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While there is no pre-existing information to fully answer your question, we've used the available data to pull together key findings. We found that for individuals who visit Indian gaming casinos, specifically in California, over 50% are female, over 60% are Caucasian, and 22% receive an income between $60,000 and $81,000. We also found that millennials are less interested in gambling than other generations. The limited data regarding the demographics of people or gamblers that frequent Indian casinos may be due to the lack of funded studies in this area. However, in 2017, "an association formed by American Indian gaming tribes," announced that it would be funding its first major study in over a decade. The study will be, "financed by the Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico."
Below you'll find an outline of our research methodology to better understand why the information you've requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into our findings.


We searched a number of credible sites such as the American Gaming Association and the Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico for any industry reports or data specific to the request. This yielded no results. We were able to find a demographic breakdown of individuals who visit Indian gaming casinos from three sources that are from 2015 - "Exploring California Residents' Gambling Motivations", "Some Arizona tribal casinos wage bets on risky demographic: Millennials", and "9 Astounding Casino Demographics". We chose to include these sources due to the lack of more recent information. We chose to include these sources due to the lack of more recent information, as a result, we also included some data on the demographic profile of the average casino visitor in the U.S.



An article published on the Brandon Gaille site provides a demographic profile for the average casino visitor.

• "The average household income of a casino visitor is above $35,000, but below $100,000 per year."
• Individuals "in the 36-50 age demographic are more likely to play slot machine games than any other age demographic."
44% of gamblers define personal success as "being a good spouse and/or parent."
33% of gamblers are more likely to donate money to social issues, compared to 20% of non-gamblers.


According to a thesis submitted in 2015, the persona of individuals who visit Indian gaming casinos in California is as follows:

56.6% of the gamblers were female.
22.4% were between the ages of 31 to 40-years old.
68.4% were White or Caucasian.
30.9% "held a four-year- college degree."
22% received an income between $60,000 and $81,000.
41.4% "reported having full-time jobs, 27% were retired, 9.9% had part-time jobs, 7.2 % were homemakers, 6.6% were unemployed, 2% were students, and 1.3% held professional jobs.


According to the National Public Radio (NPR), millennials do visit casinos, but they do not gamble as much as other generations. A study conducted by Stockton University's Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism reported the following findings:

42% of non-millennials found gambling important, compared to 21% of millennials who found gambling important.
Millennials spent 8.5% of their budget on gambling, while non-millennials spent 23.5% of their budget on gambling.
44% of millennials play the slot machines "compared to 72% of non-millennials."
• 57% of millennials play table games compared to 58% of non-millennials.
• For the most part, millennials prefer to play with family and friends as opposed to non-millennials who prefer to play alone.

An article from AZ Central corroborates the above findings. In the state of Arizona, many tribal casinos are finding it increasingly difficult to attract millennials. Approximately 50% of gamblers are age 50 or older and evidence suggests that millennials are less interested in gambling. For those who are, they prefer more interactive games such as roulette, blackjack, and craps instead of slot machines.


The average visitor to Indian gaming casinos is between the age of 36 and 50-years old with an average income of $60,000 and $81,000. Additionally, millennials are less likely to gamble compared to preceding generations.