Transitioning from Office to Remote Working

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Transitioning from Office to Remote Working

Companies that help businesses transition from office to remote operations include Workplaceless, Virtual Work Insider, Remote How, OpenWork Agency, Achurch Consulting, Clarke Executive Services Group, Distribute Consulting, and Janet Matta. Alternatively, some companies that offer technology tools for remote working include Asana, Trello, Hubstaff, Wrike, Workplace, and Time Doctor.

Remote Work Transition Companies

  • Remote work transition companies are found to be small businesses with a team size of 2-50 people. The companies primarily work as a consulting agency, offering tailor-made solutions to small and large enterprises for successfully migrating to a remote work model.
  • We have identified eight companies in the US that offer remote work transition services to businesses. Details are presented below.


Virtual Work Insider

Remote How

OpenWork Agency

Achurch Consulting

Clarke Executive Services Group

Distribute Consulting

Janet Matta

Remote Working Technology Tools, Platforms, and Software Solutions.

  • Remote work transition technology tools can be classified into four categories, i.e., project management tools, cloud storage tools, video conferencing tools, and team management software. Below, we have presented six tools/platforms from multiple categories that are regarded as necessary for transitioning to remote work operations.




  • A website link to Hubstaff is provided herein.
  • Hubstaff is a small scale startup with 50 remote employees. The Indiana-based company generates annual revenue of $7.3 million.



  • Workplace offers connectivity solutions for businesses to interact with workers across the globe. The platform allows us to automate tasks, build bots, and share information with ease.
  • The pricing details per user per month for various packages are as follows: Essential-free; Advanced-$4; Enterprise-$8; and Enterprise-on request.
  • Some advantages offered by Workplace include screen share for up to 50 people, instant translation in 46 languages, integration with 50 enterprise tools, HD video calls, collaboration with multi-company groups, and others.

Time Doctor

  • The pricing plan for Time Doctor packages includes $12/user per month for Business Plan and $24/user per month for the Enterprise Plan.
  • Some unique features of Time Doctor include time tracking, chat monitoring, payroll processing, usage analytic, GPS tracking, attendance and break monitoring, report generation, and others.

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