Surface Water Reservoir Sustainability Innovations

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Surface Water Reservoir Sustainability Innovations

Some organizations that could likely advise on surface water reservoirs include Delta Waterfowl Organization, the Water Education Foundation, American Rivers, Environmental Law Institute, American Water Resources Association, Sustainable Conservation, Earth Island, and the Council for Watershed Health.


Delta Waterfowl Organization

  • Delta Waterfowl is a leading conservation group that focuses on increasing duck populations with " intensive management programs and conservation of breeding duck habitat."
  • One of its initiatives, Delta Working Wetlands, involves actively working with landowners to protect wetlands and secure breeding duck habitat.
  • It can be contacted at 1-888-987-3695 or

Water Education Foundation

  • Water Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides guidance and education on multiple water-related issues, including environmental concerns, dams, reservoirs, and water projects, water quality, and water supply and management.
  • It can be contacted at (916) 444-6240 or by email (this page includes several email addresses, depending on the purpose).

American Rivers

  • American Rivers is an organization that primarily focuses on river conservation, though it is also engaged in other issues related to water conservation and clean water supply.
  • One of the projects it has recently supported includes protecting salmons by making it possible for them to pass through certain water reservoirs.
  • The organization can be contacted at 202-347-7550 and

Environmental Law Institute

  • Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is a non-profit organization that "makes law for people, places, and the planet."
  • Ocean and freshwater is one of its key areas of focus, including wetlands, water quality, and water resources management. It provides vast resources on those topics and hosts related events.
  • It is also a part of The Duck-Pensaukee Watershed Approach, a collaboration between The Nature Conservation, ELI, and agency and NGO partners, which "ranks the relative value of wetlands to people and wildlife in the Great Lakes coastal watershed."
  • ELI can be contacted at (202) 939-3800 or through the contact form on the website.

American Water Resources Association (AWRA)

  • AWRA is an organization that wants to solve water resources challenges. Its objectives include advancing water resources research, planning, development, management, and education.
  • It is dedicated to helping all interested parties, such as social scientists and engineers.
  • AWRA can be contacted at (540) 687-8390 or

Sustainable Conservation

  • Sustainable Conservation is a water and wetlands protection non-profit organization. Its programs provide tangible solutions, especially for environmental issues in California.
  • Some of its initiatives specifically target landowners and promote sustainable practices on private lands.
  • It can be contacted at 415-977-0380 or

Earth Island

  • Earth Island is a non-profit organization that supports multiple sustainability initiatives, including clean water advocacy and education on responsible water management practices.
  • It can be contacted at 510-859-9100 or

Council for Watershed Health

  • The Council for Watershed Health is a non-profit organization that works across several areas of sustainable water management, which are education and engagement; research and monitoring; and integrated planning and management. Its main programs include watershed coordination and monitoring and the promotion of sustainable landscapes.
  • It can be contacted at (213) 229-9945 or

Research Strategy

The information on which non-profits typically advise on the construction of surface water reservoirs is not publicly available on the organizations' websites, in databases of non-profit organizations or environmental and agriculture media, among others. Therefore, after thoroughly analyzing the work of organizations proposed as examples, we provided a list of organizations that have similar objectives to Ducks Unlimited and the Nature Conservancy (in terms of water management and conservation). Please note that since the information on non-profit organizations' initiatives related to surface water reservoirs was very limited, it was not possible to include examples of their programs related to the innovations in surface water reservoirs.

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