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Stanhope Capital Crypto & Digital Assets

Stanhope Capital has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Its total amount of family assets under management is $10 billion. The requested information has been provided in row 9, 'Family Offices' tab of the attached spreadsheet.


  • Stanhope Capital is an investment and asset management company headquartered in London, UK.
  • It has a total of $10 billion in family assets under management.
  • Stanhope Capital finds crypto investments as too risky, even though the government offers tax breaks on those investments in the UK.


To address this request, your research team first reviewed the previous submission of this request. This was achieved by conducting research through the company website and press releases, industry reports, media reports, and investment databases to ensure accuracy and recency. While we found that the information and data provided in the previous submission were accurate and current based on available data, we could not find any data on Stanhope's stance on digital assets. For this parameter, we specifically searched the company's website and press releases but there was no relevant information.

Next, we searched third-party media articles and industry reports from companies like Deloitte and WallStreetMojo but there was no pertinent information. We also searched for any interview, announcements, or disclosures that some C-level executives like Daniel Pinto and Jonathan Bell have made in the past regarding this topic. However, we could not find any data.

Lastly, we tried searching its social media pages for any information on digital assets but this information was not available. Thus, we could assume that Stanhope is yet to associate itself with digital assets and its executives or board of directors are yet to make any public announcements or disclosures around digital assets. To this effect, we have entered N/A for this parameter in row 9, column G of the attached spreadsheet. This was the only difference made from the last submission.

  • "Jonathan Bell, chief investment officer at Stanhope Capital, says: ‘There are some “capital preservation” investments with high-asset backing that also qualify for the same tax breaks while not offering the same benefits to the economy. It is these schemes that the Chancellor will target.’"