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TD Bank online banking allows customers to manage all aspects of their TD Bank accounts. This includes the TD Mobile Banking App with mobile deposits, services like Bill Pay, Send Money with Zelle®, transfers, and personalized e-mail alerts. In January 2019, TD Bank ran a new marketing campaign dubbed "Unexpectedly Human," which employed humor heavily to emphasize on its central theme of banking convenience and customer-centricity

TD Bank Online Banking Services

  • TD Bank offers two broad categories of online banking services: personal online banking and small-business online banking.

Personal Online Banking

  • TD Bank online banking allows customers to manage all aspects of their TD Bank accounts. This includes the TD Mobile Banking App with mobile deposits, services like Bill Pay, Send Money with Zelle®, transfers, and personalized e-mail alerts.
  • TD Bank's online banking customers can access the following features: a mobile app with mobile deposits, transfers and sending money, paying bills, accessing statements and notices, and getting banking e-mail alerts.

Benefits of Using TD Bank's Online Banking

  • Each of TD Bank's online banking features above offer different unique benefits to the customer.

Mobile App with Mobile Deposit

  • Customers get the following benefits from this online banking feature:
    • They can bank anytime, anywhere, access their account activity and balances, pay bills automatically, access your account statements at any time, among other benefits.
    • Customers can deposit checks from their mobile device by taking a picture of the check and access their funds the next day.
    • They can transfer and send money and also use Zelle® to pay friends quickly, easily and for free.
    • They can access their accounts with Touch ID and single-use security code using text or voice messages, depending on their pre-selected preferences.

Transfers and Send Money with Zelle®

Paying Bills

  • TD online banking customers can pay their bills from one central location in online banking or the TD Mobile Banking App using Bill Pay, Quicken®, or QuickBooks®. The following are some of the benefits this feature offers, according to the bank.

Statements and Notices

Value Proposition and Messaging

  • TD Bank refers to itself as America's most convenient bank, with its value proposition being flexibility, convenience, and security.
  • The bank's 2019 annual report describes it as the fifth-largest bank in North America, based on the number of branches.

TD Bank's Marketing Strategies

Humorous, Brilliant, and Fresh

  • TD Bank ran a "fresh and funny" marketing campaign in January 2019, its first campaign in over five years.
  • According to The Financial Brand, the purpose of the campaign was to "shatter the perception that banking has to be stuffy and stand-offish."
  • The new marketing campaign was dubbed “Unexpectedly Human,” and employed humor heavily to emphasize on its main theme of banking convenience and customer-centricity.
  • The bank ran the campaign to emphasize that banking is more about human interactions than financial transactions.
  • The bank wrote on a site that was created to support the campaign, "Don’t be alarmed if we smile. We’re the bank that defies expectations. You can feel it the moment you walk in, call us or open our app. We’re locals helping locals and an all-dogs-are-welcome kinda bank. We run on human hours, not the typical 9 to 5. Midday or midnight, you’ll get a real person when you call us. And the most unexpected part? We actually have fun doing it all."
  • The campaign ran three TV commercials: The Dancer, Passwords, and Extra Time.
  • In The Dancer, "TD Bank employee takes advantage of being the only employee left in his branch by busting out some dance moves to the ‘90s hit “Rhythm Is a Dancer” before heading home. His dancing is interrupted when some late-arriving customers turn up, but he unlocks the door and lets them in."
  • In Passwords, TD brilliantly and humorously depicts a woman sitting at home trying to remember all the passwords for the family's various online accounts. She asks for her husband's help, and he responds with absurd passwords and even forgets others. The commercial ends with a voice-over advising viewers to forget all their passwords since TD bank keeps all their bills in one place.
  • According to Patrick McLean, TD Bank EVP and CMO, depicting relatable circumstances in people's lives in a humorous way helps both employees and customers connect with the bank's marketing messages.
  • In the third spot, Extra Time, the bank relays its message in the first seven seconds then one of the actors asks what they should do with the remaining time in the commercial. The other actor suggests they donate it, and that is when another actor promotes the, a charity supported by TD Bank.
  • All the three TV commercials ran in select markets from Maine to Florida and were placed between shows like Saturday Night Live, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy, the Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Grammys.
  • Some of the online video providers that extended the reach of the ads included Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon.
  • The Unexpectedly Human campaign was also put on billboards, outdoor, and posted on social media. According to The Financial Brand, "outdoor components use over 100 hyper-localized targeted messages to highlight how TD Bank relates to customers in each unique community they serve."
  • There were also takeovers (the advertiser bought all the available space to run the ads) "in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, Washington DC’s Union Station, Boston’s Park Street, Philadelphia’s Dilworth and other key sites in- and around TD Bank’s east coast markets."

Remaking the Dancing Commercial for Quarantine Era

  • During this coronavirus period, when many economies are on lockdown, TD Bank remade its popular ad from last year, The Dancer, using an iPhone 11 Pro and shot it from the actor's house.
  • Creative directors from the advertising agency that created the first ad in early 2019 said that they decided to make a quarantine version of "The Dancer" after a rapid-ideation session.
  • The ad, dubbed "Dancing From Home," shows the dancer making some dance moves after depositing a check online.
  • The ad is currently running on TV and online, and it encourages TD customers to bank from home since most of the bank's locations are currently closed.
  • According to Arianna Lewko, TD Bank's head of brand, she expected the remake to retain the same “fun energy” as the original ad without being tone-deaf.

The Success of the Marketing Strategy