Sustainable and Eco-friendly Cutlery Business Competitors

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Sustainable and Eco-friendly Cutlery Business Competitors

A lot of eco-friendly cutlery brands are active on social media and use video advertising or partnerships to promote their products. World Centric, Eco Products, and Loliwear all use those methods and, while WinCup is not very active on social media, it still decided to promote their product through a CStoreDecisions-sponsored video. Bakey's video marketing success and Verterra's use of partnerships and social media advertising also proves that social media advertising and partnerships are two of the most successful way to promote eco-friendly cutlery products.

World Centric

  • World Centric mainly focuses on promoting their products through their social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • They focus specifically on food imagery in order to show that their products are more environmentally-friendly than the plastic plates and cutlery used by most restaurants.
  • They also care about gender equality and diversity, as the majority of their pictures showcase women of different backgrounds and colors.
  • The company leadership has also been featured on several webinars that have discussed their initiatives for a plastic-free Earth.
  • We did not find any evidence that the company has produced any traditional marketing campaigns.


  • Eco-Products has been focused on advertising through their social media accounts.
  • They post once or twice a day, mainly focusing on promoting their products or talking about their partnerships.
  • They focus specifically on using green imagery for the promotion of their products.
  • The company also heavily advertise their partnerships on their social media accounts. Some of their partners include Agape Java, the Pac-12 Zero Waste Challenge, and Allianz Field.
  • Eco-Products' products have also been featured in magazines such as NS Packaging.


  • LoliWear focuses heavily on social media advertising through they Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • However, their Instagram account is more active and popular, as they have over 25,700 followers, over 10 times bigger than their Twitter following.
  • They mostly use images and short videos to convey their messages, all of them featuring either their edible product or women eating their product.
  • The company has also been featured on the HelloAlice webinars and has been endorsed by Crain's New York.
  • Loliwear has additionally received support from Virgin, their founder Richard Branson, Matt Mulremann, CEO of EnVest, and Matthew Flamm, all of which can be considered influencers in ocean pollution.


  • WinCup has not really done any advertisements about their products.
  • Their social media accounts do not have a lot followers and the company itself is not very active on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting once or twice a month.
  • Their social media posts, however, do heavily focus on promoting their products by using strong imagery and short videos.
  • WinCup did make a promotional video for their new Phade product, which featured an expose from their COO and President.
  • The promotion focused heavily on the effects the product would have on the environment by specifically pointing out all the impact plastic garbage and leftovers has had on the marine ecosystem and the environment.
  • Unfortunately, the video only has 753 views, which suggests that their efforts were rather lukewarm than successful.
  • The video itself was sponsored by CStoreDecisions and was also featured in a press release by PRNewsWire.

Video advertising — Bakey's

  • In 2016, Bakey's made a video for India Innovates that explained the benefits of edible cutlery in combating the raising problem of plastic waste, especially in India.
  • The video is mainly narrated by company's CEO. It starts by pointing out that the plastic waste problem is an issue that affects many people. It then shows the benefits of the product and how it is made and it finishes by showcasing a few comments from customers and company workers.
  • The video was first featured by the official Facebook page of Innovate India but was later picked by National Geographic where it has gathered over 3.5 million views since the end of 2016.
  • The original video had over 5,900 comments and over 101,000 reactions
  • The video itself was later featured in a 2018 CBC article.

Partnerships and social media advertising — Verterra

  • Verterra provides biodegradable cutlery dinnerware.
  • Their main advertising strategy revolves around staying active on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, while their Twitter account serves as a way to put some more spotlight on the images posted on their Instagram account.
  • They usually post every day and use food imagery to promote their eco-friendly dinnerware.
  • A big part of their success in promoting their products revolves around partnering with different chefs around the world that feature their dishes through Verterra's dinnerware.
  • They have mainly partnered with upcoming chefs that have been featured by the James Beard Foundation and the Culinary Institute of America.