What are some task automation tools or services?

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What are some task automation tools or services?

Hello and thank you for your request for information on task automation tools or services. I’ve looked at task automation tool reviews, industry sites, task automation company sites, and other trusted media sites, and the short answer is that there are many options for task automation. A deep dive of my findings, in the form of a list of eight automation tools, their features, reviewer’s takes, and pricing, is below.
Description: TrackVia is a customizable workflow automation tool designed for medium to large businesses. It is designed for non-programmers — no coding is required. It handles data collection, notifications, task assignment, and other workflow processes.
Reviewers’ takes: TrackVia has a five-star rating in all three categories (overall, ease of use, and customer service) from seven user reviews on Capterra. Gigaom concludes their glowing review by saying that “TrackVia makes it easy and fast to translate the businesses’ digital transformation needs into actual applications. The leading low-code platform brings the power of programming to non-programmers, and ultimately enables them to produce the custom, agile and modern technology they need to help drive the organization forward.”
Pricing: Pricing is based on “number of applications and users” needed, and is available only by direct quote.
Description: Flow is a basic SaaS coordination tool, and could automate 83 web apps as of January 2017. Since it is a Microsoft product, it is designed to be particularly useful for users of Outlook, Office, and other Microsoft products and services. It automates email attachment backups, notifications, contact management, and works with Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other SaaS tools.
Reviewers’ Takes: Flow’s current version has a five-star rating from 14 users on the iTunes app store. Infoworld’s very positive review concluded that Flow is a welcome addition to the enterprise toolkit, providing a business-grade version of what Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT do for hobbyists. With it, your users can build simple apps that solve specific business needs."
Pricing: Pricing is either free, $5/user/month, or $15/user/month. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including number of runs and frequency of flows. In addition, different editions are available for free with other Microsoft products.
Features: CFEngine was one of the first automation tools; it has been on the market since 1993. It is used for IT infrastructure automation tasks, and automates updates or changes to all nodes on IT infrastructure. It can run on servers, clouds, and mainframes. CFEngine handles IT inventory management, configuration management, and application deployment.
Reviewers’ takes: CFEngine has a score of 88% on review aggregator Slant. Pros are listed as fast execution times and scalability.
Pricing: Free Community edition for up to 50 hosts. For more than 50, pricing only available by requesting a quote.
Description: Process Director is a workflow management and automation software. It has a point and click interface and can be used without any coding knowledge. It is available is both on-premise and cloud formats.
Reviewers takes: Process Director has an average 9/10 score from four users on Trust Radius. One reviewer on Software Advice stated, “I have been working with process management and automation solutions for the better part of 18 years, and this is by far the most flexible and all encompassing tool I have used to date.”
Pricing: Pricing is not listed on the company website, and I did not find it at any other reliable source.
Description: UiPath is a full RPA (robotic process automation) tool, that can automate accounts payable, customer contact, finance and accounting, and more. The interface uses a flowchart visual with drag and drop functionality to make it easier to plan and implement complex automations. The free version includes a full-featured macro recorder, which can be used for both desktop and web macro recording and task automation.
Reviewers’ takes: UIPath has a five-star average rating on Capterra from 16 users, and the free version has an average 4.8/5 rating on Softpedia.
Pricing : Community version — free for small businesses of fewer than 250 workstations. RPA Platform version — pricing by quote.
Description: WinAutomation automates Windows programs, websites, and web apps. It features a drag and drop UI, and a macro recorder, making manual scripting unnecessary.
Reviewers’ takes: WinAutomation has an average 4.5/5 score from 39 users on Capterra.
Pricing: Basic — $399, Profession — $899, Professional Plus — 1199. 30 day free trial available.
Description: Robotask automates repetitive tasks such as moving, downloading, or backing up files, or sending emails. It can be simple or complex, and has a visual interface that eliminates the need to write scripts. According to Windows Report, it has “205 automated actions for software applications, FTP servers, emails, ZIP files, flow control and file processing.”
Reviewer’s takes: Robotask has an average 4.7/5 score from 12 users on CNet.
Pricing: Business licenses range from $179/1 user, to $89.95 per user for 10-49 users, to $22.45 for 1000 or more users. 30 day free trial available.
Description: For Mac users, Alfred automates workflows by linking triggers (hotkeys), keywords, and actions (scripts). There is a library of shared user-created workflows, so it is possible to find an appropriate automated workflow without creating one.
Reviewers’ takes: Alfred has an average rating of approximately 4.8/5 from 238 users on Mac Update.
Pricing: (23) Core version is free, but the paid Powerpack is needed to automate workflow. Price is based on number of users, with a single user license costing 19 euro (USD $22.44).

This list of task automation tools includes a range from simple, inexpensive tools, like Alfred, that automate basic tasks, to a complete robotic process automation tool like UIPath, and everything in between.

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