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Technologists, Part 1

Below is the summary of the 5 to 8 peoples based in the U.S., who are experts/futurists in IoT with strong experience in Smart Home and Smart Kitchen. For the detailed explanation refer to the attached spreadsheet.

Michael Wolf

Jim Hunter

Joe Ray

Patrick Hearn

Molly Price

Carley (Price) Knobloch

Daniel Price

Ashley Daigneault

Research Strategy

We started with searching the industry reports, news sites like top IoT experts in Smart Home and Smart Kitchen based in the United States. We also collected their names from news sites, industry reports and cross-checked them through their LinkedIn profile. We also searched for the upcoming IoT related conference's websites, webinars, press releases. All of them are based in the U.S. as we have cross-checked their location through LinkedIn.
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Technologists, Part 2

Below is an overview of 5 U.S. based Internet of Things (IoT) experts with strong experience in Smart Home and Smart Kitchen technology. These are in addition to the experts previously identified by the requestor and earlier research. For detailed information please refer to the attached spreadsheet.


  • Nate Williams is the managing partner of Union Labs, a venture capital fund that specializes in IoT start-ups amongst other technologies.
  • Nate has extensive experience in this market sector. He was previously the CMO and head of business at Greenwave Systems, a director of marketing at Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Kleiner Perkins focused on the intersection of IoT and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Nate is a regular contributor to thought content and podcasts within the smart home field and is a speaker at Smart Kitchen Summit.
  • Nate also acts as an advisor to the Internet of Things Consortium.


  • Kevin has a strong background in technological influencing, device reviews, and tech journalism. Kevin's content has been published by the New York Times, Yahoo, Bloomberg, and Engadget amongst others.
  • Kevin remains a key contributor to Stacey Higginbotham's IoT blog and podcast website with recent articles related to the use of smart home technology during the coronavirus crisis and kitchen device reviews.


  • Jenny Fielding is a leading investor in and mentor to IoT start-ups.
  • Jenny is a much sought after speaker on IoT subjects and is regularly interviewed in print media for her thoughts on smart home and smart kitchen technology.


  • Dan is an industry-leading figure in the realm of smart home technology, having led the IoT business unit for one of the key providers in the sector.
  • Dan has particular expertise in the security aspect of smart home technology and has given interviews to media publications on the benefits and risks of the technology available.


  • Elizabeth is the Director of the Smart Home division at Home Depot. She is a key influencer on consumer trends for smart home technology and works to raise awareness of product innovations.
  • Elizabeth is regularly quoted in the New York times for her advice to consumers and future predictions for the industry.


Search databases were reviewed to identify previously compiled lists of the preeminent persons in the smart home and smart kitchen technology field. Research was then carried out on the individuals presented to validate the information put forward and to check its validity given the lapse of time. Social networks and aggregators were then reviewed to locate LinkedIn profiles and email addresses where available. Industry publications, news articles, and reputable blogs were interrogated to obtain evidence of thought leadership or knowledge in the requested smart home and smart kitchen sectors from the pool of shortlisted persons before including them in this report.

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