Team Structure for Marketing Automation

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Team Structure for Marketing Automation

It is essential to pick the right members to include in a marketing automation team. The research brief below provides a list of the various jobs/roles needed to make the best marketing automation team. It is imperative to note that some of the roles can be completed by one person, and it is not necessary to employ a different person for each role.


Marketing Operation Manager

Nurturing Manager

Content Manager

  • A content manager's work will be to create and edit what will be posted on the company's networking platforms.
  • They are also required to create data-driven strategies that can engage with customers and potential leads.
  • Some of the skills and experience that content managers require include:
    • "Must be creative, able to interpret business goals and objectives, and have strong writing skills
    • Hands-on content management software experience
    • Experience working with CRM tools."



  • An administrator is the leader of the marketing automation efforts.
  • The administrator is the one who will have the final say on how the strategy should proceed and should therefore have a full grasp of the solution.

Analytics Specialist

  • Analytics specialist work will be to track data and leads over time. Additionally, they are required to track the ROI and ensure that the funds allocated are well spent on the required markets.
  • Because it is the analytics specialist's work to pay close to what is working and what is not, they are therefore required to provide trends that should be considered for future campaigns.

Web Specialist



In 2015, Marketo recommended the following marketing automation team structure after observing some of its customers and various companies of different sizes.

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