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Sports Betting: NHL

There is a wealth of assistance available to beginners on how to bet on the NHL. Live About, Corsica and Action Network offer comprehensive, but simple to understand guides, as well as basic calculators and tools to help with the accumulation of knowledge for a novice. Furthermore, easily digestible tutorials are available on the Linebacker, The Betting Expert, Sports Betting Dime, and Beating Betting, covering a variety of topics, including essential tips and strategies for beginners, as well as teaching about the most common mistakes made by novices.


  • Live About names the three concepts that need to be understood before placing any bet on the NHL, including the money line, puck line, and Grand Salami.
  • According to the Action Network, the best way to judge one's success in betting on the NHL is how many times they have beat the closing line.
  • Basic sports betting terminology explained in alphabetical order is available on the Action Network.



  • The Linebacker Betting Tips explains the basic tips for betting on the NHL successfully, such as the importance of keeping an eye on goal-keepers, team schedules, how good/bad a team is at penalty killing and power plays, and making a profit on a good team using live game bets.
  • Betting Expert has produced a guide that explains, in plain English, the basic betting strategies for newbies. In addition to the ones already mentioned, it addresses the importance of maintaining one's betting records and how to avoid short odds on totals. It also includes a live chat where one can ask betting-related questions.
  • The Don't Bet the House guide from Live About discusses common mistakes made by novices. These include bad money management, betting on wrong events, lack of knowledge, casino betting, and betting on too many TV games.
  • NHL Betting Tips 2019 by Beating Betting presents additional tips and strategies for beginners, such as paying attention to injury reports, betting in the first period, the home versus away dimension, betting on unpopular teams, and overtime and shoot-out whilst betting in-play.
  • The Action Network provides additional learning for beginners available through Twitter, such as BetAndyBet, Rob Pizzola, Charting Hockey, and Manny_Hockey.

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Sports Betting: NFL

Some of the information, resources, educational tools where novice sports betters can learn about how to place an NFL bet can be found on the Sports Betting Geek, Pinnacle, Sports Betting Dime, Betting Brain, Betting Experts, Sports Betting Experts, and the U.S Sports Betting.


  • The Sports Betting Geek provides some of the most detailed information, resource materials, and strategies for betters to learn and understand how to place NFL bets.
  • One of its most popular features is the "Recommended Betting Sites' which is updated monthly. This guide helps beginners to choose the right and most trusted NFL betting sites.
  • The Sports Betting Geek also provides weekly NFL picks. While it does not guarantee a 100% success on all its tips, the information found on the site proves its weekly NFL tips record high success rates.


  • Pinnacle betting tips provide users with insights on how to understand NFL betting. Information is also provided on the NFL odds guide.


  • The Sports Betting Dime provides one of the most comprehensive guides for NFL betting.
  • A list of betting sites with the best odds are also provided on the site.
  • Sports Betting Guide also provides an educational material called "Sports Betting 101". This material feature some important articles and strategies on how to succeed at sport(NFL) betting.


  • The site also features free sports picks that are selected by experts. These helpful tips serve as a guide to beginners who are still learning how to bet on the NFL market.
  • Other valuable information on the site is a list of credible and trusted "Sportsbook". These sport books are selected based on established metrics which are explained in detail on the site.


  • Betting Experts also post a review of Bookmakers they consider to be the best in NFL sports betting.


  • Sports Betting Experts is a popular site visited by beginners and experienced betters to get daily tips on different sports outcomes.
  • The site also contains a detailed explanation of different football markets and the odds' system.
  • Also, featured on the site is a "handy NFL betting strategy guide" that is detailed enough to help beginners to create their betting strategies.

7. US Sports BETTING

  • The site also provides an overview of the NFL betting market and what the odds represent on the markets.
  • Detailed "NFL bettings tips" are also available to guide beginners and experts alike.
  • The site also provides users with an NFL betting strategy that helps beginners to understand how to place an NFL bet on the market.


When searching for data such as this, the safe bet is to look for precompiled data that contained the information based on reviews or surveys. We also searched in news and media publications. A detailed search for reports and market research was carried out to identify the sources where a novice can collate information on how to bet on the NFL market. From the findings available, the research team has been able to find some sources which claim to provide materials, contents, and guides for beginners to learn about NFL sports betting. The sources we found were cross-checked based on some established metrics such as social media followings, the number of visits this site has on a monthly bases.

To establish that the sources provided were visited by people who are new to sports, a search of each site profile on SimilarWeb was carried out to establish the total number of visits this site experienced monthly. We felt that the number of visits each site had was a true reflection of the site's popularity and a representation of the trust visitors shared for its content. As such, only sites with the most number of visitors were considered.

Other criteria used were the sites' social media presence. We felt that a source that provides resources, educational tools, and data to newbies on NFL betting strategies might have a social media presence. This factor was not a strict rule because some websites with a very high monthly visit also had a very poor social media presence.

In conclusion, while we could not establish a list from reviews and surveys, we have provided findings for the sites we feel are the most visited based on metrics such as the number of visits the site has per month and their social media presence. We also based our research on the fact that the sources selected have contents that guides and teach new betters how to bet on the NFL market. Also, available on these sites are statistics and tips that users can use when placing bets, and the best places to place NFL bets.

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Sports Betting: NBA

The types of information, resources, and educational tools that novice sports gamblers in the United States can use to learn about how to bet on National Basketball Association (NBA) games include online betting guides, statistical resources, and betting tips and analysis resources. An analysis of the mentioned resources and educational tools follows below.


  • For novice NBA gamblers, there are many informational resources available on the internet such as how to guides on Betting Expert and The Midfield and traditional media resources like TV and radio that can be used to learn how to bet.
  • A detailed analysis of the main types of educational resources that novice NBA gamblers can use to learn how to bet on NBA fixtures follows below.


  • For people who are new to betting on the NBA, there are numerous betting guides on the internet that provide valuable information which can be used to learn about NBA betting.
  • A good example of publicly available NBA betting guides that are free to use include guides published on Betting Expert, Help Bet, The Midfield, Good Sports Books, and the Sports Geek.
  • These guides provide a basic explanation of popular NBA markets and how to bet on such markets. Examples of these popular markets include money line, point spread, futures and outrights, and game totals,
  • Betting guides teach novice gamblers the basics of NBA betting, popular NBA bets, betting strategies, and popular NBA betting websites.
  • These skills are essential to get novice gamblers up and running in NBA betting as fast as possible.


  • Statistical resources in NBA sports betting are also essential in the education of novice gamblers as they start betting on the NBA.
  • Major sports and NBA websites such as ESPN, the NBA Advanced Stats website, and other third party livescore websites like Flashscore are examples of valuable statistical resources that novice gamblers can use to gain analytical skills through team comparison and head-to-head statistics.
  • Statistical resources are crucial for novice NBA gamblers because through such resources, novice gamblers can gain skills in the analysis of NBA fixtures.
  • These skills play a key part in picking out high risk or high probability bets from popular markets like money line and game totals that are backed by statistics.


  • Betting tips and analysis resources for various sports inclusive of NBA are another valuable resource of information for novice NBA gamblers.
  • Examples of NBA betting tips and analysis websites include Betting Expert, Freesupertips, and Betadvisor. These resources are run by professional sports tipsters and regularly reviewing them can be helpful to novice NBA gamblers.
  • These resources normally contain articles by professional tipster that analyze specific NBA fixtures and give high probability predictions of results and bet.
  • Novice NBA gamblers can use these resources to come up with informed predictions of NBA fixtures and with time, they will gain the skills of creating high probability bets using expert tips and fixture analysis.


Our research was primarily focused on sports and betting resources that contained educational information and tools that could be used by novice NBA gamblers to learn how to bet on NBA fixtures. After doing an exhaustive search through these resources, we were able to identify three key resources that novice NBA gamblers can use to successfully learn the ropes and gain skills on NBA betting. These include betting guides, to get an understanding of the basics of NBA betting, statistical resources, to get skills in sports analytics using historical data, and using betting tips and analysis resources to gain the perspective of professional tipsters and develop prediction capabilities. An overview of each of the informational resources has been provided above.