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Second City Works has a varied and comprehensive marketing strategy and campaign presented throughout their website, social media outlets, and digital platforms such as YouTube, that encompasses their humor, their understanding of their clients needs, their deep knowledge base and practical experience, and their ability to make lasting impressions through brevity and wit. The services they offer are professional development, marketing services, and event support.

Services and Marketing Tactics of Second City Works


  • Second City Work's services include innovative professional development, marketing services, and event support for their clients, with a minimum program fee ranging starting between $10,001 to $15,000. They focus on four areas of practice: effectiveness in sales, developing leadership and talent, marketing and content, and legal and compliance.
  • Their professional development programs "augment existing curriculum" of companies, helping employees learn critical and necessary business skills that improve their work performance and experience. Their program weaves together interactive exercises, facilitated debriefs, and practical business applications, so that employees actually enjoy and are excited about learning. This firsthand direct experience they believe helps participants better "internalize ways to communicate, collaborate, and innovate—all while building comfort with risk and change."
  • Second City Work's content and campaigns services feature video content that inspire change in the workplace, bringing in key concepts to focus on, rallying employees, reinforcing learning, and celebrating the growths and successes achieved. With their deep audience insights that make them as legendary as they are as comedians, they create digital, social, and video campaigns that aim to inspire employees and people to change their behavior.
  • They offer services for meetings and events, with events of variable size, including podcasts, webinars, streaming talk shows, live town halls, and custom scene work that aim to increase dialogue, employee engagement, and loyalty and belief throughout the client's organization. Second City Work's events are educational, interactive, and truly hilarious. From a leadership summit, to a sales meeting, to an association conference, they offer their comedic writers and performers to work closely with the client, bringing essential information to life, while making people laugh so they remember and make the necessary changes in their actions.

Marketing Campaigns and Tactics

  • Second City Works markets their services through a variety of avenues including their website, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and digital outlets like YouTube.
  • The messaging used on each avenue varies, as their own website focuses on a professional, formal, but upbeat business tone, offering their services to the clients, showing how they are truly professionals and able to handle business in the right way to satisfy the customer. The website uses short example videos, clips, and images showing real footage and examples of some of the work done with clients, with a professional voice-over explaining why the services they offer are not only necessary but impactful, affecting lasting change. Their websites main marketing technique is focused on showing the excitement, effectiveness, and successful results of other clients.
  • Their website features news, podcasts, and a blog providing useful professional articles on all aspects of improv in business.
  • Second City Work's Twitter and Facebook pages market their services through the sharing of podcasts with speakers and innovators, relevant business articles, new research relating to better business practices and human behavior, and pictures of their events and upcoming event fliers. Their social media marketing campaign focuses on sharing knowledge and information that is relevant and insightful to the fields of business and humanity that help make understood the necessity and effectiveness of Second City Work's services.
  • Second City Work's digital video campaign through YouTube focuses on humor through skits and scenes that show how the company is capable of making important and key information from a client relatable, funny, and memorable for employees. The main message here is to show how complex or dry topics and subjects can be related in such a way that is enjoyable to learn about and change, through the use of colorful, witty, skits with well-known actors (such as this clip entitled "Collaboration Skills" although from 2016). These skits and ads went from lasting a few minutes full of dialogue a few years back, to now just short 16 second clips that say a lot without saying much at all (such as this humorous clip entitled "Code of Conduct").

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Rethink Compliance is a company that focuses on creating compliance training material that is innovative, modern and engaging. The company does not do much paid advertising and instead focuses on communicating its message and brand values through content on its website and social media profiles that is high quality, emotionally engaging, and less risk averse than media produced by most other compliance-focused organizations.

Products and Services

  • Rethink Compliance is a company that creates innovative compliance education material and programming. On LinkedIn, Rethink Compliance pitches itself as a company that "combine[s] compliance and ethics expertise with the skills and creativity of a boutique design studio to create stronger, more effective compliance programs."
  • Pricing information is not made publicly available, but the home page of the company website invites prospective clients to submit their name and email to receive a guided tour of the compliance library and the available pricing plans. The main page also provides an option to get in touch with the company about a free consult.
  • Rethink Compliance focuses strongly on innovation to communicate compliance messages in a way that grabs attention and delivers a clear, unified message in an engaging way. The company website states that their goal goes beyond the traditional focus of simply distributing information, and instead aims to "turn information into action" by creating content that is easy to absorb and remember and can influence real change in employees' choices and behaviors.
  • Rethink Compliance offers a compliance library that is modern, compatible with all major learning management systems, and 100% mobile.
  • Rethink Compliance also offers advisory and code rewrite services to help companies assess and rework compliance policies, risk assessments, conflicts of interest, and reporting policies.


  • Our research shows little to no evidence of advertising or marketing from Rethink Compliance outside of their company website and social media profiles.
  • In an interview about innovation in compliance, Andrea Falcione and Tricia Cornell of Rethink Compliance talk about their idea that 'content is king,' and explain how they focus on communicating their brand message through relevant and engaging content such as Rethink Compliance's anti-harassment video "Don't Stand By" created in collaboration with viral video creator Gary Turk which is available on YouTube, the company Facebook page, and the company's main website.
  • In the interview Falcione and Cornell discuss consumers' desire to read, listen to, and watch interesting and engaging content, and how compliance educators should tailor their content to be more engaging and less risk-averse.
  • A search of the Facebook advertising library shows no results for Rethink Compliance ads, and page transparency information on the company Facebook page confirms that no ads are being run from the account.
  • Searches of other advertising libraries and resources including Effie, WARC, Creativebrief, MMA, WeLoveAd, Moat, and iSpotTV all returned no results for advertisements run by Rethink Compliance.
  • SpyFu, a site that tracks millions of keywords and domains and tracks paid and organic site visits shows no results for paid advertising by Rethink Compliance, and suggests that this lack of results indicates this company probably focuses on attracting website traffic through other methods such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or content marketing.
  • The main advertising and communication focus of Rethink Compliance seems to be communication of brand values and offerings through engaging video content and blog postings, which are made available on the company website and various social media profiles.

Website Content

  • The home page of the Rethink Compliance website includes brief descriptions of the company's offerings and goals, information on the Rethink Compliance team, excerpts of positive client reviews, and samples of blog and video content.
  • The main page of the company website includes five different videos about the services and content offered by Rethink Compliance including a brief introductory video about the compliance library, the anti-harassment video 'Don't Stand By', a Digital Codes video about their mobile compliance library, a compliance studio video, and a video about bribery in the workplace.
  • The company website makes many mentions of the innovation, modern technology, and creative strategies that set Rethink Compliance apart, and focuses largely on communicating its brand and values through video content.

Blog and Social Media

Research Strategy

The research team started at the Rethink Compliance company website which was consulted for general information on products and services, pricing, brand messaging and values, and company blog content. Different social media websites were searched for company profiles, and any existing profiles were analyzed for content, activity, and following. To obtain information on marketing and advertising, the research team combed through different advertising campaign and case study databases, information on paid vs organic website traffic for the company website, page transparency information for the company Facebook profile, and an interview with two members of the Rethink Compliance team talking about their company and how they communicate their values and set their products apart. The research team also combed through image searches and uses of the company branding and logo to find any relevant uses of the company logo in advertising on other sites, but found that the logo had been used only on the company website and in correlation with events at which Rethink Compliance was present.
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As a product of Navex Global, the blog and social media accounts of the latter serve Navex Engage and all other products. However, some marketing tactics of Navex Engage include online training, animated videos, YouTube social media marketing, and free demo offers. Other details of the request are available below.

Overview of Marketing Tactics

  • Navex Engage makes use of online training to market its product to clients. It also leverages on testimonials and endorsements by industry leaders to build brand reputation.
  • Another marketing tactic the brand exploits centers on the use of case studies to appreciate how the product has been applied to bring about solutions. It also makes use of a free demo to attract potential customers to subscribe to the product eventually.
  • Animated and real videos are other marketing tactics used by the brand. These videos are used to highlight the benefits of the product.
  • As a marketing tactic, Navex Engage engages the use of third-party platforms, like Capterra, G2, and Getapp, to do reviews of the product. The company even refers visitors to some of these platform links on its website.
  • Social media marketing of the videos on YouTube is one marketing tactic that has a worldwide reach.

Navex Global (Navex Engage)

  • Products offered by Navex Global are Integrated Compliance Management, Compliance Training, Integrated Risk Management, Incident Management & Hotline Services, Third-Party Risk Management, Policy & Procedure Management, Custom Program Benchmarking, and Code of Assessment or Conduct Writing.
  • Software and training products of Navex Global are Navex Engage for ethics & compliance training, Policy Tech for policy & procedure management, Ethics Point for incident management, GRC Insights for analytics & benchmarking, and Risk Rate for enterprise due diligence.
  • As an eLearning software, services provided by Navex Engage include offering employees compliance and ethical training to enhance organizational culture and meet legal requirements. It also inspires ethical behavior with an array of online content repository, which includes customizable courses, interactive content, multiple language translations, and in-built course authoring.
  • Pricing for Navex Engage starts at $1200 for a year, and the pricing model is by subscription. Although there is no free trial of the product, a free demo is available. Messaging used for marketing campaigns by Navex Global for all its products include "the standard in ethics and compliance management" and "the complete toolkit for compliance management."
  • For Navex Engage, the short messaging used for marketing campaigns includes 'Improve Culture,' 'Reduce Corporate Risk,' 'Align Teams,' and 'Ensure Compliance.' The long messaging used are "ethics and compliance online training that matters," and "take action to build the ethical culture you want."
  • Digital marketing tactics of Navex Engage include the use of specific images, slogans, and videos. Specific images associated with the brand are real or animated images of young employees, either seated in front of a computer or placed side by side with engaging facial expressions. A 1.08-minute animated video is also a digital marketing tactic used by the brand.
  • The word most familiar with the brand on its web page is 'compliance,' hence the slogan as captured in the animated video identifies Navex Engage as a 'risk-based compliance training.'
  • Types of content Navex Engage focuses on are animated and real videos that highlight the benefits of the product, online training videos, testimonials and endorsements by industry leaders, case studies, relevant statistics, industry features and reports, and many more. Navex Engage, as a product, does not have a blog or personal social media accounts but Navex Global does.
  • On Facebook, Navex Global posts content such as careers at the company, corporate competitive activities, fun content like the Halloween Costume Contest 2019, and food exhibition in the corporate place. On Twitter, the company tweets content such as workplace cultures like the Houston Astros' reputation, risk management, operational resilience, and purpose-driven employees.
  • The YouTube content of Navex Global is the ad uploads of their product software tools such as Navex Engage, Policy Tech, Risk Rate, and Compliance Automation Software. On LinkedIn, the company engages visitors with content such as risk and compliance management, internal whistleblowing systems, and legal issues like the Australian’s Modern Slavery Act.

Research Strategy

We centered our findings on the marketing tactics of Navex Engage. Although we were able to answer some significant portions of the request, we couldn't limit our findings on a blog and social media accounts to Navex Engage. It appeared that the latter does not have these features and this is because the latter is just a software product of Navex Global, which uses these features (that is, a blog and social media accounts) to market itself and all its products.