Staggered Work Hour Policies

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Seattle companies offering staggered working hours

While we were able to identify companies based in Seattle that are offering staggered working hours, their staggered working hour policy was not found on a public platform. The information is not publicly available presumably because the companies often keep the employee policies confidential. Some companies that offer staggered working hours in Seattle include Accolade, Stripe, and Formidable.


We began our research by identifying some companies that are based in Seattle and are offering staggered working hours. We started out by looking for their staggered working hour policy in the respective company websites. We thoroughly scanned through all the websites, specifically focusing on careers or jobs pages along with any information pertaining to perks/facilities offered to employees or their testimonials. These websites only identified that companies do offer flexible working hours. Details pertaining to the policies were not mentioned on the company websites.
We expanded our research and looked through articles and journals that identified the companies with staggered working hour policy in Seattle. Additionally, we looked for any mentions of these companies in news sources, press releases, and case studies. We looked up in sources such as Seattle mag, The Muse, Built in Seattle, and Fortune. Nevertheless, we could not find the required information. The sources identified that these companies have been recognized on various platforms for being among top employers or best workplaces for providing various perks/facilities to their employees including staggered working hours.
We broadened our search and scoured through review websites such as Glassdoor, Smart Recruiters and Indeed. We checked the company profiles of all the listed companies. Again, we only found that these companies do offer flexible work hours. However, their staggered working hour policy was not advised. The information could not be found probably because the companies only disclose policies pertaining to clients/customers on public platforms and often keep the employee policies confidential.

To prepare a list of companies in Seattle that offer staggered working hours, we studied articles and journals that have recognized companies for their employee benefits and especially working schedules. We studied and filtered out some companies that were based in Seattle and were featured in such lists due to their flex work hours making them best working places or top companies to work with. We referred to a database, Built-In Seattle, which is the online community for Built-in Seattle startups and tech companies. To the list of all Companies in Seattle, we filtered the companies with staggered working hours by sorting their perks by flexible work schedule. This application provided me with a huge database of companies in Seattle that offer staggered working hours. While it was not practically possible to study all 100 companies that met the required criteria due to time constraint, we did study around 25 companies in the beginning of the list including PlutO, Nintex, AuthO, Gravity Payments, SkyKick, Valant, Karat, Hiya, Groupon, Limeade, Drift, HighSpot, and Tangocard among others to substantiate that employee policies are kept confidential by the companies.

Seattle based companies offering staggered working hours include;


The Accolade was recognized as the best place to work offering good leadership and benefits program that includes a flexible work schedule. The company also provides fully paid family leave to their employees. The working environment is open and transparent. The employees are rewarded for their good work, and the company also provides them with an opportunity to work remotely.


Around 97% of the employees working for the foundation responded in a survey stating that their best benefits include flexible schedule options, 52 weeks paid parental leave and unlimited paid time off.


Pojekt202 is one of the top 100 places to work with employee perks and benefits according to the Dallas Morning News. The company provides its employees with flexible work schedules, parental leave, and the ability to work remotely.


Formidable offers flexible work hours and a collaborative culture to their employees. The employees can also work remotely. The company provides food and weekly time lunches as part of the benefits.


Stripe offers a flexible work schedule for their employees.


Pixvana provides its employees with a flexible work schedule along with a remote work program. They also provide parental leave as part of the benefits.