Sports Facilities Advisory: Sports Facility Management

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Sports Facilities Advisory: Sports Facility Management Overview

Dev Pathik is the founder and CEO of the Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA). Jason Clement is the CEO and co-founder of the Sports Facilities Management (SFM) which was founded in 2005. The companies' target audience includes institutions, government entities, private developers, faith-based organizations, and financial institutions. A detailed report is presented below.

History and Vision

Business Model

  • SFA provides feasibility, financial forecasting, and financing strategy services while SFM offers pre-opening, procurement, and professional management services.
  • To clients who want to develop sports and events facilities, SFA provides planning, feasibility analysis, and financial forecasting. The company leverages its industry experience and market research to conduct feasibility studies, create market-ready business plans, financial forecasts, and economic impact forecasts. The team also presents the findings during investor and council meetings to ensure the projects are approved.
  • SFA also provides funding support services by facilitating introductions to investors and other funding sources. It achieves this by helping clients prepare funding presentations, developing financing strategies, and nurturing key partnerships. When working with public clients, the services may include drafting public-private-partnerships, bond issuance, and tax referendums.
  • SFM provides sports facility development services including procurement and pre-opening timeline. The company helps clients hire critical personnel, acquire necessary equipment, develop maintenance schedules, structure marketing budgets, and book events.
  • SFM offers management and optimization services to recreational and sports facility clients. The outsourced management and daily operations services are available to both public and private clients. With these services, SFM works with clients to realize the economic and social goals for the facility.

Recent Projects

Target Audience

Locations in the U.S.

Research Strategy

In order to provide an overview of SFA and SFM, we consulted the web for publications, reports, press releases, and articles with information about the companies. We also scanned their websites and social media profiles for additional insights into the companies. Our research yielded satisfactory results and we were able to provide an overview of the companies.

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Sports Facilities Advisory: Sports Facility Management Competitive Landscape

The three competitors of Sports Facilities Advisory(SFA): Sports Facility Management (SFM) are Legacy Global Sports, ASM Global, and ABM. We have provided each competitor's details below as well as an overview for SFA & SFM.

Sports Facilities Advisory: Sports Facilities Management Overview

  • SFA & SFM offer services such as sports, recreation, events complex planning and development, funding services, performance management, and outsourced daily operations.
  • Their target market includes private developers, government entities, institutional clients, faith-based organizations and financial institutions.


ASM Global

  • ASM Global offers solutions such as venue management, culinary services, sports and entertainment content development, training services, safety and security programs, design and pre-opening services and operations and engineering services.
  • ASM Global was formed when AEG Facilities and SMG merged in October 2019 and its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California.
  • Based on their portfolio, ASM Global's target audience ranges from private sports institution to municipal public entities. They operate in four regions which include Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Legacy Global Sports

  • Legacy Global Sports headquarters is located in Portsmouth, NH, USA and it offers services including events management, facility management, event housing services, and media services.
  • Legacy Global Sports' target audience includes sports institutions for hockey, select hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and football.
  • They also cater to demographics for Elite Youth Sports events.


  • ABM offers facility services for sports and entertainment venues which include facilities engineering, HVAC & mechanical services, janitorial service, landscape, and parking management.
  • Their services also include budget management, customized programs, streamlined operations, sustainable maintenance and expertise benefits.
  • They work with private and public institutions that need event facilities such as convention centers, museums, stadiums, and arenas.

Research Strategy:

To determine the biggest competitors of SFA & SFM, we first searched for the company profile of SFA & SFM in company directories such as Crunchbase, Hoovers,, and Zoominfo. These company databases usually provide top competitors for companies. Unfortunately for SFA & SFM, there were no available top competitors listed in Hoovers and and Zoominfo. Crunchbase provided some competitors but upon checking the competitors' websites, we found that they are either headquartered outside the U.S. or are offering services not quite matching with the services offered by SFA & SFM. We then decided to look for market reports on sports facility management and consulting. These market reports usually provide industry key players. We were able to find market reports from Market Report Gazette and Report Consultant for the Sports Facility Management global industry in which Sports Facilities Advisory operated. From these reports, SFA & SFM and other companies are reported as leading players. We determined Legacy Global Sports, ASM Global and ABM as major competitors for SFA & SFM based on their market and target audience. We then checked each company's website and determined if they are operating in the U.S. and offering services similar to SFA & SFM. We have provided their overview and other details as requested.