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Can Taps Market Overview

The Can (container) Taps market is a segment of the Dispensing Tap Market. Information on the size and growth of the global or the UK dispensing or can tap market is only available in paid market reports. An overview of this market, including information on the regional market share, market competition, segmentation, and the primary end-users can be found below.

Market Overview

  • The Can (container) Taps market is a segment of the Dispensing Tap Market.
  • While no information on the size and growth of the dispensing or can tap market is available in the public domain, a report from Future Market Insights indicates that the North American and European regions "dominate the global dispensing tap market with the combined market share of more than 40% of the overall market."
  • The North American and European dispensing tap markets are highly competitive with large players offering high-quality products and small players offering cheaper options. There are "low to moderate growth opportunities for the new entrants" in these regions.

Market Segmentation

  • The dispensing tap market is segmented by tap material, flow rate, application, and end-use.
  • By material, the dispensing tap market is segmented into metal dispensing taps, plastic dispensing taps, HDPE dispensing taps, PVC dispensing taps, polypropylene dispensing taps, and polycarbonate dispensing taps, among others.
  • By flow rate, dispensing taps are segmented into four types:


  • Some of the primary end-users in the dispensing tap market include agriculture, chemicals, food and beverages, household, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries among others.
  • In the food and beverage segment, dispensing taps are applied to both large and small, metal and plastic containers and jerry cans that store liquid food such as purees and liquid eggs, and beverages such as dairy products and juices, etc.
  • In the chemical industry, these taps are applied to containers that store adhesives, industrial chemicals, and other viscous liquids.
  • In the household market, container taps are applied to cans that store liquid cleaning supplies.

Research Strategy

Our extensive research indicates that precompiled information on the size and growth of the Can (container) Taps market or the Dispensing Taps market in the UK is not available. To find this information, we scoured through multiple market research databases such as Research and Markets, Markets and Markets, Industry Research Biz, and, among others. While we came across dozens of paid market reports on the Global Dispensing Taps market published by Future Market Insights, CredibleMarkets, 360 Research Reports, Absolute Reports, NxtGen Reports, and A2ZMarketResearch, among several others, none of these reports provided information on the global, regional, or sector wise market size and growth in the free report overview. We also reviewed news and media resources such as Business Wire, MarketWatch, The Express Wire, Globe Newswire, BusinessNews Update, but were unable to find any information on the can/container/dispenser taps market size and growth.
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Can Taps Market - Industry News

Five recent news reports in the can/dispensing taps market can be found below. Liquibox is the only company in the industry that has been frequently featured in recent industry reports.

1. "Global Dispensing Taps Market Size, Share 2021 Movements by Development Analysis, Progression Status, Prominent Players Updates, Business Environment Analysis, Revenue Expectation till 2026"

  • Overview: Industry Research Biz, a market research firm, has released a report titled "Global Dispensing Taps Market" that provides information on the impact of COVID-19 on the dispensing taps market. The report also analyzes the potential of the global dispensing taps industry including the "market dynamics, growth factors, key challenges, major drivers", restraints, and opportunities.

2. "New UpTap® Bottle Closure by Worldwide Dispensers Grows Market for Water Producers"

  • Overview: Worldwide Dispensers has introduced a new dispensing tap, UpTap®, for large water bottles. Launched in the European market, UpTap® uses 48% less plastic. "The initial launch of UpTap® is for water segment but it can also be used for juice, oil and many other products."

3. "Large-Format PET Bottled Water Closure Helps Sustain Sales During Pandemic"

  • Overview: Blue Waters, a bottled water brand, has started adding the UpTap® dispensing tap offered by Worldwide Dispensers to its water bottles. UpTap® transforms "large, rigid containers into convenient, at-home dispensers" and "reduces transportation costs by up to 20% due to its smaller size."

4. "Liquibox Adds E-commerce Capabilities and Launches Online Store"

  • Overview: Liquibox has launched an online store to offer its packaging products as well as taps, fitments, and spouts produced by Worldwide Dispensers to consumers in the US.

5. "Liquibox Completes Acquisition of DS Smith Plastics"

  • Publication Date: February 27, 2020.
  • Overview: Liquibox, a flexible liquid packaging and dispensing innovation company, has acquired the Plastics Division of DS Smith plc. The acquired division includes flexible and rigid packaging businesses of DS Smith including Worldwide Dispensers, a premier manufacturer of dispensing (can) taps.

Research Strategy

The can taps market is a niche market that isn't covered in the mainstream media. A review of industry news and media sources such as PR Newswire, Globe Newswire, FSR Magazine, and Healthcare Packaging, among others, did not uncover any news reports for the can/dispensing taps market in the UK from the last 6-12 months. Expanding the research time frame to the last 24 months didn't yield any helpful results either. Since most of the primary players in this market offer their products worldwide, we expanded our focus to include notable industry news and innovations in the global dispensing caps market from the last 12-18 months.
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Can Taps Market - Competitors

Denios, Worldwide Dispensers (Liquibox), and CJK Packaging are three of the primary competitors that sell can (container) taps in the UK. An overview of these companies and their can tap products can be found below.

Global Dispensing Tap Market — Key Players

  • After reviewing the areas served (UK) and products (jerry can/container taps) offered by each of these competitors, we have shortlisted the following primary players that sell jerry can taps in the UK.


  • Denios is a "leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for occupational environmental protection and workplace safety."
  • The detailed specifications of each of these products can be found here.
  • In addition to offering taps separately, it also offers storage and dispensing containers and cans with dispensing taps.

Worldwide Dispensers (Liquibox)

  • In addition, the company offers top-twist taps to dispense bag-in-box liquids.

CJK Packaging Limited

  • The detailed specifications of these taps can be found here and here.

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