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Stuart Appley: CB Richard Ellis

Stuart Appley is currently the Global Workplace Solutions Managing Director of CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), a real estate and investment company. He graduated from San Francisco State University with an MBA in Finance. He is currently an advisor/mentor at three other real estate companies and has held executive-level roles in his previous companies. Furthermore, he has been involved in award-winning innovative digital projects. Recent news articles about him primarily feature his discourse on digital transformation opportunities in real estate.


Based on an exhaustive press search, I could only find the most recent news items that involve Stuart below. Two of the most recent media articles listed below were from two years ago. Most of the press releases about Stuart were released four years ago when he was still the CIO of Shorenstein Realty Services so were excluded.

1. Stuart’s YouTube Interview with 1BConn — posted June 23, 2016:

In the 1BConn YouTube interview, Stuart laid down some future opportunities for the real estate industry such as senior citizens needing houses to move into. He also mentioned how he was able to help his clients choose the right technology platform for their real estate services. He mentioned the many advanced technologies available like AI, machine learning, and other innovations that can be useful to incorporate into the real estate industry.

2. CIO Article: Why some CIOs are taking on customer advisory roles — dated April 13, 2016:

This article was all about CIOs taking on customer advisory roles due to the changing business landscape, where companies are forced to integrate digital technologies into their operations. Given this direction, IT leaders were being given customer-facing roles.
Stuart was interviewed as one of the CIOs who took on customer advisory roles. Stuart left his CIO position at Shorenstein Realty Services for a customer-facing role at CBRE.
He now manages the Global Workplace Solutions team and provides technological services to help his clients operate collaborative real estate facilities. He mentioned that he has an interfacing role with the responsibility of keeping CBRE as the leading real estate technological solutions' provider. Stuart stated that he views himself as a business person rather than a "tech guy." He also reiterated that CIOs are still customer-focused but their customers are all internal to the company.

3. Corenet Technology Symposium — dated Feb. 12. 2018:

This is not an external media article but Stuart’s own blog entry. However, there are many big external companies like IBM who are mentioned in the article. In the Corenet Technology Symposium Stuart participated on a panel with technology experts from IBM, Saltmine, Capital One, and others. In the panel, these technological experts agree that the recent trends in technology such as IoT, machine learning, blockchain, and augmented/virtual reality are being incorporated in real estate innovation discussions by Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Technology (CRETech).
During the panel discussions, it was also mentioned that the real estate industry is still lagging behind other industries in implementing the technological advances mentioned above. However, in recent years, the industry tried to catch up with huge technological investments that amounted to $3 billion in 2017, in addition to the $2.7 billion invested in 2016 and $2 billion in 2015. These investments will go a long way in integrating recent advances in technology to the real estate industries business processes.


After graduating from the San Francisco State University with an MBA in Finance, Stuart’s work history details are as follows:

Company Name: CBRE
Position: Managing Director, Global Workplace Solutions
Company Name: MetaProp NYC
Position: RE200 Mentor
Company Name: Blumberg Capital
Position: CIO Advisory Board Member
Work Period: Apr. 2015 — Present
Position: Advisory Council Member
Work Period: Jan. 2009 — Present
Position: Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, SVP
Company Name: vArmour
Position: CIO Advisory Board Member
Company Name: DocuSign
Position: Advisory Council Member
Company Name: Walden International
Position: Chief Information Officer
Company Name: GT Global
Position: Director, Sales and Marketing Applications
Work Period: 1992 – 1998
Company Name: First Nationwide Bank
Position: Business Systems Manager
Work Period: 1987 – 1992
Position: Account Manager
Work Period: 1986 – Oct 1987


Most of the entries on Stuart’s Facebook (FB) page are set to private mode, so I took a look at his wife’s FB page. Stuart is married to Gale Appley and they have two daughters and one son.


Stuart’s hobbies are not directly stated on any site. Based on his FB page it appears that he likes to go diving and skiing, as evidenced by the public photos available in his FB page. His other hobbies can be inferred as blogging, surfing the internet, posting on social media, and reading books as his Twitter page is filled with his own posts, articles from various internet sites, and narratives taken from various books about AI, machine learning, and other digital topics.


The following are Stuart’s accomplishments:
— Lowered an application’s footprint by 63% and drove rapid business growth by deploying an exhaustive cloud strategy and road-map.
— Executed a new mobile approach to increase employee collaboration and deliver key information to remote users.
— Formulated a blueprint strategy to establish a new global technology organization while ensuring that the investment in technology was optimized. Restructured the IT organization to build an organization that contributed to the strategic value with business success focus.
Broadened the capability of the customer service team and enhanced corporate data quality by overseeing 24 CRM, data warehouse, collaboration, portfolio management, and other application projects.
He also received the following awards and recognition for his business innovation and digital transformation projects:
* 2017 Global Business Transformation Leader 150 Recipient
* 2015 Digital Innovation Award Winner
* Voted as 2016 and 2015's Top 100 Social CIO by Huffington Post


There are no publicly available articles or reports that directly state the number of people working for Stuart. I extrapolated a figure based on the number of people following the CBRE’s Global Workplace Solutions team’s LinkedIn department account. Based on the number of followers, there are probably about 1,200 employees, give or take a few, working under Stuart since he is the managing director of that department.


Stuart Appley, Global Workplace Solutions MD at CBRE, is a graduate of San Francisco State University with an MBA in Finance. He has also delivered real-estate and technology-related projects that won awards. The latest news about him were all about his views on technological innovations in real estate.