Street Lighting Market in the UK

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Street Lighting Market in the UK

The market size of UK’s steel lighting columns market is approximately £2.2 billion. The main players in the market include CU Phosco, Fabrikat Nottingham, Mallatite, and Valmont Stainton, among others.

Market Size

  • Available statistics show that there are about 6.5 million street lighting columns owned by the public in the United Kingdom.
  • The height of a column is guided by the lighting design calculation.
  • However, the commonly used columns in the UK are 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 meters long.
  • For this triangulation, the standard height of a street lighting column has been assumed to be eight meters.
  • The average cost of an eight-meter tubular steel street lighting column in the UK is £342.
  • Thus, the market size can be calculated as £342x6,500,000=£2,223,000,000.

Main Players

CU Phosco

  • CU Phosco Lighting has been manufacturing numerous types of lighting columns since 1923.
  • The Hertfordshire-based company’s steel lighting columns range from 3m to 60m.
  • The company is the largest designer and producer of outdoor lighting equipment in the UK.

Fabrikat Nottingham

  • Fabrikat has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying street lighting columns since 1985.
  • The columns are made from galvanized steel.
  • The three main column types are tubular, tapered conical, and tapered multi-sided.


  • Mallatite manufactures a broad spectrum of lighting columns ranging from 3m to 20m.
  • The company also manufactures longer and non-standard columns through a special order.
  • The columns are made from galvanized steel and aluminum.
  • Besides the UK market, the company’s lighting columns are also sold in other parts of the globe such as US, Sweden, and Australia.

Post & Column Co.

  • Post and Column Co. produces lighting columns with mounting heights of 4 to 15 meters.
  • The columns are designed to the updated EN40 standards.
  • For over 20 years, the company has produced its lighting columns in-house at its Winsford-based factory.

Tata Steel Tubes Europe

  • Tata Steel Tubes Europe has been manufacturing steel lighting columns since 1912.
  • The company is the second largest steel producer in Europe.
  • Through its steelmaking sites in UK, Tata Steel Tubes has been making steel lighting columns for street and road lighting.
  • The straight tubular columns are made of galvanized steel and are BS EN 40 accredited.

Valmont Stainton

  • Valmont Stainton manufactures lighting columns for the lighting market across the UK and beyond.
  • The company is among the leading producers of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and wood lighting columns in the UK.
  • Valmont’s columns profiles include octagonal, conical, triangular, and stepped tubular designs.
  • The company is based in Dukesway, UK.

Pudsey Diamond

Research Strategy

The research team could not find information on the number of steel street lighting columns in the UK based on where they are installed for a split between motorways and others. Our initial search focused on the local government and district councils’ reports on street lighting and maintenance. We hoped to find data on the specific number of street lighting columns in areas such as motorways, car parks, and other amenity areas in the UK. However, we were only able to find the number of publicly owned columns in all areas of use.

We then shifted our focus to research reports published by credible organizations such as Arthur D Little. While such reports could provide a breakdown of street lighting columns per area of use, the search only yielded a wealth of information on the accelerated adoption of LED street light in the UK and replacement costs. Thus, we used the number of publicly owned columns to calculate the market size as a factor of number of steel street lighting columns multiplied by average cost.

In the second part, the research team too could not find the market share of the leading steel street lighting columns manufacturers. Although some companies are the leading manufacturers based on the number of products, experience, and revenue, their exact market share is not available. We searched through reports on street lighting market in the UK hoping to find information about the top players and their respective market share. However, only information about their various products was found. Moreover, the team did not find any granular information about the size of their market or sales made from street lighting columns. Without such information, the research team could not triangulate.

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