Storage and Organization: Industry Analysis

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Storage and Organization: Industry Analysis

Key Findings

  • Oxo was founded in 1990 as a company which designs, manufactures, and markets consumer products and appliances.
  • Unquestionably, one of Joseph Joseph's strategic advantages is the ability to innovate.
  • Fashionable women or housewives who want to stand out in society are OXo's target market.


A competitive analysis of iDesign, Rubbermaid, Oxo, Honey Can Do, Joseph Joseph, and Madesmart has been provided below.


  • These categories can further be classified into the following sub-categories- Bath: Bath Accessories, Bath Curtains, Bath Mats/Rugs, Bath Storage, Bath Suction, Cosmetics, Self Adhesive, Shower Caddies, Toilet Storage, Vanity, and Waste Can. Kitchen: Drawer Organization, Fridge Organization, Pantry Organization, Self Adhesive, and Sinkware. Home Storage: Basket/Waste Cans, Closet, Drawer Organization, Laundry, Office Organization, Over Door/Wall Mount Hooks and Racks, Self Adhesive and Under Bed Storage. Ideas & Inspiration: The Home Edit, The Spruce, and Professional Organizer Picks.
  • InterDesign website:


  • Rubbermaid Incorporated was founded in 1920 as a housewares manufacturing company with a mission to create high-quality, innovative houseware items that would help its customers manage their everyday lives.
  • Headquartered in High Point, North Carolina, Rubbermaid Incorporated has 2nd office in Huntersville, North Carolina.
  • In 1999, Newell Rubbermaid Inc. was established, a leading marketer of consumer and commercial goods with a 2005 revenue of $6.3 billion. The corporation is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and employs about 30,000 people worldwide.
  • Rubbermaid products are also widely available in "mass retail, hardware and home center stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, and specialty stores." Newell Rubbermaid Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that the Rubbermaid brand remains synonymous with long-lasting, innovative products that make people's lives easier daily.
  • Rubbermaid products are made for multiple home categories including Food Storage, Shed & Outdoor, Home Organization, Hand Sanitizer, and Cleaning & Waste. Produce Preservation, and Drinkware & Tableware.
  • Some of these categories can further be classified into the following sub-categories- Food Storage: Everyday Use Containers, Meal Prep Containers, On-The-Go COntainers, Pantry Containers, and Sustainability. Shed & Outdoor: Sheds, and Deck Boxes. Home Organization: Closet Systems, Garage Organization, Kitchen & Pantry Storage, Laundry & Step Stools, Car Organization, Containers & Tots, Coolers, and Water Bottles. Cleaning & Waste: Cleaning Supplies, Indoor Waste & Recycling, and Outdoor Waste & Recycling.
  • According to D&B, Rubbermaid made an estimated revenue of $3.98 billion in 2019
  • Rubbermaid's major target market includes "head-of-household females between the ages of 25 and 40 who are responsible for feeding multiple people. Another segment of the target market includes singles between the ages of 20 and 30 who are consistently preparing food for one."
  • Rubbermaid's competitive advantage includes its great designs and its innovation.
  • Rubbermaid website:


  • Some of these categories can further be classified into the following sub-categories- Cooking & Baking: Food Containers, Mix & Measure, Fruits & Vegetables, Cut, Slice, Chop, Utensils, Cook & Bakeware, Tools & Gadgets, and Specialty Tools. Beverage: Coffee & Tea, Barware, and On the Go. Cleaning & Organization: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Home & Office.
  • OXo's target market is fashionable females or housewives who want to stand out in society by decorating their living lifestyle with Oxo's stylish and elegant items. Oxo products are also for housewives who want items that are practical and easy to use. Stylish females or housewives are those who are willing to spend even more money in order to sustain their lifestyle in society and do not hesitate to flaunt their wealth in front of others.

Honey Can Do

  • Honey Can Do International, Inc was founded in 2008, "it manufactures home storage and organization products." Honey Can Do International, also, "distributes products from other manufacturers."
  • Honey Can Do products are made for multiple home categories including Org & Storage, Laundry, Kitchen, Bath, Office Decor, Closet, and Kids.
  • These categories can further be classified into the following sub-categories- Org & Storage: New Arrivals, Best Sellers, Auto & Travel, Bin & Baskets, Holiday Storage, Shelving Units, and Shoe Storage & Entry. Laundry: Drying, Garment Racks, Hampers & Sorters, Hangers, Ironing, and Laundry Bags. Kitchen: Cereal Dispensers, Joyce Chen, Kitchen Accessories, Kitchen Storage, Pizza, and Trash Cans. Bath: Bath Storage, Jewelry Storage, Shower, and Waste Basket. Office & Decor: Back To School, Desk Organization, Furniture, Office Carts & Craft Storage, Perch Wall Storage, Wall Shelves, and Waste Baskets. Closet: Bin & Baskets, Free Standing Closets, Garments Racks, Hangers, Shoe Storage, Soft Storage, and Vacuum Packs. Kids: Explore & Store Collection, Hangers, and Toy Organization.
  • According to D&B, Honey-Can-Do International, LLC would make an estimated revenue of $77.69 million in 2021.
  • Honey-Can-Do revolutionized the home goods industry by finding out how to drop-ship to its customers effectively. Greenspon and the Honey-Can-Do team saw an opportunity as the competition continued to focus on legacy ERP systems with minimal functionality and facilities that were not designed adequately for direct shipping. Honey-Can-Do saw an opportunity in a market that was underserved and set out to monopolize it. Honey-Can-Do converted the opportunity into a competitive advantage, and they are now reaping the rewards.


  • Madesmart products are made for multiple home categories including Kitchen, Bath, and Office.
  • These categories can further be classified into the following sub-categories- Kitchen: New Items, Carbon, Drawer, Cabinet, Fridge & Pantry, Sinkware, and Undersink. Bath: New Items, Bath, Stack, and Vanity. Office: Featured Items, Classic, Square, Value, and Stack.
  • According to D&B, Madesmart made an estimated revenue of$93,309 in 2018.
  • According to Jason Seifert, chief financial and operations officer of Madesmart, "Madesmart believes one of its competitive advantages is its ability to manage its supply chains in a way that brings in low-cost but attractive, well-designed products, on time to U.S. retailers. Building a new supply chain to meet both those sometimes competing goals would be challenging,"
  • Madesmart website:

Joseph Joseph

  • Founded in 2003, "Joseph Joseph focuses on the whole user experience creating products that work beautifully and are a pleasure to have around the home."
  • Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Joseph Joseph Specializes in contemporary kitchenware, and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the global homewares industry, offering some of the most trendy and "technically innovative products available." Joseph Joseph sells its products to 105 countries globally.
  • Joseph Joseph products are made for multiple home categories including Bath, Kitchen, Home Storage, and Ideas & Inspiration.
  • The overseas market is part of Joseph Joseph's target audience. In a BBC interview, Richard Joseph, a founding partner of Joseph Joseph, explained how focusing on overseas sales gave the company a lucky break; within 18 months, Joseph Joseph was selling to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. And now sells in 105 countries, accounting for 78 percent of total revenue
  • One of Joseph Joseph's competitive advantages is unquestionably its ability to innovate. " And, the most important of all, the key to success in our business: the creation of experiences and emotions in order to make our products and retail stores, whether brick-and-mortar or online, attractive and engaging to consumers," says Richard Joseph, a founding partner in a recent interview.
  • Joseph Joseph's website:

Research Strategy

We did not find any pre-compiled news article, report, industry analysis, in the public domain containing informtion on where their sales occur (i.e. percent online vs home improvment store, vs specialty stores, vs department) of iDesign, Rubbermaid, Oxo, Honey Can Do, Joseph Joseph, and Madesmartwas unavailable. Also, we after a thorough research we were unable any infomation on Madesmart and Honey Can Do target audience, and the competive advantage InterDesign. This could be due to fact that most of these companies were private companies and another obligated to make the information public.

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