Sports Ticket Brokers and Broker Aggregators - Key Players

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Sports Ticket Brokers and Broker Aggregators - Key Players

The top ticket brokers and broker aggregators in the United States include Ticket City, Ace Ticket, Ticket Lodge, Alliance Tickets, All Season Tickets, and Front Row Ticket Season.


  • Ticket City has several partnerships with college football programs and NFL's San Francisco 49ers.
  • They are considered to be one of the industry leaders.
  • Their official spokesperson is ESPN's, Chris Fowler.
  • The company has an annual revenue of $42,000,000.
  • Ticket City sells to about 175,000 customers which include individuals like Time Warner, and Eddie Bauer and top corporations such as Dell, NIKE and Ford.


  • ACE Ticket is an active member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB), a pioneer member of Massachusetts Association of Ticket Brokers, a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.
  • The broker is an official partner of the Boston Red Sox.
  • The broker is considered to be one among the industry leaders.
  • The estimated annual revenue is $12,200,000.


  • Ticket Lodge has a very good customer rating, sells cheaper than other brokers, and has maintained a good record of fast delivery.
  • Estimated annual revenue is $2,000,000.



  • All Season Tickets is an active broker and a member of the United States Ticket Broker Association (USTBA).
  • All Season Association is considered to be one of the top ticket agents in the United States.


  • This ticket broker is an active member of USTBA.
  • They are considered to be the premier ticket broker of the Midwest.


As a preliminary search, the research team looked for data regarding the concept of a ticket broker. An article on Forbes presented the concept of a ticket broker to be groups that buy up as many desirable seats at events from ticket sellers before the public gets to them and sells them for a profit of up to 1000%. For example, in 2016, tickets to the NFL games were sold originally for $5,335. But, the best seats which had been bought by brokers were sold for $10,000.
Following this, we searched for precompiled information on the top sports ticket brokers and aggregators in the United States. We leveraged reputable databases, market and industry websites, and blogs like Forbes, MarketWatch, Deloitte, Prnewswire, Pewresearch, Technavio, and so on. We were only able to find data on the global ticket brokers market behind a paywall. We included the global research by Technavio to make assumptions based on their market research. Ace Ticket Worldwide, Alliance Tickets, and Coast to Coast Tickets are mentioned in their top listings of brokers and Tiqiq is mentioned as a top aggregator.
We proceeded to the United States Ticket Broker Association to look for any piece of information that might be useful. We considered that brokers that are active members of the Broker Association would be more trusted, get more customers, and sell more tickets. This was supported by articles on Technavio and FromThisSeat which mentioned Ace Ticket as one of the industry leaders and an active member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. We also found that Ace Ticket gives out free tickets to Boston youth. Therefore, we considered this to be a factor that most likely improves customer loyalty. We also included a list of active members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers.
Thirdly, we performed extensive research on the top ticket brokers and aggregators found via previous strategies to find their volume of tickets sold and see whether their tickets were sports tickets. For this, we leveraged the brokers' websites and other industry and market databases and sites like Ace Tickets, Ticket Lodge, Metro Seats, Technavio, Forbes, and others. We were unable to find information on the said subject as well get an estimate of the volume of tickets sold by these brokers. We did find out that some ticket brokers sell much cheaper than others but some others have a wide variety of tickets. Ticket brokers that sell cheaper than others include Ticket Lodge and Metro Seats.
Our initial search which explained the concept of ticket brokers helped us to understand that some brokers might sell more because they are affiliated with particular sports teams such as Ticket City's partnership with NFL San Francisco's 49ers. We proceeded to look for more brokers and aggregators that have partnerships with sports clubs to find out the volume of tickets sold. Nevertheless, we still couldn't locate the volumes sold and we concluded that it was probably confidential.
Subsequently, we focused on finding the number of tickets sold at a much-attended game. According to Bleacher Report, the most attended games in the United States are the Super bowl, the Final Four, and NFL opening. From this, we researched the number of tickets sold by ticket brokers and aggregators and looked for the highest sales. Nonetheless, this was futile and we couldn't find such information. Instead, we found information describing the number of people in attendance and different team supporters.
The research team turned to reputable blogs, forums, and the like to triangulate the requested information based on the number of customer reviews. We assumed that the brokers with the highest number of reviews would have sold more tickets than others. Although we were able to pick some brokers via this search attempt, we discovered that some of these brokers didn't have a relatively high revenue such as
Finally, we looked for any piece of useful information that might throw some light on the volume of tickets sold by brokers and aggregators in particular seasons and possible mentions of percentages or estimates of any broker or aggregators (not necessarily the top). We leveraged reputable databases, websites, blogs, forums and so on, including those formerly mentioned and much more. Still, no information on the volume of tickets sold by specific teams was found. But, there were mentions of the volumes sold by anonymous brokers. However, we picked up other useful pieces of information. Then we found the revenues of the brokers and aggregators considered as the top, assuming that higher revenues combined with good ratings will imply that these brokers and aggregators sold the higher volume of tickets.
Therefore, we concluded that information regarding the top sport ticket brokers and aggregators based on volume is not publicly available and we've provided a selection of industry-considered top brokers and aggregators, a listing of the members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers.