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The Impact and Management of Mental Stress

After screening through the research databases and prized academic websites, we have found 10 research articles and reports that study mental stress, its impacts, and various strategies that help to relieve mental stress. These researches suggest that a sedentary lifestyle leads to increased mental stress, while classical music and spa therapy help mitigate mental stress. We have also located two additional research articles on the positive effects of mindfulness meditations on reduction of mental stress.

Research articles on Mental Stress, Its Impacts, and ways to manage Mental Stress —

1. Mental Health and Stress Among South Asians

  • The research focuses on the note that "Addressing mental illness requires a culturally sensitive approach." It explores various reasons due to which South Asians immigrants fall prey to Mental Stress and how do they perceive it on a cultural basis.

2. Changes in sedentary time are associated with changes in mental well-being over 1 year in young adults

  • This research studies the correlation between sedentary lifestyle and mental stress. Its result suggest that "High amounts of sedentary time are associated with poor mood, stress, and sleep" and "Decreased daily sedentary time predicted improved mental well-being over a year."

3. Impact of mental stress, the circadian system and their interaction on human cardiovascular function

  • The research explores the impact of mental stress and circadian system on cardiovascular system. It reports its findings, which suggest that "Mental stress impacts on cardiovascular function" and that "Mental stress and circadian effects on cardiovascular function may be additive."

4. Slow breathing improves cardiovascular reactivity to mental stress and health-related quality of life in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction

5. Internet-based stress management for distressed managers: results from a randomized controlled trial

  • The research explores the effectiveness of internet based guided stress management intervention (iSMI), compared to full treatment. The research concludes by stating that "iSMIs can be an effective, accessible and potentially time-effective approach of reducing stress and other mental-related and work-related health symptoms among distressed managers."

6. Electroencephalogram-Based Comparative Study of Music Effect on Mental Stress Relief

  • The research experimentally quantifies the effects of music on mental stress relief. The research's results indicate that "classical music is a more effective tool for mental stress relief."

7. Psychological stress-relieving effects of chewing — Relationship between masticatory function-related factors and stress-relieving effects

  • The research shows that number of chewing strokes relates to the stress relieving effects. The research suggests that "more appropriate chewing would produce a greater effect psychological stress relief."

8. Spa therapy (balneotherapy) relieves mental stress, sleep disorder, and general health problems in sub-healthy people

  • The research looks at the relieving effects of Spa therapy on mental stress along with sleep disorders and general health of women. The research concludes on the note that "spa therapy (balneotherapy) relieves mental stress, sleep disorder, general health, and reduces women’s waist circumferences in sub-healthy people."

9. Looking at One's Self Through Facebook Increases Mental Stress: A Computational Psychometric Analysis by Using Eye-Tracking and Psychophysiology

10. The effects of virtual reality on mental wellness: A literature review


1. When science meets mindfulness — Researchers study how it seems to change the brain in depressed patients

2. Even a single mindfulness meditation session can reduce anxiety

  • The research suggests that "people can begin to derive psychological and physiological benefits from the practice after a single introductory session." The research maintains that not only meditation helps with mental stress, but physical stress too.