Can Taps Market Potential

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Can Taps Market Potential

The can taps market is a part of the overall plastics market/industry. The typical customer here would be packaging companies. The research team was unable to provide insights into the market size or growth of the UK that can tap the market. In our research paths, we came across various reports that addressed the caps-and-closure market and the overall plastic caps market. We conducted a thorough analysis of sources of articles that address this market in the UK, limited our research to the one-year limit, and even went beyond this limit. Our research team was unable to find articles that particularly address the can tap industry, but we were able to find some articles that came close enough and were limited to the geographic zone requested: the UK.

In our findings, the research team has presented the global data and has included a UK report to address the plastics manufacturing industry. Although this report does not only address the can tap segment, the research team has concluded that they would fall under this industry as the "bottle caps and capsules" segment is presented in the brief. Since the market insights for the specific segment are not available, the research team has presented the data from this report.

This research set out to present precompiled information into the can taps market in the UK. Although the data presented below is not specifically for the can taps market, the data/information presented below is the best fit in providing an overview of this market/industry.


Industry Data

  • The chart below provides data for the global plastic caps and closures market. Although this chart presents the overall industry globally, this report has a section breakdown for the UK. Additionally, it highlights two companies from the UK that are key players in this industry: Coral Products (UK) and Plastic Closures Ltd (UK).
  • The industry data for the plastics packing goods industry in the UK are presented below. These insights are the closest publicly available data the research team could compile:
    • COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the UK plastics market. Between 2020 and 2021, this industry has witnessed a decrease of 8.9%.
    • Even though there has been an increase in demand for hygienic packaging of various goods, a drop in the use of cosmetics, automotive products, and beverages and food from on-trade establishments has impacted the overall demand, resulting in a decrease.
  • The UK has about 582 companies in the plastic packaging goods manufacturing industry and employs about 21,960 people. The top companies with the largest shares include RPC Group, Amcor Flexibles UK Ltd, and LINPAC Packaging Ltd.
Companies in this Industry
  • Coral Products PLC is located in the UK and is a manufacturer/distributor of plastic products in the UK. By investing in new and revolutionary equipment, this company maintains the quality of the products delivered. This company, established in 1989, has acquired several companies over the years and become stronger. Some of these acquired companies include Customized Packaging LTD, Interpack LRD, Rotalac Plastics, among others.
  • Plastic Closures LTD was established in 1982 and this brand aims to produce quality products that are user-friendly. This manufacturer serves several companies: "Chemical, Agrochemical, Photographic, Printing, Bottle Production, Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Packaging."
  • Amcor has made a 2025 pledge to the planet to ensure that most of its processes will be sustainable/environmentally safe. This company is found across over 40 countries across the US, over 47,000 employees, across 230 sites, and with a total value of $12.5 billion. If offers solutions for the following industries: beverages, food, healthcare, personal care, pet care, and technical applications.
  • Additional brands that manufacturer plastics include RPC Group, Amcor Flexibles UK Ltd, and LINPAC Packaging Ltd.

News Articles

  • Although the research team could not find insights directly related to the can tap industry, we were able to find some databases of this industry's articles. In addition to a search through other media sources such as BBC and The Daily Mail, a thorough search through these sources was unable to find any articles on can taps. Websites such as British Plastics and Plastics in Packaging publish news articles and press releases from various industry leaders and provides additional insight into the everyday workings of this industry.
  • This article titled "Essentra to scale-down" addresses the impact of COVID-19 in the industry and how some have had to make adjustments to cope with the shift in demand.
  • In this article, Mars Wrigley makes a pledge to be a part of the program that takes the necessary steps to begin the relief of the 51 tonnes of plastic,
  • This article titled, "Rotterdam facility welcomed into United Caps family," provides insight into one of the companies in this industry.

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