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All Natural Fruit Syrup Flavorings: Market Size

After conducting extensive research, we were unable to provide the size of the all natural fruit syrup flavorings market in North America, as the information is not publicly available. However, we found the size of the flavored syrups market in North America to be worth $14.40 billion, as of 2018. The research brief below outlines the details of our findings.


  • The North America Flavored Syrups Market was worth $14.40 billion in 2018 with a growth rate/CAGR of 3.52%, and an estimated market size of $17.12 billion by 2023.
  • North America has the largest consumer base for flavored syrups, and the US leads the North America market with a market share of 60%. The major companies dominating the region are Hershey, Tate & Lyle, Kraft Heinz Company, Monin Inc., Kerry Group Plc., Sonoma Syrup, Cedarvale Maple Syrup, and Sensient Technologies Corporation.


  • Key players in the industry are inclining towards the production of all-natural and organic flavored syrups due to the growing demand of consumers; more consumers are demanding natural food additives.
  • Consumers are becoming more health conscious, thus increasing the demand for natural and organic flavored syrups.
  • The high sugar content in flavored syrups is one of the factors hindering the growth of the Flavored Syrups Market.
  • Manufacturers are developing organic flavored syrup with natural flavor & color, and they are also developing sugar-free syrups because of health-conscious consumers that are looking to cut down excess sugar intake.
  • According to Nielsen, volume sales of products with an organic claim on the package grew 13.1% in the US in 2016, while the products with claims that they are hormone/antibiotic-free, GMO-free or natural grew 21.7%, 12.0%, and 7.5% respectively.
  • According to Tate & Lyle, one of the major companies dominating the food and beverages market in North America, there is an increase in the demand for more natural, healthy foods, but consumers will not compromise the taste.
  • Kerry Group, another major competitor in the industry, said that the use of natural extracts is their key growth driver because consumers demand reduced sugar and authentic taste. The group also makes use of technologies such as TasteSense™, to help in their natural preservation solutions.

Research Strategy:

In trying to determine the market size of all-natural fruit syrup flavorings in North America, your research team began by first, carrying out an exhaustive search that included different market reports from sites such as IBIS World, Market Data Forecast, and Market Research Future, but the market size was unavailable. The team, however, came across a market report which provided info for the whole flavored syrups market in North America, and throughout the globe. Also, there was a report which seemed like it might contain relevant information regarding the all-natural fruit syrup flavorings market, but it was behind a paywall. The overview of the report which the team had full access to, provided insights about the increase in the production of all-natural/organic flavored syrups due to the growing demand of consumers, so it might be worth checking out. The team also looked for global and US-specific information regarding the market size of the all-natural fruit syrup flavorings market but did not find any.
With little progress from the previous search strategy, the team decided to try another approach by searching through government websites such as the USDA, the websites of organizations like NAFFS, and media sites like Forbes. The idea was to find reports that would indicate such statistics, but the team found little meaningful information. Your research team searched to see if there would at least be a percentage of the entire market share, which would serve as a proxy to triangulate the answer.

With the information for the flavored syrups market in North America, the team checked the sites and annual reports of major players in the industry, to see if they would provide data about their sales/revenue that pertains to all-natural fruit syrup flavorings, in a bid to triangulate the data. Unfortunately, this information was unavailable, and the company sites visited only provided insights regarding the consumer's demand for organic products.

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All Natural Fruit Syrup Flavorings: Competitors

Five competitors to Honeybee Lemonade Syrups in the all natural fruit syrup flavorings market include ChocZero Honest Syrup, Torani Fruitful Syrup, Monin Premium Fruit Syrups, DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Flavored Syrups, and Amoretti All Natural Fruit Syrup Flavorings. These brands use all-natural ingredients. Detailed information regarding these companies can be found in the following spreadsheet.

Honeybee's competitors

1) ChocZero Honest SyruP

  • ChocZero is a company that was known for its sugar-free chocolates in 2016. The company then expanded its product line and created a variety of sugar-free and all-natural fruit syrups.
  • ChocZero has its headquarters at Fullerton, California. The company also serves the North American market.

2) Torani Fruitful Syrup

  • Torani was established in 1925. It offered authentic recipes for Italian flavored syrups in San Francisco, including all-natural fruit and all-natural sugar-free fruit syrups.
  • Torani is based in San Francisco, California. It is said to have the best-selling gourmet coffee syrup in North America.
  • 3) Monin Premium fruit syrups

    • All Monin's premium syrups are non-GMO. They contain all-natural ingredients with no additional preservatives.
    • Monin has its headquarters at Clearwater, Florida. The company also serves the North American market.

    4) DaVinci Gourmet

    • DaVinci Gourmet's fruit-flavored syrups are made of all-natural ingredients. In addition, they are non-GMO and sugar-free.
    • The headquarters of Kerry Foodservice, the mother company to DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Syrups, is located in Beloit, Wisconsin. DaVinci Gourmet is one of the North American brands of Kerry Foodservice.

    4) Amoretti All Natural Fruit Syrup

  • Amoretti's products include premium fruit-flavored syrups that are made from all-natural ingredients. The products are non-GMO and sugar-free.
  • Amoretti is based in Oxnard, California. The company also serves the Canadian market.
  • Research Strategy:

    We searched for Honeybee's competitors using industry sources, such as Spruce Eats, Roasty Coffee, and Coffee International. We also used market report databases such as Mordor Intelligence and Bev Industry. We confirmed the locations of the competitors by verifying their headquarters using their official sites and ensured that we focused on brands that were all-natural.

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    All Natural Fruit Syrup Flavorings: Market Share

    While there is no publicly available information to fully answer your question, we have used the available data to pull together key findings. N/A has been provided on column B of the attached spreadsheet as the North American market share for ChocZero Honest Syrup, Torani Fruitful Syrup, Monin Premium Fruit Syrups, DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Flavored Syrups, and Amoretti All Natural Fruit Syrup Flavorings could not be identified. However, the estimated revenue for each competitor is available. Below you will find an outline of our research methodology to better understand why the information you have requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into our findings.


    • An examination of the websites of ChocZero Honest Syrup, Torani Fruitful Syrup, Monin Premium Fruit Syrups, DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Flavored Syrups, and Amoretti All Natural Fruit Syrup Flavorings did not reveal their market share or revenue generated in North America.
    • Their websites have only provided insights about their products.
    • The annual report for ChocZero, Torani, Monin, and Amoretti are not available as they are private companies.
    • An examination of the latest annual report published by DaVinci’s parent company Kerry Group also did not provide the required information.
    • The report has only provided information about their products.


    • Business databases such as Hoovers, CrunchBase, and ZoomInfo have provided the estimated revenues of the five competitors but did not explicitly mention if the revenue generated are for North America and/or natural fruit syrup flavorings products only.
    • Therefore, the estimated revenue identified were not used to triangulate the companies’ market share due to limited information on the geographical origins of the revenues.


    • An examination of articles published by general news publications such as Forbes and PR News Wire, associations such as NAFFS, and industry news websites such as Food Dive and Food Business News also did not provide the exact market share or revenue for North America only.
    • An examination of interviews conducted with the companies’ executives also did not yield any information on their market share.
    • The articles examined have only provided general information on their companies or products.


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    • Website Link.
    • Location: Methuen, Massachusetts
    • Product description: The plastic bottle is perfect for applications ranging from cold-pressed juice to cold brew coffee. It is made from PET and is recyclable, BPA free, FDA certified, and HPP compatible. The bottle is clear and has a capacity of 8 oz. and weighs 18.75 grams.
    • Cost: $1,672.05 per pallet (7040 bottles), excluding caps.
    • Caps: 2500 caps for $100


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    • Location: Union, New Jersey.
    • Product description: The plastic bottle is usually used for beverages and cosmetics. It is made from clear PET and is recyclable and BPA free. It has a capacity of 8 oz. and weighs approximately 22 grams (297 bottles in a carton weigh 15 lbs.).
    • Cost: $164.15 per carton (297 bottles), additional $23.76 for caps.


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    • Product description: The 8-oz clear plastic bottle is suitable for beverages, including water, dairy, juice, and cold brew. It is FDA-approved, BPA free and is made from PET hence, recyclable. The bottle weighs 18.75 grams and has dimensions of 2.350 inches in diameter and 4.090 inches in height.
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    • Caps: 1 – 2499 quantity: $0.07 per cap; 2500 – 4999 quantity: $0.06 per cap; 5000 + quantity: $0.05 per cap.


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