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Sr. Director of Account Management Position Descriptions

Presto, EAS, and EPAM are three companies that employ a Senior Director of Account Management. Each of these companies has adopted a different approach to the position descriptions they have created for the role. There are both positives and negatives to each of the companies' approaches.

Presto Senior Director of Account Management

  • This job description is very clear. It sets out the position title, location of the job, the key business areas, and the full-time nature of the role at the onset.
  • The expectations of the company regarding the role the director plays are set out in a very clear summary. This includes team leadership, revenue growth for clients, the retention and expansion of the client base, and strategic engagement.

The Role

  • What the position of Senior Director of Account Management entails is very clearly set out under the heading responsibilities.
  • Nine clear responsibilities are identified. The language is clear. There can be no doubt what is required of the role.
  • The role encompasses team management, relationship development and management, client service, revenue management and identification, revenue growth and performance analysis, instituting best practices in account management, reporting, and performance reviews.

Skills and Abilities

  • Under the heading "Qualifications," the skills and abilities required to be successful in the role are set out.
  • The clear communication of the requirements emphasizes what attributes are required in the role.
  • Five years of proven experience in building relationships, organization, communication and time management skills, the ability to adapt to technology, a good understanding of business processes, and an ability to adapt as required, are some key skills needed in this role.
  • The company makes it clear that the role involves travel and the proportion of time needed to be spent traveling.
  • No minimum educational requirements are listed.

EAS Senior Director of Account Management

  • The job title, location, category, nature of the job, and position level are clearly set out at the top of the job description.
  • Before addressing the position and its requirements EAS provides a brief overview of the company. The industry they operate in and the position they have within that market are set out. This is a good way of providing a context for the job description."

The Role

  • EAS is very clear in the first paragraph of the job description as to the type of people they hire. "Our staff represents EAB’s commercial division at colleges and universities. We hire persuasive communicators with strong negotiation skills, who are comfortable listening to Presidents, Deans, Provosts, or Procurement contacts to map commercial strategy to partners' needs while balancing EAB interests."
  • Meeting with key players to understand their needs, develop solutions to their problems and maintain partnerships, the crafting of renewal strategies, and responsibility for a contract renewal portfolio are listed in a brief description of the role.
  • The job description then sets out ten primary responsibilities associated with the role. Each of these responsibilities is broken down further to create a detailed list of exactly what the position entails.
  • The primary responsibilities are industry and content knowledge, partner knowledge, communication, risk identification and mitigation, commercial strategy, renewable/contracting process, growth mindset, business reporting, administrative, and time in the market.

Skills and Abilities

  • This section of the job description is divided into two areas, basic qualifications, and ideal qualifications.
  • Basic qualifications include a Bachelor's degree, proven history, communication skills, ability to travel, seven years of commercial experience, and 7 years post-graduate experience in defined areas.
  • The list of ideal qualifications is a list of character and personality attributes and includes negotiation skills, analytical thinking, listening skills, relationship skills, time management skills, organizational skills, and the ability to work independently.

EPAM Senior Director of Account Management

  • After a brief overview of the company and its values and culture, the EPAM job description is divided into four key areas.
  • These areas are as follows, a description of the job, what you'll do, what you have, and what they offer.


  • The description includes some of the key attributes that are necessary to be successful in the role.
  • These attributes include being strategic, engaging, and resilient. A self-starting attitude and ability to solve complex problems are other key attributes identified in the brief description.

The Role

  • This section of the job description is broken down into three key areas, and clearly sets out the requirements of the role.
  • These three key areas are as follows — create business strategies to successfully achieve client business goals, develop and oversee delivery approaches, and build successful relationships.
  • The job description then sets out the different aspects of each of these areas. Rather than identify key performance areas and specific measures of success, the company provides a general overview of what is expected.
  • The importance of staying abreast with the market, working with clients and internal teams, understanding the environment the role operates in, ensuring the successful delivery of services, cultivating relationships both internally and externally, and assisting the company to meet performance, revenue, and growth opportunities are aspects that are emphasized.

Skills and Abilities

  • Previous experience of 5-10 years in the development and growth of customer relationships and a history of team leadership in providing solutions are the first requirements of the position.
  • The job description then lists several skills that will be necessary to be successful in the role. These include technical and industry-specific knowledge, previous management experience, leadership, management, communication and presentation skills, interpersonal skills, strategic skills, business acumen, and negotiation skills.
  • The final requirement is a Bachelor's degree or higher.

Introduction — Comparison

  • Both Presto and EAS set out some very basic but key information at the onset. It is important information, and the clear manner in which it is communicated ensures that there is no misunderstanding between the parties regarding the location, full-time nature, level, and area of the job.
  • EPAM, on the other hand, introduces the position with a generalized statement about the company and its values. It is not specific to the role, using generalizations that lack substance.
  • The key requirements of the role are also general, making their description of the role non-specific. This approach makes it difficult to determine their expectations of the person filling the position.
  • Although Presto provides a brief summary of the company following the key information, it is specific and serves to create a context and framework for the subsequent job description.
  • EAS also has a brief overview of the role and identifies several attributes that are important to success in the role. Their overview, while being general, creates the context for the other aspects of the role subsequently listed.

The Role — Comparison

  • Presto continues the professional approach throughout its description of the role. They provide a brief overview, which creates a very clear framework for the subsequent more detailed description of the role.
  • The responsibilities are set out in a clear and precise manner that makes it very clear what is required from the position.
  • After setting out three key responsibilities of the position, EPAM provides a specific list of tasks to be completed, because they have not created the context in their overview it is difficult to place these responsibilities into a broader framework regarding the requirements of the position.
  • Unfortunately, aspects of the role listed by EAS become quite detailed after the introduction. This makes it difficult to fully grasp what the role entails.

Skills and Abilities — Comparison

  • Presto continues to clearly communicate expectations when listing the qualifications needed to fulfill the role. There is a direct correlation between the qualifications and the different aspects of the role they identified previously.
  • The list of qualifications provided by EPAM is equally clear with respect to what is required to be successful in the position.
  • The very clear requirements of Presto and EPAM are in contrast to the approach of EAS.
  • EAS adopts a different approach with a set of basic qualifications and a set of ideal qualifications. Although this would seemly create some flexibility when assessing candidates, the very specific and rigid qualifications listed as basic qualifications mean this is not the case.

Research Strategy

We extensively searched a range of industry publications and online employment sites to identify job listings or position descriptions specific to the role of Senior Director of Account Management. To ensure that a broad cross-section was used, we ensured that the location, companies, and industries were unique. This will assist in identifying good practices. Having noted a preference for one of the descriptions to be at a religious or spiritual organization, we attempted to locate a position of this nature in the aforementioned sources. Unfortunately, there were not any being advertised.

In an attempt to locate a position in a religious or spiritual organization, we reviewed the newsletters and websites of some major religious organizations. We hoped by doing this we would be able to identify positions of the nature sought and locate a relevant job description. Unfortunately, this approach was not successful. The majority of the positions mentioned related to church office staff or community workers.

We then considered other charitable and non-profit organizations, as many of the characteristics their organizations embrace are similar to religious and spiritual groups. While reviewing a range of publications, websites, and newsletters, we found that the jobs which are mentioned in these sources relate primarily to volunteering, community work, community shop assistants, and general office work.