purchase some to improve their work productivity or even to prevent further damage, such as fire to the workplace. Cords for laptops/desktops once tangled can decrease the staff’s productivity and may also lead to frustration that further leads to an unhealthy work environment, good employees rather than being upset at the situation before them uses this as a driving force to get new cords to avoid the step mentioned above (endangerment of materials).


The wearing of personal headphones on the job may present a hazard for fellow co-workers. Not only those operating moving equipment but also for those that may require your immediate attention and may have to be using various actions to get the attention they desire. This presents a distraction to both thee employee wearing the headphones and the one trying to get that employee’s attention.


This really assists employees that travel for work, in that their phone batteries almost never dies, the power bank can also charge more than one device which makes life a bit easier for the on the job traveler. Not only are power banks useful for employees traveling but also for persons that may be in the office as well. This way just in case a fellow coworker needs to contact (email, phone call, text message etc) that employees are able to do so with restriction, devices will be charged and easily accessible.


Most employees would find it extremely difficult to survive without phone accessories on a daily basis, these may include: power banks, earphones or smart watches. Phone cases also assist in protecting cell phones that may be issued by companies, thus this saves time and money to same replaced.


Phones, if being provided by the employer can have many benefits for the company, this include but may not be limited to having access to your staff 24/7, that employer may need access for various business purposes and providing cell phone for employees may assist in that greatly. This also in turn cuts the expense of the employee where making business calls or contacting colleagues outside of work now turns affordable, which leads to the productivity of multiple employees. This also includes the fact that the employer has the ability of having everyone on the same hardware and software which allows all of said employee to share and be up to date on all company related issues.