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Sporting Events - Team England

Over the next three years, Team England athletes are expected to participate in numerous sporting events, such as the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games, the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup, the 2021 EuroBasket Championship, the 2020 Summer Paralympic, and the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

The 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games

  • The 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games will take place in Trinidad and Tobago from August 1 to 7. The athletes from Team England are expected to participate in this sporting event since the event was mentioned frequently on the official web-page of Team England.
  • During the previous Commonwealth Youth Games that was held in the Bahamas, Team England gained 97 likes on its Instagram platform and collected 37 retweets and 105 likes on its Twitter platform for each post.

2020 ICC T20 World Cup

  • The 2020 ICC T20 World is a global cricket tournament that will be held in various cities in Australia, such as Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, from February 21 to March 8. The athletes from Team England are scheduled to participate in this competition. The final round will take place in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • BBC reported that its web-page that covered the previous Cricket World Cup final in 2019, where England defeated New Zealand with a slight margin, was visited by 40 million people. This broke the record of 35.4 million page views for the 2017 U.K. General Election.

The 2021 EuroBasket Championship

  • Team England will be participating in the 2021 EuroBasket Championship that will be held in four different countries: the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, and Italy. The qualifier rounds will be played across three windows: (1) February 17-25, 2020; (2) November 23-December 1, 2020; and (3) February 15-23, 2021.
  • In 2017, FIBA launched an application called 'FIBA EuroBasket' to allow for more fan engagement during this sporting event. During the 2017 EuroBasket Championship, the application was downloaded 256,000 times and used on over 4.5 million occasions. The average usage time was 07:25 min and there were 154,000 subscribers for push-up notifications.
  • Team England managed to gain 1 retweet for a post on Twitter.

2020 Summer Paralympic

  • The 2020 Summer Paralympic will take place in Tokyo, Japan from August 25 to September 6 and Team England is expected to participate in these games.
  • A survey conducted in Japan reported that 51.7% of participants watched the Rio 2016 Paralympic and 65.1% watched the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic at the venue or on digital platforms.
  • The Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic reached 2.02 billion viewers via television, 251.5 million viewers via digital platforms and the closing ceremony had an audience of 157.2 million viewers.
  • An article on Twitter engagement during the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympics is available but behind a paywall.

2021 Rugby League World Cup

  • Team England is expected to participate in the 2021 Rugby League World Cup which will take place in England from October 23 to November 27.
  • The previous cup was held in 2017 and took place in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea and gained over 2 million audiences.

Research Strategy

We first began our research by looking through the official website of Team England for any information on future events the athletes will participate in. However, the athletes' schedules were not publicly available and/or readily accessible on this website. We mainly found news on past events, achievements, and athlete profiles. In short, we barely found information on where these athletes are scheduled to play next, the exception being the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Game. Utilizing several insights from the news, we continued our search.

We encountered some difficulties in seeking information about social media and online engagement for Team England during previous events as the data is not readily available. After an exhaustive search on various news platforms, reports, and journal articles, we assumed that the information was either not publicly available or had not been assembled into a single report. However, we managed to find information about the social media and online engagement of several sporting events.

For the last strategy, we decided to visit Team England's official social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter to collect insights on the social media engagement during sporting events. But we could not find information on any sporting events posted by Team England. This might be because they used hashtags, keywords, and social media account to promote their activities differently, remembering that the search engine for social media is very specific. Then we sought information on the increase of Team England's social media followers before, during, and after the sporting events with the Wayback Machine provided by Internet Archive. However, we failed to gain any information due to the unavailability of past data.
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Online Channels for Sports - Best Practices

Five best practices for using online channels to engage sports audience for a sports event include partnering with social media influencers, designing an event website or page, creating an effective hashtag, using online ticketing platforms, and executing social media contests. Details for each of the above mentioned best practices are presented below.


  • Four sportswear brands that are successful at influencer marketing are Nike, Adidas, Puma, and FILA.
  • A list of the 10 top sports influencers can be found here.


  • An event website or page is one of the main platforms used to promote an event and interact with the audience. An event website allows the event organizer to post advertisements on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • 81% of people research a business or service on the internet prior to making a purchase decision
  • Top sports events such as the Super Bowl, Olympics Games, FIFA World Cup, and Major League Baseball World Series all have a website and one or more social media pages.


  • Hashtags help create buzz on social media and make it easier to track conversations about events. Effective hashtags are short, unique, and easy to understand.
  • Hashtag marketing can boost social media effectiveness by up to 40%.
  • Hashtags should be included in any posts relevant to the upcoming event, social account bios, and other communication channels such as websites, promotional emails, and print materials.
  • The #ShareACoke Campaign by Coca-Cola, which included sports celebrities, was a very successful campaign. The campaign increased the young to adult consumption ratio by 7%, traffic to its Facebook page grew by 870% while its fans increased by 39%.


  • Events stand to get a higher event attendance if they provide an online platform for potential attendees to buy tickets.
  • Tickets can be sold through a reliable online ticketing site such as Eventbrite or Facebook Event. Moreover, these sites will also expose an event to their existing audiences.
  • Eventbrite users tickets can sell tickets directly on Facebook. Selling event tickets directly on Facebook doubles the rate of free registrations and increases ticket sales by 20% on average compared to events that redirect to a dedicated ticketing web page. Five hundred million people use Facebook Events each month.
  • One example is the Michigan Wolverine football team's one-day presale via Facebook to increase ticket sales. The sale promotion was a tremendous success. The campaign helped the team gain 7,000 new likes, and more than $74,000 in ticket sales were generated from Facebook fans who accessed the exclusive web page.


  • Social media contests are one of the most effective ways to engage with the audience, raise brand awareness, and build a community around a specific brand.
  • There are many types of social media contests, including sweepstakes, photo contests, like to win, and vote contests.
  • O-Cedar is one of the companies that have successfully executed a social media contest. O-Cedar traffic increased to its page, and the contest received around 900 social shares with a 60% conversion rate. The contest had a total of 11,168 entrants for a prize valued at about $30.


To compile some best practices in using online channels (social media and websites) to engage sports audiences/spectators, we searched for articles from social media marketing experts and companies that discuss and give tips on the most effective ways of engaging audiences in the sports industry via social media. Through this search, we found several articles that provided relevant tips and practices. We then compiled five of the practices based on their occurrence in two or more articles.

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