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Ipiphany & Glint

There is only one available customer review for Ipiphany. However, Glint incorporates a simple but efficient tool that is easy to navigate.


  • According to customer reviews, Glint incorporates a simple but efficient tool. Its interface is simple and easy to navigate.
  • Customers are especially thrilled with the consistent feedback that it provides, as well as its real-time analytics feature.
  • Overall, the tone of the reviews is positive.
  • "I like how easy it is to use. I can write my answers in the questions clearly, and I never get confused on what question I am on."
  • "The depth of features is truly astonishing and that coupled with excellent service, support and ongoing consultation is better than anything we could have hoped for."
  • "It is super easy to use, colorful in design, which makes it an approachable and trustworthy platform. I enjoy how intuitive it is to the user and how engaged glint is with its own customer base, providing a lot of resources about performance management so we can make sure as employers that we are getting the most out of our employment."
  • "I like that it's pretty simple and basic not too many things can go wrong with the program because the options are few, but all necessities are there."
  • "Glint's interface is simple and easy to use, yet extraordinarily helpful in gathering employee feedback in a way that allows you to make better decisions for managing your team (and on a larger scale, allows more informed decisions to be made for the entire company). Responses are anonymous for the most part, and employees generally feel comfortable speaking their minds in the survey, whether or not they're comfortable doing the same face-to-face with their managers."
  • "Glint is so easy to use and quite simple. Its features are functionable and have easy to use formatting. It's as simple as providing a rating, and adding a comment is there is a comment box. It does provide feedback to whoever is collecting the surveys as to what time surveys were sent in, so be careful not to ID yourself. Other than that, it is quite simple to use!"
  • "I loved having a consistent feedback loop into the exec team. Our company ran Glint surveys once a quarter and collected information on all sorts of topics, including Satisfaction, areas for growth, etc. Our managers would highlight topline results in company meetings, and some managers would deep dive down to team level stats."
  • "The surveys are easy to make and easy to take, the format looks similar to a survey monkey survey and allows users to remain anonymous, the report analytics are easy to understand as well, you can split the results by department and team."
  • "I like the way that it is designed overall. Visually, it's easy to follow and clean. And the UX is very friendly for anyone who may be new to the software as well. When using it for the first time earlier this year, I had no questions or confusion on how to use it. I love that it automatically moves you through the experience as well. It requires very little work for the user."
  • "This product makes it so much easier to voice my opinion about where our company is headed and how it's doing. Plus, it's integrated into our single sign-on service. It's simple and easy to use, there's very little to complain about with this product."
  • "Analytics are real time and can be available to all managers. Within minutes of the survey closing your managers can see results and have the AI to interpret and focus on the biggest themes to tackle, while still being able to get into the details (without breaking confidentiality)."
  • "I very much like the concept of quarterly pulsing, with shorter questions. Our employees like it as well, and our response rates are in the high 70% range. I also like the real-time results, and ability for People Managers to get reports on their own results." However, "sometimes platform updates aren't communicated enough in advance, and some of our users have been caught off guard with system design changes."


  • There is only one available customer review for Ipiphany.
  • "Currently using Ipiphany software for text analytics and very impressed with the power, speed and insights to be gained from it — easily the best text analytics program I've ever seen."


We kicked off our research by going through the company's database to identify success stories and customer use cases of the company's products. We hoped to obtain reviews for the same, as companies usually provide testimonials to attract more customers to their product offerings. However, we only found one customer review, along with user guides and FAQs on the website.

Next, we sourced for third-party review sites such as Capterra, Trustpilot, and G2, which provide business software and services reviews. We hoped to obtain customer reviews for Ipiphany from these sources but found no such details. Capterra provided an overview of the company's product offerings but stated that there are no available customer reviews on its database.

As a last resort, we anticipated that the Ipiphany might have new/multiple product offerings and might have received reviews for one of them rather than as a collective whole for the company. As such, we sought to obtain Ipiphany's products with the hope of getting reviews for at least one of them. However, upon reviewing the company's news and product sections, as well as software media sources such as TechRadar and TechCrunch, we only obtained one product for Ipiphany, which is its AI-powered computer analytics software.

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Qualtrics & SurveyMonkey

The tone of the customer reviews for Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey are mostly positive. Customers cite an easy-to-use interface as a commendable feature of the products of both companies.


  • Qualtrics customer reviews indicate that the software has a versatile user interface that is easy to use. Most customers are pleased with the product quality, specifically pointing out its ability to create detailed, in-depth surveys. However, many of them point out that it is best suited for large datasets rather than smaller ones.
  • It also has a very efficient customer service system, which some have described as second-to-none in terms of how they attend to customers.
  • “Even for someone with very little experience using this kind of software, Qualtrics makes it easy to design and distribute incredibly awesome surveys.”
  • "Qualtrics is pretty easy to learn and use although I've seen some beginner users get overwhelmed at first. I like the pop-up pictures (a slider will look like this, a vertical multi-response question will look like this). It is also really easy to experiment and try out new features. Some more advanced features (reporting, data exports, survey distribution within the tool, etc.) could use some usability enhancements, but overall the tool is good. In summary, it isn't Apple where my kids can figure it out with no help but it also is far better than most business software packages. For the big bang for you buck, I'm a fan."
  • “The software is very user-friendly and versatile. The new platform makes it even easier than it was when we started using it.”
  • “Customer support is unmatched. No other company, of any kind, provides the level of comprehensive, knowledgeable and friendly customer support that Qualtrics has provided.”
  • “Qualtrics’ fast, friendly, and comprehensive support enables novices and experienced users alike to be highly effective.”
  • "Qualtrics is extremely well-suited for engaging with the wide user-base of your target platform. As a member of a team that provides on-site visits and 'discovery' engagements, Qualtrics helps our team come prepared for on-site visits. Furthermore, follow-up surveys enable our team to be nimble, ask the right questions, and submit additional surveys after our initial engagement. Qualtrics is a fantastic tool for engaging with both internal and external teams with the goal of understanding employee workflows, perceptions, and areas of growth. One can tailor surveys for a specific need and then share out to the client's preferred medium (desktop or mobile). This means that survey respondents will need to have both access and a small technological proficiency in order to successfully complete surveys — however, this is nearly a basic requirement for most administrative jobs today. "
  • "Sometimes, when changes are made to the interface, if you don't pay attention to the email updates, you may have a difficult time finding tools/sections and have to contact support."
  • "Qualtrics' flexibility was the main reason my organization switched from another competitor. In addition, the customer service is wonderful. The few times that I personally have reached out for either help or direction, I have had a response within 10 to 15 minutes. It made me feel like I had a personal consultant at my fingertips. And the experience has always been positive."
  • "Compared to the survey tool that we have used (SurveyMonkey), Qualtrics stands out with its ability to create detailed and in-depth surveys. The variety of questions that can be created and how they can be responded to are numerous. It truly allows us to create a customized survey for any occasion."
  • "Qualtrics is well-suited to large-scale surveys involving multiple question types. Qualtrics can take the data from these different types of questions and analyze it quickly. Due to how many types of questions there are and ways to display them, it is not well-suited for surveys with a few simple questions or a small sample size."
  • ''Qualtrics is best suited for any environment that requires surveys to be created to assess a product, process, or service that is collecting a large dataset. It would be less suited for small datasets as the cost may outweigh the features."
  • "I have found that Qualtrics is best for gathering data from large and dispersed groups of people. For example, we have used it to ask instructors and faculty about scheduling preferences. I have found it to be somewhat less helpful for smaller groups, such as feedback from a single class. This is probably more about surveys in general than Qualtrics itself."
  • "Qualtrics offers a nice dashboard that shows all of your current projects. It is intuitive to create new projects and offers a diverse array of options for those projects. However, I find that it is not as easy to create "advanced" projects in Qualtrics as in other software."


  • SurveyMonkey's customer reviews describe its products as easy and straightforward to use. The tone of the reviews is mainly positive.
  • Customers are especially satisfied with the quality of surveys that SurveyMonkey creates. They describe the surveys as professionally-looking.
  • "Very easy and straightforward to use. You don't have to make your surveys complex. However, it allows you to get to a deeper level if need be. However, the true power of Survey Monkey is in its data analysis. Especially when you've collected answers from hundreds and even thousands of respondents. This is where it stands out from the rest. It compiles all the acquired information seamlessly into a single database. From there, you have an arsenal of tools to analyze the data: pie charts, bar graphs, and scatter plots. You can drill down your variables further to get a deeper understanding of what your market is looking for."
  • "SurveyMonkey is an extraordinary tool to create surveys that serve a lot for marketing strategies and when making decisions in the company. I like it to be free to create basic surveys. In addition, it is very easy to use, it is not necessary to be an expert to be able to prepare a survey and share it with the people you want. I can easily move the questions up and down. I can preview the survey before submitting it. You can add the company logo and add a background image."
  • "I am very happy with it as it serves the purpose of my job role. I am looking for a basic tool to collect information and analyze which it does. However, you get what you pay for. As it's cheaper, it offers fewer options."
  • "I think this is a cool software because of: 1. It is very easy to use web application. 2. It has an intuitive design and you do not have to waste time in understanding how to create your survey. Everything can be done in a few minutes. 3. You can either create the survey on your own or you can even just answer some questions and the program will create the survey for you. Of course, you will need to edit it a bit, but with automatic creation, it will save you much time creating the design of different questions. 4. Your questions can be very variable — you can use text boxes, multiple choices, insert images, you can use register forms, radio buttons and many more things which will help you express your idea. 5. You can implement logic in your questions which for me is very cool because you can skip or show some questions based on the answers of people. 6. Another powerful tool is that you can get a link to your survey and send it through e-mail, Facebook or other social media, you can even embed it to your website — no need to print the survey and go and give it to everyone. 7. When you got the answers, the info is all there and the app visualizes it to you with such cool charts. Even though you can edit the charts and if you do not like them you can choose what is best for your needs or understanding. 8. And finally, there is a responsive design which nowadays I think is very important because your survey will get to your clients in the best way."
  • "Plain and simple, Survey Monkey does what it says it will help you do; create a short survey that can easily be shared with others. Each question can be customized to gather the data you're looking for. You are able to easily select what type of question you would like (i.e., multiple choice, open-ended) and then add on things like having the user explain why they chose that answer. A feature that I especially like is that you can select whether you would like the question to be mandatory or not. This way, you can make sure you're getting the most information from each user that views the survey. I also really like that Survey Monkey will e-mail notifications to let you know that people are taking your survey and then summarize the information so that you can keep track of how many people are providing you with information."
  • "I've had nothing but wonderful experiences working with Survey Monkey. Whether it be the ease to make professional looking survey with from scratch or using their amazing library of temples, the effortless collection of responses from your surveys whether they have been posted on your website or embedded in social Media platform, or the dynamic looking reports you can create literally with a push of a button, this a wonderful yet slightly expensive survey solution."
  • "Survey Monkey has benefited the company that I work for because it allows us to quickly create surveys that are professional and that make it easy for people to respond. The feature that allows you to filter responses has been one of the most beneficial for my company as it helps us to ensure the people that respond to our surveys are the intended audience."
  • "Overall, I think Survey Monkey is a great tool for those doing general surveys, market research, customer research and some evaluation feedback. However, for those looking to do actual data mining- I would go with a more sophisticated system like Qualtrics."
  • "10/10- would recommend. I have always been satisfied with the ease of creating a survey, and SM often gives recommendations to make your survey even better. It's easy to send out the survey via hyperlinks to the URL, but they have several options if you're willing to pay for them. Also, the overall design of the software is easy to navigate and user-friendly. I have never had any issues with this program. It takes you through the whole process relatively pain-free: from creation to distribution to analysis to presentation. Very happy with my experiences with SurveyMonkey."
  • "SurveyMonkey is something I use every single day and my experience has been very positive. It has made data collection easy for my company. Another feature I find extremely useful is the ability to export your data to Excel. This allows for even more data manipulation and analytics."

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SmartSurvey & Medallia

The tone of the customer reviews for SmartSurvey and Medallia is positive.


  • The tone of the customer reviews for SmartSurvey is happy and satisfied. Many customers commend the platform's easy-to-navigate dashboard, as well as SmartSurvey's user-friendly interface.
  • More so, the reviews point out that SmartSurvey can set up surveys very quickly, and has the option to select/view pre-populated questions.
  • "The dashboard is easy to navigate. It is helpful to have the option to use pre-programmed questions and our own corporate template. The response formats are professional, and the skip logic is easy to implement. There are comprehensive online guides for each stage of creating and using the survey. Where we needed additional help, the customer service was prompt."
  • "Ease of use — you can set up surveys quickly and easily and also view results in any way you prefer."
  • "It was easy to navigate as a user. I don't have any experience at the other end of those seeking information."
  • "Very Accessible visually and the navigation and editing functions are really user-friendly. The team at SmartSurvey were really helpful, approachable, and importantly can be contacted with ease."
  • "Easy to use despite loads of features — offers great value for money compared to other tools and has first-class support."
  • "Ease of use, competitive price, helpful customer support, ease of reporting, and ability to develop surveys that are unique and tailored to our requirements."
  • "Customer service — quicker, more cohesive, and proactive than other survey vendors we approached. The system is extremely easy to navigate, and the option to use/view pre-populated questions was very useful. Data Output — the responses are very easy to read and quantify, meaning both at a glance and in-depth analysis can be performed very quickly."
  • "It is very easy to set up a questionnaire, and there is a very good range of question types and answers. Images and videos can be embedded in a question, broadening the design. The design-test-redesign cycle is well implemented. The whole questionnaire can be easily branded to give a unique look.
  • Deployment is simple, and with multiple versions easily set up. Usefully for a forum, it is possible to produce a print copy of the online survey with ease so that the same questionnaire can be used on street stalls or visiting where online use is not possible or low.
  • There is also support for publishing links to the survey via social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Analysis facilities are good, with basic summaries and a frequency count of answers immediately available. This aids in continuous tracking of the survey.
  • There are good export features so that data can be moved to Excel or R for a more detailed review. I found this a very useful software suite and can wholeheartedly recommend it. The speed at which a survey can be prepared and sent out, and distributed via a variety of means such as email lists, social media or websites makes it a very effective tool for carrying out a wide variety of consultations, such as in planning and community surveys."
  • "We have used other survey platforms before, but have found that smart survey offers the best value and is very user-friendly. A great way to gather data and feedback. We will continue to use their service."
  • "Good interface with attractive options for survey, very easy to set up and publish. Gives good information of analysis with a good range of display and presentation options."


  • Customer reviews indicate that Medallia provides a tool for generating customer feedback that is easy to learn, navigate, and use. One useful feature according to customers is the ability to respond to customer feedback within the program.
  • Overall, the tone of the reviews is positive.
  • "Customer feedback was easily collected from customers through customizable surveys and the data ranked. It is important to train your front line to collect customers' emails in order to get a higher response rate and improve your NPS. Works with most of the CRM's."
  • "It's a great and clean user interface that allows for quick navigation."
  • "I am able to sort survey responses according to the user and identify areas of excellence & improvement opportunities. I like the function to respond with a customized thank you email."
  • "We needed more than surveyware and Medallia is by far the most robust experience feedback platform we looked at. Really deep and broad insights and a few great insights!"
  • "Medallia is very helpful in gauging how well a salesperson is actually performing with creating a quality buying experience for clients. At the end of the day the software is only as good as the quality of information users input into it, but the software itself does a nice job of creating a medium for feedback."
  • "The Reps are amazing and so helpful! There are a lot of functions built into Medallia. My company and I are working to learn everything it can do and show us. They break down a lot of data and really show us how to analyze what is happening in our clubs."
  • "I really like the ability to establish either relationship or deal review campaigns at the company or opportunity level."
  • "This is a great program to gain customers feedback from their experiences. We can also respond within this program as well!!"
  • "Medallia is awesome to use to see what customers have to say whether it's good or bad then you can fix the things that need to be fixed."
  • "The most complete solution and certainly best of breed in the Net Promoter Score space. It can handle the complexity of customer experience journeys."
  • "Medallia does a great job at providing great tools to analyze not just numbers from customer feedback but has great text analytics. Any place of business that takes customer feedback serious needs to adopt this software. It's great that we can respond directly to our customers."
  • "In my personal experience, I find the Dashboards showing NPS results across our Digital Client Journey are very powerful. I love being able to drill down into specific responses from any of the reporting views. The Medallia team is responsive and offers thoughtful dialogue on how to best solution any of the needs we bring to the table."
  • "I was thrown into my position with little training and had to use several different software and sites I was unfamiliar with. Medallia was by far the easiest to learn and navigate. I was able to figure our which staff I needed to work with in what areas to improve our customer service scores."

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Energage & Birdeye

Customer reviews for Energage appreciate the software's ability to drill down on responses, and those for Birdeye describe its support/customer service as excellent.


  • The customer reviews for Energage describe it as simple and easy to use and access. Customers also appreciate the software's ability to drill down on responses.
  • Some noteworthy distinct features mentioned by customers include the Action Planning tool and benchmarking function.
  • Most customers are satisfied with the level of efficiency of Energage's software.
  • "The reporting feature allows the user to drill down on responses. Results are available by department, tenure, and manager. We like the ability to compare the current year versus the previous year's results as well as the benchmarking feature. We can compare our staff responses to other health centers and not just to all companies in the survey."
  • "The software is robust and has the ability to drill down to the lowest level of information that may be needed. It is easy to access and navigate. It also allows you to export into a PDF or Excel spreadsheet — which is great to use with external analysis tools."
  • "This tool was pretty simple to put in place. The survey is simple to complete, not taking a significant amount of time from work, yet the results are specific and actionable…no real drawbacks. It may not be as in-depth as other tools, and it may be less effective for very large groups, but for our employee base of 200, it was very solid."
  • "This software is very intuitive and easy to use. The depth and breadth of reporting allow for insight into trends and issues." However, "navigation is somewhat confusing and clunky at times."
  • "It can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, multiple users can access the information. The information is stored in a secure location." However, it is "not very user-friendly. There should be more on-demand training to help you analyze the data. Also, there needs to be an easier way to share the information or customize what users can see when they access the system so that you could give individual managers access to their own results."
  • "This software was very easy to use, and the interface was easy to maneuver. We needed a basic assessment tool with reporting, and it was easy to share department-specific reports with each department leader."
  • "Simplicity and ease of user access. Also, the ability to customize questions based on our needs...and, most importantly, the Action Planning tool. All made the data accessible to the leaders and ease of action."
  • "It's very easy to use, and it's easy to follow. It is not overly lengthy. The questions allowed for both multiple-choice type responses, as well as narrative responses with details."
  • "Analytics are pretty good — themes, splits, and actionable insights." However, it offers "little to no customization options, and reports have lots of duplicate lead in info."
  • "Energage has a very friendly UI. It's clean, clear, concise, looks nice, and functions well. Everything was made obvious from where I was in the process, to what should be tackled next, and how much was left before everything was complete. Nice step-by-step process."
  • "Energage allows us to see the forward progress we are making over the years. We are able to see that our work is paying off based on employee responses. Although we don't pay for the detailed results, the summary snapshot is helpful. In addition to the outcomes, the survey process is simple, and the online platform is very user-friendly." However, "I dislike the cost of receiving the survey results. This is way too expensive for small non-profits such as ours. It would be nice to see a handful of comments."


  • Birdeye's review generation feature is widely appreciated in its customer reviews.
  • The company's support/customer service system is also described as excellent, and the software is generally easy to use.
  • "The software really helped to get feedback from our customers. Our Google reviews have significantly increased since using the Birdeye platform."
  • "Birdeye helped my company to gain more online visibility in 3 months than the previous 4 years of trying to do it ourselves and hiring many different companies."
  • "All good. They promised to up our google reviews and online exposure, and they have done that. We had 89 google reviews when we started with Birdeye. It took years to get those. In the last 6 months, our google reviews have already increased by 50%."
  • "Flexibility to integrate directly with many other platforms, customer service is really helpful within seemingly seconds of sending a question in."
  • "It is so simple to respond to comments/reviews on multiple platforms. It is so nice to not have to be able to log in to every platform and comment on reviews."
  • "Birdeye has made experience management a wonderful experience. We manage thousands of locations, and this tool gives us the transparency and scale that we need to manage an ever-changing technology landscape. It also gives us the flexibility to create and execute campaigns to gather different types of feedback across various channels. The data we receive from our customers is amazing, and it allows us to make better business decisions. This software has also made it really easy to identify who needs more customer service training or changes we need to make to our facilities, etc... Love the reporting, two-way messaging, review gathering, monitoring, and surveys. NPS is also easy to serve."
  • "What I like most about Birdeye is the fact that they are always available to help out immediately! You can reach out and almost instantly, one of their representatives are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have."
  • "Everything! What is there not to love! This software is amazing!! Truly, the ease of it is just great! The customer support you get from Birdeye is top-notch! If you have been looking around to help your business take off, look no further, this is it!! Birdeye is the BEST!"
  • "I like the review generation feature, and this software has made it easy for our client (working in the healthcare industry) to request reviews from patients. We've seen a huge increase in the number of positive reviews posted for all three of their offices."
  • "My entire experience with Birdeye has been professional. I’m very happy with their service, and I have zero complaints."