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Best Practices - Affiliate Marketing Plan: DTC Luxury Fashion Brand: Part One

Establishing a successful affiliate marketing plan for direct-to-consumer luxury brands requires a different approach to that of other brands. With authenticity, community and trust at the forefront of consumers thinking, luxury brands must approach affiliate marketing with careful consideration, focused and organized content distribution, and the willingness to nurture affiliate and brand relationships.

Careful Consideration

  • Selecting the right affiliates to partner with is essential for a DTC luxury brand, whose brand image is a driving factor for many sales. Carefully evaluating affiliates' suitability based on the brand's market research, protects the brand image, maintains authenticity and is likely to be a more successful partnership for both affiliate and brand. Developing a clear and detailed framework when choosing affiliates will enable the brand to partner with the right affiliates, and make it clear and easy for affiliates to understand whether they are a good fit for the brand.
  • Consumers of luxury products are seeking authenticity and community more than ever before, which means taking time to choose affiliates that will authentically represent the brand is important. If a consumer trusts that the affiliate is genuine in their promotion of the brand, they are more likely to invest in the brand and its products. Some of the most successful examples of affiliate marketing within the luxury DTC market have attracted affiliates organically through social media and word of mouth, an example of this is The Clear Cut.
  • Leading affiliate marketing agency, Silverbean, has highlighted the importance of choosing the correct affiliates to represent a brand. The success of MONNIER Frères' affiliate marketing plan is in part due to the careful consideration of affiliates.

Focused and Organized

  • Luxury items are often carefully considered purchases, so being organized when distributing content to affiliates and being focused on generating detailed content will enable the brand to make the most of sales opportunities.
  • Delivering detailed content to the right affiliates ahead of time enables the brand to utilize opportunities fully and not miss out on potential sales. 15% of all digital advertising revenue is through affiliate marketing, so being unprepared and disorganized can have a significant impact on the business.
  • The importance of a focused and organized approach to distributing content, with an awareness of consumer buying habits and seasonal trends, have been discussed in detail by multiple industry experts.

Nurturing Affiliates

  • Communicating openly and enthusiastically with affiliates will enable the brand to generate lasting and effective relationships with them. Nurturing these relationships by taking an interest in the affiliates' blog, content, or website, and providing them with useful content to use will show a willingness to understand them. This will help them to feel like they are a valued part of the brand's marketing efforts.
  • Luxury DTC brands are increasingly relying on niche markets and consumer loyalty to generate high-value sales. Therefore, it is important to have excellent relationships with affiliates who operate within these niche markets, and who understand the brand's aims. They are able to inspire and encourage their audience to engage with the brand, which is essential as many luxury DTC brands are seeking new ways to build a cult following in a growing digital world.
  • The importance of nurturing affiliate relationships has been highlighted as best practice by Refersion, a leading affiliate marketing adviser and e-commerce blog.

Research Strategy

We began our research by understanding the different marketing needs of DTC luxury brands compared with those of traditional brands and DTC brands offering non-luxury products. It was clear from this research that authenticity, community, and trust were key factors driving online luxury sales. To understand best practices we reviewed industry blogs, marketing consultancy and agency websites, and consumer trends. We then reviewed this advice on affiliate marketing strategies for DTC brands and applied this in the context of luxury brands. While specific guidance on best practice within DTC luxury brands was not vast, we were able to triangulate any missing information using more generalized expert advice on affiliate marketing strategies and our research on the specific needs of DTC luxury brands.
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Best Practices - Affiliate Marketing Plan: DTC Luxury Fashion Brand: Part Two

Two additional best practices on how to set up an affiliate marketing plan for a DTC luxury fashion brand include focusing on quality moments to promote the program and being creative.

1. Focus on Quality Moments

  • For DTC luxury brands, it's not just about the quality of their products, they also need to choose quality moments to promote their affiliate programs to match their brand.
  • Instead of promoting their affiliate program at all times, luxury brands need to be selective of the moment and aim for premium exposure.
  • This is considered one of the best practices is because choosing the right moment combined with the ideal affiliate partner that demonstrates the superiority of the brand, increases the return of investment (ROI) of the company.
  • MONNIER Frères, a brand of luxury accessories, only pays for three or four pieces of exposure per year at specific fashion moments, instead of running multiple campaigns and expose every month, as non-luxury DTC brands do.
  • NET-A-PORTER, the luxury fashion, and beauty DTC brand, promotes its affiliate program during high profile online retail events, such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, according to the affiliate marketing expert, Chris Bishop.

2. Be Creative

  • Running an affiliate marketing campaign for a luxury DTC brand is not just about being organized with the content, it is also important to distinguish the brand from the rest and showcase its uniqueness with creativity.
  • An affiliate marketing plan for a luxury brand needs to be different, resourceful, and creative to keep the brand and the products desirable. It needs to have a unique way of driving those affiliations and revenue while keeping the reputation of the brand intact.
  • While typical retailers can be content with regular promotions or giving all-store discount codes to affiliates, for high-end luxury brands, this doesn't work, since standard discount offers on premium products can affect the image of exclusivity the brand has.
  • It is suggested to establish brand partnerships, offer saving codes on purchases above AOV, identify the affiliate target, give a discount on selected products that match the intentions of the brand, etc.
  • This is a best practice because it increases the revenue of the company, the attention on the brand, and protects its image of luxury.
  • The luxury fashion designer, Massimo Alba, created the cotton-corduroy sloop jacket for the latest James Bond film. Silverbean experts in affiliate marketing for luxury brands, designed a marketing strategy with a content partner and offered a 10% off on the jacket through a luxury retailer.
  • The promotion ran around the time the movie was released, for four months, the exclusive discount code was only offered to affiliates.
  • As a result, the promotion attracted a specific niched audience, drove more traffic towards the company with 26,000 clicks during those four months, and captured the engagement and attention of the audience, increasing the revenue by £24,500.
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Providers of Affiliate Marketing Tools

Six affiliate marketing tools in the United States include Linkconnector, Pepperjam, CJ Affiliate, Avantlink, Awin US, and Shareasale.


  • The company has offices in Florida, Colorado, California, and North California.
  • Linkconnector is an affiliate marketing tool because it uses naked coupon technology to empower influencers to expand their promotional reach.
  • Another reason Linkconnector is an affiliate marketing tool is that it uses naked link technologies to allow influencers to link from blogs to merchant sites.


CJ Affiliate

  • The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.
  • CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing tool because it offers a 1:1 customer-centric solution that enhances the value of affiliate partnerships.
  • As an affiliate marketing tool, CJ Affiliate provides cross-device analytics, which maximizes promotional opportunities and focuses on customers' shopping journeys.
  • Besides, CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing tool as it embraces a technology that connects advertisers and publishers within a network.
  • The last reason CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing tool is that it has helpful tools, such as deep link generator, product widgets, placements marketplace, cross-device tracking, and performance reporting that boost affiliate marketing success.


  • It has its headquarters in Park City, Utah.
  • Being an affiliate marketing tool, Avantlink has an affiliate link encoder tool that automatically converts direct-to-merchant links to affiliate links.
  • Avantlink is an affiliate marketing tool because it has a custom link builder tool that builds custom affiliate tracking links.
  • Besides, Avantlink is an affiliate marketing tool that was voted by ABestWeb as the best online affiliate network in 2012.
  • Another reason Avantlink is an affiliate marketing tool is that it was listed among Blue Book's top 20 leading affiliate networks for performance marketing by mthink in 2010.

Awin US

  • The company is headquartered in Baltimore.
  • As an affiliate marketing tool, Awin US has a deeplink generator that transforms advertisers' product links to a trackable link.
  • Additionally, Awin US's platform has consistent labels and layouts that aid influencers' marketing operations.
  • Awin US, an affiliate marketing tool, was named as the best-managed affiliate program in North America by the International performance marketing awards.


  • Sharesale is headquartered in Chicago, IL.
  • Shareasale is an affiliate marketing tool considering that it has an affiliate API that searches for new merchants and issues real-time daily reports to meet the specific needs of affiliate marketing.

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Providers of Affiliate Marketing Tools - The Findings: Part One

Linkconnector offers a suite of affiliate marketing tools that utilized its patented naked link technology. Pepperjam's Ascend allows marketers to manage their "affiliate marketing lifecycle in a single destination." CJ Affiliate's affiliate marketing program helps advertisers to "experience intelligent growth at scale."


  • Linkconnector offers a suite of affiliate marketing tools.
  • The company uses a patented technology called naked link technology, which is an "affiliate marketing method that provides inbound affiliate link credit without coded URLs."
  • The features of the suite of tools include naked coupons, shareable offers, reporting, earnings per click (EPC), affiliate conversion pixels, and fraud protection.
  • Linkconnector's affiliate marketing tools can be used to attribute commissions based on private coupon codes, share merchant offers onto social media platforms, generate reports for key performance metrics, deliver EPC based on promotion type, integrate affiliate conversion pixels within partners' pages, and detect fraudulent affiliates.
  • The benefits of using Linkconnector's affiliate marketing tools include being able to gain broader promotional reach, enable promotions to go viral, optimize efforts based on performance data, access detailed EPC data, generate real-time conversion data, and access a fraud-free network.


CJ Affiliate

  • CJ Affiliate offers an affiliate marketing program that allows advertisers to reward publishers for successfully promoting their products/services.
  • According to the company, its affiliate marketing program helps advertisers to "experience intelligent growth at scale."
  • The features of the program include affiliate personalization, cross-device analysis, cookieless tracking, affiliate customer insights, verticalized integrations, content creation, and security.
  • CJ Affiliate's affiliate marketing program can be used to scale and customize affiliate partnerships, analyze multi-device customer journeys, track data without cookies, track affiliate customer shopping behavior, integrate specific verticals, create VIP influencer campaigns, and safeguard against ad fraud.
  • The benefits of using CJ Affiliate's affiliate marketing program include being able to maximize the full potential of affiliate partnerships, reward publishers for sales driven across devices, ensure uninterrupted tracking, understand channel effectiveness, make decisions in real-time, engage influencer relationships at scale, and eliminate spend theft.
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Providers of Affiliate Marketing Tools - The Findings: Part Two

AvantLink's affiliate tool suite is "standardized across programs, flexible, and continuously evolving." Awin's tracking solution allows advertisers to optimize their affiliate marketing programs. ShareASale offers customized affiliate marketing solutions are capable of addressing the "unique needs of affiliate marketing."


  • AvantLink offers an affiliate tool suite.
  • According to the company, the tool suite is "standardized across programs, flexible, and continuously evolving."
  • The features of the tool suite include merchant ads, AvantLink app market, affiliate link encoder, paid placement, custom link builder, AvantLink WordPress plugin, Datafeed manager, AvantLink API, product ad widget, product content widget, dynamic deal feed, RSS deal feed syndication, deal of the day, and contextual ad tool.
  • AvantLink's affiliate tool suite can be used to update image/banner ads, access ad tools, change participating direct-to-merchant links to affiliate links, manage paid placement ads, build custom affiliate tracking links, access merchant ad campaigns from within WordPress, manage Datafeed, access AvantLink API, publish updated product content, access information about products, sync latest coupons from merchants, subscribe to RSS deals, publish dynamic deal of the day (DOTD), and create DOTD mobile alerts.
  • The benefits of using AvantLink's affiliate tool suite include automating the processes for tracking URLs, creating affiliate links, integrating affiliate link encoder tool, building and updating product displays, comparing prices, recommending similar products, and displaying content relevant merchant ads.


  • Awin describes its affiliate marketing tool as a "complete tracking solution."
  • According to the company, the tracking solution allows advertisers to optimize their affiliate marketing programs.
  • The features of the tracking solution include cross-device tracking, coupon attribution, commission flexibility, and promotional tools.
  • Awin's tracking solution can be used to record data points related to basket value, products, customers, coupon code usage, and click-to-sale lag time, track multi-device journey and coupon code transactions, and manage payments, commissions, and promotions.
  • The benefits of using Awin's tracking solution include being able to understand how each channel drives customers, facilitate partnerships with social media influencers, collaborate with different publishers based on flexible payment options, and discover new affiliates to partner with.


  • ShareASale offers customized affiliate marketing solutions.
  • According to the company, its solutions are capable of addressing the "unique needs of affiliate marketing."
  • The features of the solutions include real-time tracking, segmentation, clickstream attribution, merchant API, affiliate API, stores connect, and custom link creation.
  • ShareASale's affiliate marketing solutions can be used to track ad banner clicks, segment and group affiliates, generate clickstream reports, retrieve reporting data and daily stats, connect multiple stores, and create custom affiliate links.
  • The benefits of using ShareASale's affiliate marketing solutions include being able to track commissions in real-time, the trends of affiliate groups, and rule-based commissions, generate reports automatically, manage multiple stores with separate commissions, and share affiliate links via social media or email.
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Case Studies - Successful Affiliate Marketing

Three luxury brand direct-to-consumer companies that have affiliate marketing programs are Tamara Mellon, Anine Bing, and Senreve. All three are new start-ups that entered the market since 2012.

Tamara Mellon (Women's Shoes) Case Study

  • Tamara Mellon was a pioneer in direct-to-consumer luxury when she launched a shoe line in 2016 — "five years after leaving Jimmy Choo, the brand she co-founded in 1996."
  • Tamara Mellon is said to be the only brand — luxury or otherwise — that offers free shoe repairs for two years after purchase.
  • Tamara Mellon offers affiliate programs. Affiliate marketers can earn commissions by referring new customers to Tamara Mellon. The affiliate program sign-ups are available participate in several major affiliate networks:
"Skimlinks: Yes (may not be active, last active in January 2020) — Check status
Viglink: Yes (may not be active, last active in January 2020) — Check status
ShareASale: Unlikely — Check status
Awin (Affiliate Window): Unlikely — Check status
FlexOffers: Yes — Apply
Commission Junction (CJ, Conversant): Unlikely — Check status
Rakuten Marketing (Linkshare): Yes — Apply "
  • Tamara Mellon also offers consumers coupons. "Tamara Mellon is currently running 2 active coupons which you can use for discounts on"
  • No information was available on the success of Tamara Mellon's affiliate program.

Anine Bing (Women's Clothing) Case Study

  • According to Luxe Digital (a publication of reference for new business leaders and affluent consumers), Anine Bing is one of the top 15 most desirable US digital direct-to-customer luxury brands. Anine Bing offers designs of classic clothing.
  • At #5 on the Top 15 list from Luxe Digital, Anine Bing's website receives 125,000 visits per month, has a social media audience of 856,182, and a social media engagement of 6,394,222. Social media engagement is a figure that "represents the total number of engagement actions across all tracked social channels, combining comments, likes and shares."
  • Anine Bing offers affiliate programs through and other websites, with Yazing paying an 8 percent commission.
  • Anine Bing offers promo codes to customers. According to Knoji, "Anine Bing offers discount codes and promo codes actively. So far this year (in 2019) Anine Bing has offered 761,664 total coupon codes to customers. In 2018, Anine Bing offered 0 codes."
  • Anine Bing had an estimated revenue of $18.7 million in 2018.
  • No information was available on the success of Anine Bing's affiliate program.

Senreve (Handbags) Case Study

  • Senreve sells "beautiful Italian-made bags (manufactured in the same factory as heritage luxury brands like Celine and Fendi) [that] are rooted in everyday utilitarianism — two elements that have traditionally been at odds with another." Senreve responds to female consumers' needs, offering a handbag line that caters to working professional women.
  • Senreve is #8 on Luxe Digital's list of the Top 15 Best Digital Native Luxury Brands of 2020. The company began in 2016.
  • "Senreve partnered with different social media influencers and traditional Hollywood celebrities" to position and build its brand. Celebrities photographed with Senreve's bags include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Garner, and Anna Kendrick. The design of the bags is such that they "are instantly recognizable on Instagram and when toted by celebrities...."
  • The launch of the Senreve product line consisted of two styles, the Doctor and the Maestra. Other styles were added. Bags sell for between $125 and $995.
  • At #8, Senreve receives 251,667 visits per month to its website, has 145,529 in its social media audience, and has a total social media engagement of 262,974 per month.
  • Senreve participates in affiliate programs. One affiliate program is available through FlexOffers and another on Pepperjam. Commission offered is 8.00 percent.
  • No information is available on the success of Senreve's affiliate program.

Research Strategy

There does not appear to be any way of determining whether affiliate marketing programs are "successful". None of the affiliate marketing program websites report on the "success" of the companies of which one can become an affiliate. Instead, the affiliate program websites focus on the amount of the commission that an affiliate can earn from each company. None of the industry articles that offer lists of "best" or "top" affiliate programs include information on the success of particular programs. The three companies selected for this research project (Tamara Mellon, Anine Bing, Senreve) all offer affiliate programs, but none of the companies publish annual reports because they are private companies. Hence, there is nowhere one may look to find the percentage of sales that are attributed to affiliates, or to the amount of commissions paid to affiliates. Industry articles discussing the market entries, products, and marketing plans of the three companies offer no statistics on affiliate programs.


From Part 06
  • "And it's their belief that this new approach — slowing down, scaling back and offering supply-chain insights — will usher in a new kind of luxury. "
  • "Tamara Mellon had the foresight to pioneer direct-to-consumer luxury three years ago, when she launched her namesake shoe line in 2016 — five years after leaving Jimmy Choo, the brand she co-founded in 1996. "I noticed customer behavior was changing, there was less traffic at department stores; I realized the future of retail was the end of wholesale, and what do you do with a brand that's wholesale-dependent? That sees orders decline every season, but too big to change?" she posits. "The quality of my shoes are the same, the design innovation is the same, but what's changed is the business model — a buy-now, wear-now approach with shoes that are seasonally appropriate.""
  • " Mellon isn't worried that her "non-luxury" prices — about half compared with that of traditional luxury competitors — will affect how her shoes will be perceived. Jill Layfield, co-founder and CEO of Tamara Mellon, firmly believes that "service and quality are the two things that will always be the hallmarks of a luxury product and a luxury brand." Layfield offers up the brand's partnership with Cobbler Concierge as an example. Tamara Mellon, she says, is the only brand — luxury or otherwise — that offers complimentary repairs for two years after purchase. Add to that the brand's value-based marketing that shed light on issues that Mellon holds close to her heart (pay equity and women's health), and altogether, it's forged an incredibly strong relationship with its customers. "
  • ""Traditionally in retail, particularly in luxury, there's a lot of distance between the brand and the customer; the best brands today are the ones the customers feel close to," she continues. "That closeness is anchored in shared values.""
  • "This community building is also baked into the principles of Senreve, which puts forth beautiful Italian-made bags (manufactured in the same factory as heritage luxury brands like Celine and Fendi) but are rooted in everyday utilitarianism — two elements that have traditionally been at odds with another. As a nimble company, Chung says Senreve has the advantage of responding to their consumers, almost in real-time. "
  • "Be that as it may, luxury, for its part, has seen some disruptive moves in recent years: Louis Vuitton appointed streetwear doyen Virgil Abloh as the house's men's creative director; LVMH backed Rihanna's Fenty line, which sees seasonal drops (as opposed to following the traditional fashion calendar); Prada has doubled down on its digital strategy to boost revenue. "
  • ""We're going to see an increase in direct-to-consumer brands for sure, but because they typically narrow in on one category, multi-brand retailers will continue to exist in some form. "
  • " Senreve — a handbag line catered to working professionals — Instead of heeding their advice, the co-founders, determined to do things their own way, opted to take the direct-to-consumer route. Built upon affordability, accessibility and transparency — three pillars that are embedded in the DNA of these disruptive labels, ranging from mattresses to luggage — does this new digital-savvy, consumer-first retail landscape even have a place for luxury? "
  • ""You have to consider the people who can afford luxury and they may not be totally favorable of digital-only — they want the collective brand in-store experience at their favorite merchants," says Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, founder of Retail Minded and author of Retail 101. "If you look at retail at large, consumers want to be engaged and entertained — I refer to as 'shopertainment' — and when you factor in luxury, there are so many variables that are erased with digital-only. A physical presence is still really important.""
  • ""Luxury isn't a rational business — most people would think spending $20,000 on a handbag is irrational.""
  • "deteriorating state of luxury. So they took it upon themselves to bring it back with Nomasei, a direct-to-consumer footwear brand that embodies the artisanal spirit of Hermès with the radical transparency of Everlane (the secret to how they've made it happen: a partnership with an Italian manufacturer, which owns a 15% stake in their company)."
  • "The rise and growth of digital native DTCs have been a trendy topic in marketing circles lately. Warby Parker. Bonobos. Glossier. Casper. Other digital native brands have been acquired by big corporate companies and retailers (Unilever paid $1 billion for Dollar Shave Club back in 2016, while Walmart acquired Bonobos in June 2017). A small number of digital native brands even went public. The online luxury resale site The RealReal went public in June 2019, and Casper filed for IPO in January 2020."
  • "Digitally native brands are reshaping nearly every sector by leveraging a direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, fostering a direct relationship with consumers from the launch — sometimes even building sizable online followings before going to market."
  • "By definition, digital native DTC brands are born online. They usually thrive on social media, allowing them to connect with young, affluent Millennials and Gen Z consumers deeply."
  • "Digitally native vertical brands are maniacally focused on the customer experience, and they interact, transact, and story-tell to consumers primarily on the web."
  • "To rank the digital native DTC brands, we took into account a combination of online traffic, social media audience and social media engagement to create this list. You can read more details about our methodology and terminology at the end of this article."
  • "This is not just about voucher codes, cashback and last-click for advertisers, this is part of a holistic approach to digital advertising that promises real and sustained ROI for high-end brands."
  • "The modern managed affiliate programmes use sophisticated groups of content publishers, including mainstream “offline” publishing houses such as Condé Nast."
  • "This is performance marketing through deep partnership, levered via tenancy, editorial, blogging, email and (yes) incentives like voucher codes or cashback. Partnerships with high volume and niche sites that can deliver the kind of primed-to-buy, long tailed traffic available nowhere else."
  • "When properly managed, affiliate marketing allows brands to deliver relevant messages to highly-targeted customer segments. "
  • "Instead, luxury today is defined by desirability, product excellence, exemplary service and, fundamentally, a brand promise. And affiliate channels are exactly where a brand’s promise, desirability, service and excellence are defined for its target audience."
  • "Deloitte says that 58% of UK millennial luxury consumers buy their luxury goods online. What’s more, 85% of luxury consumers regularly use social media. According to Google one in five luxury purchases happens on the web."
  • "What’s more, offering deals and vouchering is not regarded as damaging to luxury brands’ reputation by consumers."
  • "For another fashion retailer, working with affiliates achieved over 300 pieces of content coverage in a three-month period which, in turn, contributed to content websites driving 50%+ of the brand’s affiliate revenue."
  • "Affiliate channels have proved, time and time again, to bring new customers and incremental sales to the table for every kind of brand, particularly those at the very top end of their sector."
  • "The roll call of brands that are using the affiliate channel as part of the marketing mix is impressive – Agent Provocateur, Barneys New York, Burberry, Liberty London, NET-A-PORTER to name a few."
  • "The lessons of affiliate marketing Luxury affiliate marketing is happening… if you’re not doing it, you’re already losing out. Luxury consumers are savvy, switched on and impulsive – take advantage of that. Be led by the data and use experts to help you execute the highest quality campaigns. Choose who manages your affiliates carefully – your brand’s success will live or die by their experience both within wider digital marketing, the specific affiliate channel and naturally their knowledge of your brand / sector. "
  • "The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it’s based on return on investment. In most models, affiliates don’t get paid until they successfully refer a new customer to you. For example, direct-to-consumer shoe retailer Zappos offers 7% commission per sale, luxury consignment shop The RealReal offers 5% commission per sale plus a $50 cash bonus for each new customer, and watch company MVMT offers 10% commission per sale. So for DTC retailers looking to minimize their risk, or only pay out of money they’re making, affiliate marketing makes perfect sense. "
  • "in 2017, 81% of brands were already using affiliate marketing programs, and the channel is only expected to grow in popularity.)"
  • "Affiliates (also known as publishers) can be social media influencers, bloggers, or other brands whose audience is similar to the company’s target customer. This gives the brand access to an audience of customers they might not already have. Three key players make this work: the advertiser, the publisher, and the customer."
  • "When a customer purchases a product through the publisher’s affiliate link, the publisher earns a commission for that sale. It increases sales for the brand and acts as a source of revenue for the publisher, making it a winning strategy for all parties. Customers are made aware of products they may not have otherwise purchased. Publishers earn revenue by promoting or influencing the sale of those products by organically including it in relevant content. And the company that sells the product does more business."
  • "Simply put, luxury within e-commerce refers to something that is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity for the everyday shopper. "
  • "More ways to save money at Tamara Mellon coupons: Tamara Mellon is currently running 2 active coupons which you can use for discounts on"
  • " Knoji Staff 226 Jan 31, 2020 Yes, Tamara Mellon does do affiliate marketing, so you can earn commissions by referring new customers to Tamara Mellon. Based on our research, here's how they participate in the major affiliate networks: Skimlinks: Yes (may not be active, last active in January 2020) — Check status Viglink: Yes (may not be active, last active in January 2020) — Check status ShareASale: Unlikely — Check status Awin (Affiliate Window): Unlikely — Check status FlexOffers: Yes — Apply Commission Junction (CJ, Conversant): Unlikely — Check status Rakuten Marketing (Linkshare): Yes — Apply "
  • "ANINE BING fuses Scandinavian heritage with American energy for a blended aesthetic that fits the lifestyle of the dynamic women they dress. ANINE BING Commission Rate Details: Yazing members earn 8% of Sales. How Yazing Works: Yazing gives you instant access to earn top commissions from 2,528 affiliate programs including the ANINE BING affiliate program. You will promote the up to date ANINE BING deal and coupon code page on Yazing. "
  • "Does Anine Bing offer promo codes? Yes Yes, Anine Bing offers discount codes and promo codes actively. So far this year (in 2019) Anine Bing has offered 761,664 total coupon codes to customers. In 2018, Anine Bing offered 0 codes. Here's a complete list of current Anine Bing promo codes.. "
  • "Estimated Revenue & Financials ANINE BING's estimated annual revenue is currently $18.7M per year. ANINE BING received $15.0M in venture funding in September 2018. ANINE BING's estimated revenue per employee is $212,455 Employee Data ANINE BING has 88 Employees. ANINE BING grew their employee count by 24% last year. ANINE BING currently has 1 job openings. "
  • "ANINE BING was launched in 2012 with headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by the fusion of Scandinavian heritage and American spirit, ANINE BING offers luxurious staples, wardrobe basics and statement pieces that are current and timeless. Creative director Anine Bing thoughtfully curates each piece in her 'see now buy now' monthly collections where she marries edgy and feminine in a soft meets hard design approach. To this date, ANINE BING is sold in more than 300 boutiques world wide. Five ANINE BING flagship stores can be found in Los Angeles, New York, Belgium, France and Spain; and this expansion will continue throughout 2016 world wide."
  • "What we’ve created is a seamless blend of elegant design, impeccable quality and innovative construction. Our bags are sleek, structured and designed to carry your life in style. They're also lightweight, travel-friendly and just as appropriate for a business meeting as they are for happy hour or brunch."
  • "Refer a friend: Give $50, Get $50 Give your friend $50 off their purchase of $300+, Get $50 off your next order. It's easy! Enter your email to start sharing with friends: "
  • "Bags sell from $395 to $895"
  • "Knoji Staff 226 Jan 31, 2020 Yes, Senreve does have an affiliate program. Using their affiliate or referral program, you can earn commissions by referring new customers via the Senreve website. We researched the popular affiliate networks, and here's what we found about where you can join Senreve's affiliate program:"
  • " Skimlinks: Unlikely — Check status Viglink: Yes — Apply ShareASale: Unlikely — Check status Awin (Affiliate Window): Unlikely — Check status FlexOffers: Yes — Apply Commission Junction (CJ, Conversant): Unlikely — Check status Rakuten Marketing (Linkshare): Unlikely — Check status Pepperjam: Yes — Apply Impact Radius ( Unlikely — Check status Avantlink: Unlikely — Check status Webgains: Unlikely — Check status Direct: Unlikely — Check status"
  • " Senreve affiliate program SENREVE SENREVE on ShareASale Country: US Status: Closed Senreve on FlexOffers Country: US Status: Open Senreve on Pepperjam Country: Status: Open Launched: n/c Cookies: 30 days Revenue: 8.00 % We do not allow trademark bidding. We allow direct linking. We do not allow downloadable software partners to join our program. We do not allow incentivized partners. We allow email marketing. All partners must be Can-SPAM compliant and must contact us prior to running these for suppression lists. Any partner that doesn't reach out first is considered to be in violation of our terms and conditions. "
  • "Spotted on celebrity A-Listers like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Garner, and Anna Kendrick, Senreve – which is derived from the French words for “sense” and “dream” – was launched by cofounders Coral Chung and Wendy Wen in 2016, and is proving to be a major force in the fashion industry. Last week, Senreve announced that the brand raised $16.75M in Series A funding, bringing its total capital raised to more than $23M in just three years. "
  • "Since its 2016 launch, Senreve has made its mark as an elevated yet approachable luxury brand, first and foremost on the strength of its functional designs, stylish silhouettes, and the fact that the bags are manufactured in Italy by skilled artisans and feature luxe materials like 100% genuine Italian leather."
  • "Although Senreve’s physical presence had mostly been limited to its online boutique, it has established key partnerships with Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (in their select top store locations), and more recently with Apple on a global scale, with a Senreve leather envelope sleeve for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro."
  • "While Senreve’s HQ and first store is in San Francisco, it’s making its mark in Hollywood circles with fans like Priyanka Chopra, Brie Larson and Selma Blair. Senreve’s branding and designs clearly resonate with celebrities who have themselves even purchased the bags on a waitlist, as Senreve’s signature style “Maestra” is constantly sold-out."
  • "Chung and Wen have honed in on Senreve’s market positioning in such a strategic way that the bags are instantly recognizable on Instagram and when toted by celebrities, even with the brand’s discreet logo. While the collections remain curated, they are now introducing new colors and materials more frequently."
  • "launched by cofounders Coral Chung and Wendy Wen in 2016, "